Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bawk, bawk, bawk

I got dressed yesterday morning in a hurry since the dress I was going to wear turned out to be a complete disaster. I had tried on my new Abaete dress before and noticed the chest area was too big but that was the least of my problems this time. Not only is the chest too large for me, but it was too baggy in the waist (damn the hourglass figure) and the slit up the back came all the way up to the butt (damn my big ass and long torso!). I just can't wear this gorgeous dress and don't want to spend the money on it to make it work via tailoring.

So, I am selling it here on my blog because I'm tired of eBay's ridiculous selling fees. So email me and let me know if you want it! I take paypal (click on the email link on my blogger profile).

Here is the description on Bluefly - do note that my dress is cream and grey and black instead of white and pink and black. Remember, it's BRAND NEW but I ripped off the tags when I first got it. Might be able to find them but it's never been worn (have to point out there is an inch long smudge or watermark on the dress hem for some reason, came like that from Revolve).

black color blocked crepe 'Eleanor' dress

Color: Black / White / Pink
Midweight, color blocked silk crepe
Center rear slit
Fully lined
Straight fit
Exposed zip closure along center back
Size 4 measures 20'' long from natural waist, 34'' at bust, and 36'' at hip
Approximate measurements vary by size
Shell: 97% Silk / 3% Spandex; Lining: 100% Polyester; Dry Clean; U.S.A; style#211993300

My dress is a size 6, would fit a 36 bust, 38 hips, 30 waist - $50 USD w/ $15 for shipping anywhere in NA (currently selling on Bluefly for $218)

Where was I going with this? How does the bawk, bawk, bawk title come into play?

Oh yes, I got dressed in a hurry that morning and as a result I threw on a bunch of mismatching pastels, which prompted my boyfriend to remark that I looked like Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Well, going with the Candy Theme of this week, which somehow happened, I decided to run with it...









Jacket: Forever 21; Skirt: H&M; Sweater: H&M; Shoes: Juicy Couture; Earrings: ASOS; Purse: Kenzie




Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you too!

Krystal said...

love the easter-ie photos!! you look amazing--and thank you for the comment--i totally agree w/what you said x

positively present said...

I really like your blog! You definitely put me in the mood for Easter and spring with your most recent post. And now I'm in the mood for some Cadbury eggs too... mmm...

Jordan said...

I love these candy-inspired posts! Happy Easter!

Alice said...

that dress is GORGEOUS! i wonder if i can fit into a size 6.....

hee, you look lovely as the easter bunny....

MizzJ said...

Pretty dress! That's rather unfortunate that it doesn't fit :( Hope it finds a good home.

Kaiti said...

I love the candy-inspired outfits too! Better to be called a mini egg than the puke of a rainbow - which is unfortunately what I've been called before, HAHA. I can't help but love colour!!

Couture Carrie said...

I adore all your pastels!

And the Abaete dress is perfection - now all you need is an equally fab tailor!

Happy Easter, darling!


♥ Fashion CHALET said...

Happy Easter!!

Cadbury eggs get me every single time during this time of year. I can't exist without them. haha! :]


Eyeliah @ said...

You are such a ham! lol.
Happy Easter to you too!

Vegas Princess said...

I could eat a whole bag of those mini eggs. Yum! :)

Yet another time I wish I was your size, that dress if adorable.

STARR said...

The colors are so pretty on you. Too bad about the dress :(

Erica said...

I love the pastel theme on you! It's so cute.
I would buy the dress but its too big for me :( Boo. It's so cute though.

proudly says, said...

nice dress but it's not my size though.

i love the photo of you putting candy to your mouth! lovely ring!

p.s. thanks and i added you to my blogroll too.
see you around!

DaisyChain said...

Oh I am craving Cadburys Mini Eggs like mad now, I might have to run to the supermarket and get some. You are so insanely beautiful.

Alice X said...

aww, so cute, happy easter:) i can't believe it's 22 degrees in vancouver! ugh soo lucky!

The Clothes Horse said...

You look nice--I think all the pastels together are a wonderful combination. Too bad about the Abaete dress.

MizzJ said...

Hey just wanted to let you know, that I've given you an award!

Bella said...

The shot of you sitting on the bench is just GORGEOUS!

Happy Easter. xxx

Amelia said...

Oh, no. That dress is so lovely. It really sucks that it doesn't fit. Having an hourglass figure can be the worst.

I love the last picture :)

tanya said...

you look so pretty--those colors are perfect for easter! (I'm totally obsessed with cadbury eggs...yummy) :-)

Ashleigh said...

Love that last pic :P....Happy Easter!!! XOX

Marian said...

hey honey, Happy Easter to you too honey. loving the palette of colours, the last image is adorable!
muah x

maud said...

I adore the pic with the yellow jacket, this is awesome, I actually love to wear bright colours when its cloudy, clouds and bright colours suit each other perfectly

when it´s sunny, I tend to wear either black, either white, or red/white, or sand colours, or light /pastel tones

love your blog !