Thursday, February 15, 2007

Glad that's over with

...Valentine's Day, of course.

Just because I am in a relationship, doesn't mean I appreciate the commercial cheese of this discriminating date.

That said, I had an excellent one ;)

Ross surprised me with a day at this really nice spa. I thought this was beyond sweet since I think I mentioned in the past that I had never been to a spa, so he remembered this and booked me three hours there for a back massage, manicure and facial (ah, yes, there were a lot of facial jokes to follow). I, on the other hand, bought him the Need For Speed collectors series - all three games in one....and no, I obviously haven't learned my lesson about not buying your man video games.

Anyhoo was a lot more romantic than last years present (see the bear, top left).

Actually, I'm kidding. I loved that wee bear and before we even started going out, I showed him a picture of it (I saw it advertised on Perez Hilton) because I thought that it was the shit! How can you not like a bear that says what guys really mean? So, yes, I admit I was thrilled when Ross gave it to me last year.

Back to the spa: I was totally looking forward to some pampering...especially since in a few hours time I had a job interview.

Yes, a job interview and not the bridal one. This one was also for film, but for an office production assistant for a sound production company. The guy had received my resume a month ago and called me up for a interview out of the blue. Sweet.

Anyway, I arrived at the spa, a drowned rat thanks to Vancouver's pissing weather, and was immediately in heaven. My esthnetician was Stephanie, a pretty young girl my age with a chin stud and long black hair. I was thankful to have her instead of some old massuer.

The massage was lovely. Beyond lovely. I've never had a massage before (aside from the ones that hurt...the ones that loved ones give you) so I was in pure heaven for a 1/2 hour. I could literally feel the knots being smoothed out of my back. And the much-needed manicure and facial to follow made me feel all tenderized and warm inside. Bliss!

What made this spa visit most interesting though, was the lovely Stephanie.

It turned out that Stephanie had moved out here with her fiance from Ottawa and had been in Vancouver for about four months. She was elated because that day she found out that she was accepted for an apartment downtown and could move out the ghetto of East Van.

I asked her where she was living and it turned out, it was on my street. Small world, eh?

So I tried to find out where exactly...she wasn't really sure since she doesn't know Vancouver well and she couldn't remember the address...but with her description of nearby cross streets I started to deduce that she was quite close to me.

Then I started complaining about my apartment building.

Me: The maintenence fees are so high (whinge). But I guess because it has a pool on the roof.

Stephanie: Really? My building has a pool on the roof, too.

Me: Huh, well, I guess if you Google Earth it, lot's of apartments in that area have pools on roofs. How tall is your building, maybe I know it.

Steph: Not too tall.

Me: Mine's 12 floors.

Steph: Yah, so is this one.

Me: Huh...hmmmm. Can't really think of it. I'll have to go for a walk tomorrow and look around. So is it new?

Steph: Not really, it's being renovated so the carpets in the lobby are all ripped up and it stinks like fresh paint.

Me: Yeah, I hate that smell! People in my building have been painting too and they painted my door an ugly poo colour. They are replacing the carpets too...pain in the ass.

Steph: Yeah this building is painted this light brown inside. That sucks.

Me: Yah, the apartment manager is this Yugoslavian psycho. She is rough and you can hardly understand a word she says.

Steph: Really? What's her name.

Me: Crazy Apartment Manager? I have no idea, really. But she's terrible, she hasn't fixed the elevators yet.

Steph: Yeah, the elevators in my building don't work properly either. The apartment manager told me this and as if on cue, the doors opened between floors. She had a thick, Eastern European accent too...

Me: Huh...well, in my building....

Yeah. So, we continued on like this for about 10 minutes before it dawned on us that our apartments were in the same building.

But yay! Now I will actually know someone in the building and on top of it Steph said she would give me her staff discounts on products and we could hang out and drink lots of wine. It'll be just like Friends! And the more we got to talking, the more we realized how alike we were. I explained more of this to Ross and all he could think of was how there were going to be two of "me" in the building. Too much for one apartment to take.

And on an even better note, the crazy apartment managers are retiring as of March 1st! Score one for me.

Righty, so after I left the spa, all glowy and refreshed (in reality, "pink faced" and "sleepy") I rushed home to prepare for the job interview. Even though I couldn't have been more unprepared...I had to print out my resume on photo paper!

A six-minute drive later (how convenient) I arrived at the production offices. The interview actually ended up going on for an hour. I wasn't too sure about the job though. All I could deduce was that the man was very thorough and that the job was very hard. Extremely high stressed and fast-paced. And that I wouldn't actually know what the job was until the second interview (if there was to be one)...all that I got out of it was that it was very important and not something everyone can do. And that it involved dubbing dialouge and sound exclusively for animated films and tv shows (such as Ghost in the Shell and anime shows).

At this point I started to worry since, although I can handle high-stress and fast-paced jobs (the IFA had its hectic days...and I mean, hectic), the more he talked, the more it sounded like I shouldn't take the job. Plus, he added that they only pay $10 an hour for three months of probation and if you are essentially lucky, you might get to stay on and earn more. Not too appealing.

That said, the guy was nice and friendly and he did say that maybe the job wasn't for me considering I pay a mortgage and $10 isn't enough. But I'm going to see what happens, see what the actual job entails, before I decide on anything.

I just got told to come back for the second interview on Tuesday, so we shall see.

As for the romantic part of Valentine's Day, we had decided earliar not to do anything special. We thought it was overpriced and cliched to go out for dinner so we just stayed at mine, had a little picnic of deli food and watched Lost...which was one heck of an episode (for all you Lost fans, check out this Blog, it has all the Lost goodies you wouldn't normally pick up on - including subliminal messaging!).

So, how was your V-Day?

OH and I haven't forgotten about the whole bride thing. I had my interview with the director of The Office today for Licence to Wed (made myself look as bride-tastic as possible too) and already know the outcome. But that will have to wait for tomorrow's post. Mwahaha.


Markbnj said...

...excuse me... I'm regressing 30 years for a moment...
3... man, lol, really, no REALLY da SAME bldg Bitchen!


Human again (sorry, I know 18yr olds that still talk like that...)

congrats to Ross, to especially having two of you in one building.
Good luck to YOU in holding onto him (doesn't sound like you'll have a problem)...


Markb in nj

Indiana said...

I admit it, I love going to the spa for a massage...I invariably fall alseep while she just does her thing, and wake feeling refreshed and at ease.

Karinaxoxo said...

how least u made a new friend!!!

simon said...

i did a car auction...

Steph said...

Agree about V day. I hung out with the other single chicks and we bought each other chocolate and flowers. Sounds kinda sad but it was fun.

Becslifeonline said...

Wow fancy having to go for a spa day to actually meet someone living in the same building as you :-) Amazing! And for Ross's money you've not only had an amazing day but met a new friend as well which is priceless!

Rachel said...

That sounds like heaven. I haven't ever had a massage. I have had a facial and a manicure but am a bit self conscious to get the massage.
The job sounds a bit scary to me. I don't know if I could handle high stress, fast paced. I like my frustrating, intermittenly busy job.

Wanderlusting said...

Mark - What have you been smoking there? ;)

Indiana - I can only imagine what kind of massages they give in Signapore...I bet you fall asleep afterwards!

Karina - I'm all about the random. And I love the fact that I'll know someone cool in my building.

Simon - Car very unromantic.

Steph - Why should that be sad? Arg, that's why I hate that day. It makes people that don't have SOs feel bad, when REALLY it should be about celebrating love with your family, friends, dog etc.

Becs - It's a totally small world...

Rachel - I was self-concious about having my top off but it was fine...kept my pants on too.

As for the job, you are so right. I wouldn't want to handle that much stress for so little pay. If the job is THAT hard, then why do they pay the same amount as if I worked at Starbucks? I made more playing Video Games for fuck's sake!

Vegas Princess said...

Oh what a wonderful present! A spa day and new friend to boot!

Now to me, the job sounds like a dream. But that may be because I am already in TV so anything in film souns good to me! Good luck with it if you decide its the way you should go.

Wanderlusting said...

Vegas - It was such a nice gift...real thoughtful. Unfortunately, now that I know how good massages are, I want another one!

As for the job...yeah...see, it's paying $10 an hour...for three months. I can't afford to live on that and as someone who has spent money on University AND has had other jobs that pay more, I know I'm worth more than $10 an hour.

Vegas Princess said...

Massages are sooooo addictive!! Couple massages are great too, my husband and I love them. Maybe you can talk Ross into having one with you.

I understand about the sucks and I couldn't live on that either. Too bad, because it sounds like a great opportunity.