Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the winner is...

First prize for being awesome (and lucky) and scoring this amazing ASOS dress is:

Yay! Hope it won't be too big for you though - fingers crossed.

There is a suprise second prize too, for a used but great condition Arden B dress (worn once or twice, once in an upcoming "special" post! - is knee length, has long sleeves, a sweetheart neckline with circle ring cutout and a back cutout as well - dont worry, you can still wear a bra), and that winner is:

Again, hope it's not too big - both these dresses are medium-sized and from your blogs you ladies look small :)

CONGRATS! Be sure to email me your address and I'll try and send them out within a week! This contest was so much fun and so is giving away my clothes, so I'm going to make this a once a month thing :) btw - those purple marks are me blotting out my company info ;)

I've also decided to ban online shopping for the month of May. Note I didn't say shopping in general because that is more or less impossible for me, but I think online shopping takes up too much of my work time, drains my wallet and makes me lazy (and can be risky too).

Case in point: I went to Winners for the first time in a long time and spent a good 90 minutes looking at shoes - and the shoe collection wasn't even that big! Either way, if I was doing it online, I would have snapped half the stuff up in a second, but since I was trying them on, comparing, hemming and hawing and in the end, forking over cash, there was zero impulse from me. In fact, i ALMOST walked away empty-handed except I kept eyeing these Harajuka Girls sailor wedges. They were cute but for some reason I didn't think I could walk in them and because there were so many, I didn't want to look like everyone else.

That said, I tried them on just as I was ready to leave and TA DA!

Super comfy, SO cute and a perfect fit!! If I can just get past my feet phobia, I will proudly wear these all summer long :)

Meanwhile, I am trolling my favourite eBay seller and the US Forever 21 site, hoping to score some last minute deals before my online shutdown and I can't help but keep going over what I have already in my closet. I don't NEED anything to be honest, but the urge to buy new stuff is still there. Therefore I am trying to think about what things I really lack and not buy more of the same thing.

For example: I want a purple dress. I want black capris or silky shorts (don't own a single pair of capris or shorts, again due to feet phobia - but I am trying to break out of that this year). I want stripes because they make me feel sophisticated and cute at the same time. I want to cut down on babydoll tops because I plan on getting past my "bloated tummy" phobia and start looking for straight cut styles (which is nearly impossible at f21). I need more plain tanks and tees that I can mix with everything and over-accessorize. I want new sandals to replace my favourite ones. They are so beat-up and old and kinda ugly, but I love just slipping them on my feet and heading out the door so I want something very similar.

Anyhoo, today I was going to wear my new shoes with bare legs to work but the truth is this: no one at work has seen my feet and I just wasn't ready to deal with it.

I know it may not seem like a big deal, and yes you may notice that at the wedding I had my feet out in all their Marc Jacob wedged glory, not hidden by boots or tights.

But I also had to deal with a lot of questions about my feet - I should point out it was questions my friends had, not random strangers, and they were all innocent and understanding. That's fine...but it does get tiring having to explain why my darn feet are the way they are. I just know that at work I'll be subjected to the same questions and stares, since I get questioned about the way I walk, what I'm wearing, etc.

But I'll have to go and get it over with at some point - it's obvious, I guess, that I'm different even when I wear tights - after all it's actually not so much the scarring that I care about but that my ankles are, um, not right. Basically looks like someone took off my feet and put them back on at a crazy angle. So yeah, you can see that with tights too. But still, I just hate being reminded that I am different and everyone else notices.

Maybe some people say I have nothing to complain about but let me tell you, people do ask me about my feet (when I'm showing them) on a daily basis and yes people do stare and no it's not because of other reasons (ie what I'm wearing - unless I am wearing crazy tights). I wish in my heart of hearts that I could just put on a skirt and flip flops and be done with it. Sometimes I can, but it can be SO hard because I know my feet ruin my look. I'll look cute till someone sees my feet and then their whole opinion of me changes. They start wondering what's wrong with me, perhaps they pity me (she would look so pretty if it wasn't for her feet, what a shame, I wonder what happened to her, etc) I hate that, that's why I wore boots in summer and ankle length skirts for like 25 years. Of course, that alone made people stare - but for different reasons!

Anyway, I know I have to get used to this, I kind of go through this every Summer. This is why I am delighted that gladiator sandals are aplenty. I bought myself glads a couple of years ago

Pic taken in Nov 2006 - that's my mom and I in La Cruz, Mexico, which I just posted about in my travel blog

- before they were in and I remember that they were so hard to find. But they make the perfect ankle-covering shoes. Unfortunately, they aren't the most flattering...

It's a minor dillema. Either I wear wedges, which are super flattering to my legs but show my scars, or I hide my scars with gladiators and have short, fat stumpy looking legs. Catch -22.

Enough about my feet phobia though - things could be worse. At least they work and allowed me to finish my first 10K - that is something I never thought I could do! I just need to toughen up some more and accept that this is the one thing about myself that I can never EVER change. Oh dear, I'm tearing up as I write this. Poor footsies.

So today I chickened out and wore tights with my Vic Matie metallic blue mary-janes. The was snowing with Sakura, as I asked a cute nerd from IBM to take my photo.






Dress: Laura Lees; Lacy tank: Express; Ostrich leather + canvas bag: Rafe Totengco; Necklace: DaisyChain Dreams; Patent Mary-Janes: Vic Matie

Once again, congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for your lovely comments. Personally, I like the Dire Straights look best - but maybe because I love their music most of all :)


Erica said...

I think that the whole point of fashion and style is to wear something that makes you the most comfortable. I personally have HORRIBLE feet. I actually need surgery because of it. I have a heel spur on my left foot that makes wearing flats extremely painful, and I have low arches that make wearing heels painful. Sometimes I just wish I could walk around barefoot :D

And I'm sure your scars aren't that bad! Most people don't look that close anyways :D (although if you want to help them heal, vitamin E oil works WONDERS)

Wanderlusting said...

Aww thanks Erica - I hear heel spurs are a bitch, what are they exactly? I wish Vitamin E oil worked, but these scars are 27 years old - not going anywhere! I think I'm making peace with my matching scars though, just wish my feet looked normal overall...

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

ver noticed scars on your feet, I am sorry they cause so many issues. :-( Hey I didn' answer you on fb - I willgo do that. :-)

Kass said...

So I'm gonna preach lol.

My sister pulled a boiling kettle on herself when she was 18mths old, and from that her whole right or left arm (I dont even remember which lol) is..a burn. She's also got her on her neck area. Skin graphs didn't help her, so her arm is kinda mangled (I don't think there's anything ugly or wrong with it). She's had a lot of bad feedback from strangers about it, still gets it most of the time.

She's still self conscious about it, but has recently accepted it, and wears it like a badge these days (she's 32 this year). She use to wear long sleeved tops all the time, now she's going sleeveless and giving the big finger to anybody who has a problem with it.

One day, I'm sure you'll make peace with your scars, like my sister, but until then, whilst you can't wear some of the things you want, you still have some uber awesome shoes and clothes combos that make you look super hot!

It'll take time to accept those scars, but I'm sure it'll happen.
I guess you just have to learn to love them yourself, and truly accept that they're not going anywhere, that they're a major part of who you are, past and present, and fuck anybody else who has a problem with this. Scars are milestones, you need to turn the negative on it's head and make them a positive.

People that judge others on things like this, don't deserve the time we waste on them, by worrying or feeling bad. So fuck 'em Karina, you rock, and so do your scarred up, micro feet.

And so do those shoes. V cute.

Wanderlusting said...

lol@micro feet - you know, before you said that Kass I was going to say that many people have similar problems - like your sister. Like that girl on ANTM, same story, scarred her whole body when she poured boiling water on herself when she was wee. And now she's on the show, trying to conquer her insecurities!

Kass said...

Power to those who have hardships to overcome, and actually overcome them. They're stronger people than the rest of the lazy, perfect world lol.

The Clothes Horse said...

Oooh! I'm so excited! You're too cool for doing a contest!
Also, you look great in the gladiators. I swear we all have some sort of hang-up/physical issue... Bravo to you for coming out and talking about yours.

Amber said...

Those shoes are super cute. I love wedges!!

And, I agree with Erica, if you're not comfortable in it then it won't look good. So if your comfortable in tights, boots etc. then you should wear them! You pull off all your outfits fabulously anyways :-)

Vegas Princess said...

I think you should wear what YOU want and let other people be damned. You don't have to answer people's questions if you don't want to. If wedges make you feel good, wear them! I bet people are staring at you because you are so stylish and gorgeous and not because of your feet. :)

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks guys - the truth is what I WANT is to not wear tights and boots all summer, I want to wear what I feel like it.

Sure some days I'll be less confident than others and on those days I'll chuck on boots or gladiators (though not tights - too hot!) but I just want to get past my hangups and as Vegas Princess has suggested, let other people be damned!

issa said...

oh dear did i miss a contest?! well congrats to the winners.. and you look amazing!! as always!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like kind of a silly thing to say but people probably do notice your scars because of the fact that you're so beautiful and you really would stand out in a crowd. If you were average looking people would be less likely to notice. But, you have to remember that most people don't think - they just stare and don't stop to consider how you might feel. My brother is currently wearing an eye patch on one eye due to a detached retina and several operations - he said everywhere he goes people stare at him. People can be very insensitive.

I too have a major problem with trying to get shoes but it's because my feet are incredibly narrow. I always understand how you feel when you talk about wanting to wear stilettos or something strappy and sexy. I'm the same - can't buy anything to fit my feet. I believe that over in the States you can buy AA and AAA shoes straight off the rack. Here in Sydney there's only one shop that stocks special fittings for narrow feet and they're so incredibly expensive. I wouldn't mind paying the price if they looked hot but they're all granny shoes so I just don't even bother anymore. Occasionally I'm lucky and find a style that's a very narrow fit but it's rare. I think that's probably part of why we have such a shoe fetish - because we know we can't wear every style we want!

I love reading your blog - if I ever become rich I want to employ you as my stylist.

I will eventually get around to setting myself up on here so I'm not just anonymous!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos! And congrats to the winners!

Love that 2006 pic of you :)


Ashleigh said...

I say rock them both girl! Wedges and flats....your legs look far from being stumpy...quite hot actually ;)

Ashleigh said...

oh and I have HUGE scar on my left leg from falling over a wooden rocking rorse that my mom placed in a dark doorway so my little dog would not go into the room....yea....weird ...but true ..and I have the scar to prove it .....well one thing is for sure...all scars have a story to tell ...

DaisyChain said...

congratulations to the winners!

it makes me so happy to see people wearing jewellery I've made.
so, thank you for making me smile today.

Sabrina said...

Good luck on the thrift hunt! It's my favourite past time, I'm always up for a good hunt.

Marian said...

congrats to the winners! i love how you infuse nature shots with photos of your outfit and accessories.
muah x

LeJournaldeChrys said...

Très belle robe!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

the dress and you of course! look so amazing and chic and well done for the run too :)

Amelia said...

Sweet contest! Good luck with the online shopping ban. I've never had a problem with buying things online, but I used to browse online too much. Quitting will change your life.

I'm really uncomfortable with the scars on my feet, too. Honestly, I wouldn't have noticed your ankles if you hadn't mentioned them, but good for you for being open.

Karinaxoxo said...

Wear whatever you want and what makes you comfortable! There are going to be days that you want to cover your scars but some days you just wont give a f**k!
Personally, i HATE my upper arms (which I know is not a disability but its still a BODY ISSUE) and there are days when I would rather die in Australian summer than wear a strappy top - but then there are days when I couldn't care less what other ppl think!

tanya said...

I just adore your dresses--the brown one and the navy one...soooo pretty!

Kira said...

oh i am LOVING your gladiators in the travel pic!! you're so damn SASSY!

Mar's Bar said...

awww, such beautiful lovely pictures! Nice outfit!