Friday, February 16, 2007

You lose some, you win some

Thursday morning I woke up and was immediately faced with the odd goal of "How to look like a bride."

The night before, my agent called and gave me more of a low-down on the situation. Ken Kwapis, the director of Licence to Wed, which is now officially re-shooting in Vancouver, wanted to meet with me at 10:30AM at the Vancouver Film Studios, and I was to bring headshots and a resume. My agent advised me to not show up in a wedding dress (damn!), but to wear something "upscale casual" and have my hair and makeup done like it was my wedding.

Right. My wedding. See, hard enough as it is to believe, I've never been the kind of girl to plan out my wedding...I have no idea where it would be (though my parents have this strange notion that I will be getting married at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and that I would be dropped off there by my dad's sailboat...keep dreaming Dad), haven't given much thought to the dress and definitely have no idea what my hair and makeup would be like. I didn't want to jinx myself.

So it was a bit odd to find myself pondering how I wanted to look for my fake reminded me of getting ready for Graduation.

I settled on putting my hair up (like above, left) and attaching a fancy hairpeice to make the bun more elaborate and went with subtle makeup. And by subtle I mean, I was wearing a lot of makeup, it just didn't look like it. I even had on believable false lashes. I always thought that because I did go to Makeup School For Film and TV at Vancouver Film School, that I would be able to do my face myself.

Nuh-uh. No matter how good you are at doing your make-up, I would advise leaving your face to the proffesionals on that day.

So, off I was to the film studios, with rudimentary headshots in hand (I just printed out a recent B&W picture of me, I hadn't had headshot done since I foolishly wanted to be an actress, about 6 years ago). I didn't even bother with a resume since I don't have any real acting experience and I didn't think they would be impressed with my journalism background.

I arrived at the production office to find another girl waiting there. Soon she was joined by another girl...the two girls knew each other from other extra work and were soon chatting away.

I felt out of place. Not only because I didn't know them, but they both looked similar.

They both had blue eyes, square jaws, light hair...and biggish noses. I'm not being catty but I did start to feel like I stood out...though not neccesarily in a good way. They had the look of just your average pretty girl...albeit with big boobs....and they reminded me of servers at Earls or any other sort of semi-trendy restaurant. Then there was me, with my hair up, my petite ski-jump nose, small face and brown eyes.

After waiting for quite awhile (turns out there was a fourth girl, but she never showed), we were called into Ken's office.

He was a pleasant, happy-looking guy and not one of those intimidating film directors, which was great. He shook our hands, took our pics from us and then informed us that he was basically just going to stare at us for a minute or two and then we would be on our way.

Ready, set, STARE!

That was pretty much the extent of the interview. He talked to us, but the other girls seemed to embrace it more and were more animated. I felt like I really didn't belong there. The only thing that I got excited about was the fact that he seemed to stare at me for a pretty long time...though that's not always a good thing. On the plus side, it was judging us purely on our faces. We never even had to take off our coats so he never knew how un-skinny I was.

Then we were sent on our way. On the drive home I thought about reasons things could go in my favour or not. My hair was up, more bridal style and I had a white coat on, again, more bridal, where as the other girls had dark coats. I had a prettier face, more innocent looking, but not as "sexy" as the other girls. Then again, the other girls looked a lot alike and maybe that's the look he was after. I also didn't have a resume, so perhaps I wouldn't be remembered so well.

What an odd thing to be worried about, when you think about it. Did I look more bride-worthy than the other two?

Anyway, an hour later my agent called and informed me that I did NOT have the part. I felt utterly dissapointed, more than I thought I would. I wanted to wear that bloody dress, damnit!


She then went on to say that the director liked me and wants to use me in Licence to Wed on Monday as either a waitress or a bar patron. The wage too is higher than what extra's normally get so that was an added bonus...maybe it's more than just background work? Plus, I reminded myself that out of all the Extras/Actressses in Vancouver, he chose me and three other girls.

That's got to count for something.

So I guess it worked out. Being a bride will have to wait until one day when some guy is stupid enough to marry me, but hey, I can easily play a person in a bar. And I still might be able to stalk Jim from The Office ( I really should find out his real name).

In other news, I am so sick of gaining weight for no apparent reason (other than the fact that I eat like my boyfriend but can't afford to) and feeling like a slug that I have taken a proactive approach and signed up for Cardio Core Bootcamp.

Yes, I did sign up for it before but they never got in contact with me. This time, they have to...they have my deposit. They owe it to me to whip my ass into shape and make me feel like Jodie Foster running the obstacle course in Silence of the Lambs until tears are running down my face and drill sargeants are screaming in my ears. I've also started jogging...but I'm finding that since I am soooo out of shape, it is an extremely long learning curve. An extremely long, painful, limping, wheezing learning curve.

Nonetheless, I plugged away at it for an hour today and hopefully, with time, can build up enough stamina to go the distance. I just want to be proud of my body and not ashamed of it, and yes even though I did lose 18 pounds (and now gained 10 back) last year due to the South Beach Diet an NO excercise, I just want to get fit, get tone and feel strong. And no diet can do that alone.

So here's to new oppurtunities and getting off my fat ass!


Kass said...

Awwe, too bad! I think you would have/will make a gorgeous bride. One day chick! :)

As for getting off your fat ass?! You dont know the meaning of fat ass, you curvy little runt! lol Good luck with the getting fit part tho, I guess I should try getting around to that too :P

Karinaxoxo said...

that sucks that u didn't get the bride part - but like u said least u got something!!!!

Sean said...

i feel your pain. with me being the clumsy-ass that i am, i've not run for most of the last 2 months, and now i HAVE to start because i've got a p.t. test coming up soon. and it's painful. actually i guess i'm feeling my own pain. which is enough for both of us.

M said...

I think you look perfect as you are - bloody hell I just assumed with your physique that you worked out for about 50 billion hours a day already! Okay, now I'm jealous ..I'm just gonna go stand in the corner and eat my chocolate. mmmmmm chooooocolate *drool*.

The movie thing sounds awesome!! Bride schmide!

Wanderlusting said...

Kass - I would have looked so! Oh well, I will have to settle for looking like a bar star. Sigh.

karina - Yeah I just gotta think positively. And I'm liking the fact that I left my picture with a hollywood director and it was received favourably...

Sean - Well, at least you ran before so its the kind of thing your body body remembers...well, not excercising.

M - Ha, you thought I was perfect. FOOL! No way, I may hide it well in photos but if you saw my in "real" life it would be a different story. If you looked beneath my clothes, you wouldn't be impressed.

And now I want chocolate. But I can't. WHAAAAA!

Eileen Dover said...

If you looked beneath my clothes, you wouldn't be impressed.

I love you for saying that.

BTW, I have complete hair envy of your hair in that photo. My hair is ridiculously short, but I couldn't even get it to look like that, even if it was long.

Wanderlusting said...

Eileen - Meh, it's the truth. My BF may love it (bless him) but I'm not impressed...instead, am often disgusted, thus my need to get in shape. My goal? To not be disgusted anymore.

I was going for that hair look in the photo (even wore the same top) but alas I think the hairpeice I ended up attaching was overkill.

Oh well.

simon said...

I would not worry, All things happen for a reason.. part of the fabric of life ( as they say).

BTW the photos of Spain look a treat...

Wanderlusting said...

Simon - I'm a BIG believer in that, so that's why I'm not toooo fussed. I know everything I do will lead me to new places.

Vegas Princess said...

The role of Jim is played by hottie John Krasiniski. He was also recently in "Dreamgirls" and "The Holiday," but this will be his first big main role in a film. You are so lucky! If you do get to meet him make sure to get a picture with him so I can drool. I absolutely adore him!

Congrats on getting the better part. Personally I think playing a bride would be difficult because it is hard to know how you would feel unless you have been through that day yourself. I have gotten married and I doubt I could recreate that feeling! :)

Uhm, if you are fat I must be a whale...

Expat Traveler said...

yeah too bad on the bride gig, oh well, not meant to be...

As for the workouts, yeah! I'm stepping mine up for now, but I've gotten a few hits and ahve been busier with the job stuff...

I'll keep you informed or maybe just email me since I've been so busy and haven't read blogs lately...

Swim meet tomorrow too!

Phil said...

Boo hiss to the bride.

Yay to the patron. All your research is paying off!

You learnt movie makeup? Like fake head wounds and monster stuff?

That is awesomely awesome.

amanda jane said...

you better find out Jim's real name... or it'll be an akward situation like when you STIFLER!! haha that's so funny... DO YOU REMEMBER?!?! uh.. my name's not stifler.. it's shaun

god I can't remember my password....

12th times a charm

Charm School Reject said...

I joined a gym in an insane moment of wanting to get fit. I went to orientation. That's it.

BUT kudos to you for putting forth the effort.

Being the bride is totally overrated! No one pays attention to the bride. Seriously.

Wanderlusting said...

Vegas - Yeah it might be jinxing it a little anyway. HELL I'm already jinxed so I guess it doesn't matter.

Expat - I suppose I'll find out why it's not meant to be...or I might not. But I try and believe that. Good for you, getting into shape is hard, especially in this weather.

Phil - Not so much special effects makeup, but I can do a pretty mean black eye...even without punching the person in the face.

AJ - ha, thanks for reminding me! Poor Stifler.

Charmschool - It might be overrated but it was probably my only chance to wear the white dress. Oh well...some people are not cut out to be a bride.