Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here Comes The Bride….

I told you I had big news, didn’t I?

Well, guess what happened to me yesterday.

Yup, come next week, I might be a bride.


No, it’s not what you think, Ross would never be that foolish.

But next week I might be wearing a wedding gown….all for show, of course.

Ken Kwapis, the director of The Office (YAY!), Malcom in the Middle, ER, Sisterhood of some kind of pants, handpicked ME to be considered for the role of a bride in the movie “License to Wed.”

Not only am I so thrilled at the chance to wear a wedding dress (because let’s face it, that’s the only reason I want to get married), but the film stars Mandy Moore (I love her), Robin Williams (whom I’ve already met…actually everyone in my family has met him and all on different occasions) AND Jim from The Office. I love Jim!!!!! He is such a cutie!

You can see some clips from the film here. It is technically in post-production but they are shooting here next week for some re-shoots and pickup scenes.

Now I have an interview with him on Thursday, which means I have 72 hours to lose weight and look great. Nothing like a motivator to get you into shape…even at the last minute.

I know I probably won’t get the part because A) I’m not an actress B) I’m not a movie star type and C) I look like crap on camera. But you know what, that doesn’t even matter.

I’m just thrilled that he picked me, just the ego-boost that I’ve needed lately, and hey, if anything, I get to meet the guy who writes and directs The Office. Maybe I can get the inside scoop on Jim and Pam, ooooooh.

In other news, a reporter from The Province newspaper contacted me about this whole blog drama on Discover Vancouver and he’s told me to contact him if the forum does not take the posting down…which they haven’t yet. If they don’t, it could make a good and relevant news story, and an interesting one because, honestly, when does free speech go too far? When does it become libel, slander and defamatory (I could tell you all of this from my Media Law classes last year but I was barely in class). Either way, it’s pretty cool that this whole negative thing has turned out super positive…and even in unexpected ways, as I will get into later.

Ah and the final triumph of the day was that Kelley Baker, whom I interviewed when I worked as the Writer and Editor for the IFA (interview is here), is coming to Vancouver next week with his popular film-making seminar that has taken North America by storm. Since I’ve been in contact with Kelley, I have another interview lined up with him soon and am currently shopping around the query to news outlets in the city. I’ll let you know how that goes and I’ll blog about what Kelly does at the end of this week, in case anyone here wants to learn how to make a “real” indie film.

But back to this whole blog drama….I promise this will be the last time I'll touch on this.

For the record, I do not think my last post was an overreaction in anyway shape or form. I have a right to defend myself on my blog and I do not think that amounts to acting anything like a high schooler, nor does it lump me in the same category as my troll. Thankfully, almost all of you are in agreeance with me.

Frankly, it is not overreacting because the person lives in my city and knows what I look like. Does this mean I’m going to be walking around looking over my shoulder? No. I know the chances of this person actually stalking me are pretty slim.

But what is eye-opening is the fact that this person, like many sick people out there, lives in a virtual world. Now, by blogging, we ourselves live in this same world as well. But to these types of people, the virtual, online world is their only world. That makes me “real” to this person. That is what makes this potentially dangerous.

I will admit, however, that I brought this on myself. The “why me” answer is simple: I post pictures of myself on my blog and I write about personal details of my life.

I was naïve to think that by inviting everyone to read me on this World Wide Web, that I wouldn’t attract negativity along with positivity. I am not anonymous and should have been better prepared for the fact that this phenomenon that we call the Internet attracts bad people as well as good, and in fact is a breeding ground for messed-up people who can not function in society, or "real life."

After all, if you are going to leave your car unlocked on the street for days, eventually someone is going to come along and steal it. The same goes for my blog, which is basically an unlocked and open invitation to parts of my life. I, we, have to prepare for that and expect it.

What I can do, of course, is shut down the blog. I admit it’s an option, but it’s what this person wants and I do not wish to appease him. What I will do though, is shut down the anonymous comments. Please, if you read my blog and wish to comment, sign up for a Blogger account. I do not wish to give these types of people a “voice” (as Steph says).

And, if that doesn’t work, I will make my blog open to invitation only. Which means that nothing will change for you regulars, its just freaks won’t be able to access it at all. I’ll let you know if it comes to it though and I have no qualms in doing so.

As for that pointless forum devoted to yours truly, I've stopped reading it and I suggest you do too. Nothing new is being said, it's just the same old things posted by the same old person. By ignoring it and not reading it, it works only in my favour now. I get the traffic to my blog from that site (up to 150 a day now!) and I don't have to waste my time with the same inane and unfounded drivel.

So, as you can see, with a little bit of bad, comes a lot of good.

Woot! (Happy Dance!)

Dancing Elmo courtesy of sodamnfunny.com.


Becslifeonline said...

I really thought Ross had proposed when I began to read this blog! :-) But anyways, OH WOW! What an experience! I really hope you get the part and let us know how it all goes. You are so lucky! My best friend had to shut down her blog because this guy had been leaving very weird anonymous comments and then he even tracked down her username for our personal University Students Forum and started hassling her on that as well! I hope you won't have to shut your blog down because you will be leaving a LOT of disappointed regular readers ha ha. But yeah it's probably the best idea to block anonymous comments or do the "invite" thing. What about comment moderation as well, where you have to approve everyone's comments before they are posted on your site?

A Novelist said...

LOL - for a moment I thought you were going to share some wonderful news with us! :)

Have fun sporting a wedding gown. Congrats on the movie spot - I just know they will select you! And don't forget to let us know when it's released. :)

simon said...

Life IS great Wander! great news

BTW how is the good ship Norfin and its crew??

Jul said...

Wow, I just read all the drama with the stalker guy - what an ass! It would be awfully sweet if something good ends up coming out of this for you.

Dan said...

Oh boy! This is excting news -- I'm gonna see you in a movie! How cool is that, huh?

And I'm very glad that you're feeling better about this negative thing that's beset you in the past couple of days. Life is too short to spend worrying about folks who don't deserve our attention.

Hugs and kisses, my friend.

CarrieBradshaw said...

Drama, drama, drama, good and bad in your life, you always have stuff going on. You're a good girl don't let the bad drama get you down and make the most of the good drama!

Adjil said...

First David Copperfield and now Jim??? Not to mention a creepy stalker? I need to get out more...

My Marrakech said...

Wow that's incredible! You'll have to post pics in your dress!!!

Kass said...

I dont think I could wear a wedding dress and not get married, it just doesnt seem right or fair to me lol.

But it'd be awesome if you got the part, so good luck!!

egan said...

I'm really curious about the newspaper thing. I hope it doesn't come to that, but it would be interesting. I'm guessing most of us have had a few folks "visit" our blogs similar to this creep.

You handled it well and I think your previous post was fantastic. This is your home and you made your point abundantly clear.

I had something similar happen and ended up deleting the comments. As much as I hated to do that, it was my only option. I'm all about the free speech stuff so it pains me to remove any comments, but when it becomes personal... you bet I'm removing hurtful comments on my own blog.

Hopefully this is the last blog post about said freak. Hey, good luck with the dress thing. That's very exciting.

Cazzie!!! said...

That is way cool, enjoy yourself, be yourself and I bet you will land the role of the bride...show us pics too when you get the gig and show us the pretty dress you will wear :)

Cazzie!!! said...

OH yeah, when do you invisage you will be coming to Australia?

Markbnj said...

Oh, Drats, I was also hoping that Ross had gotten some common sense, and had realized you were golden in more then just your hair.

It'll happen.. One day..

Good luck, ]

And besides the poem about David Copperfield, did you ever read the poem I wrote about the chocolate Strawberries you talked about too??

Markb in nj

Visit the auto poetry machine to get a poem written JUST for YOU


wcdixon said...

very cool....

Lefty said...

I love Jim, too. (Well, not in THAT way.) Great news for you. Congrats.

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Wanderlust: I got all excited when I saw your post, I thought that Ross had done the right thing! Anyway, congrats on the film thing, I hope you get to star. Good idea to turn off anon comments, at my great age I really shouldn't be surprised but I am still saddened about how many utter twunts there are in the world. Out of the bad comes the good and more power to you.


Dayngr said...

I wanted to let you know that recently someone won a case here against a blogger who posted some "opinions" that were less than favorable about her company. Groundbreaking and a plus for you should it ever have to go that far. If you need the details I am sure I could find it with minimal trouble. Just something to keep you smiling when the freaks get you down.

Janellerific said...

You're life is so damned amazing...I don't even want to blog about my day because, to be quite honest with you, it was depressing and not all that exciting.

Just reading your blog made me feel happy and airy...actually, it made me want to punch you in the throat. Oh I kid I kid...I NEED A SMOKE REALLY BAD. My thoughts are all jumbled in my head.

But seriously, congratulations. No, really, I mean that. I really do.

M said...

you're going to be a movie star? That would be awesome! :D

I admit, I thought that Ross had done the deed and I was so ready to comment saying "I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!" but um...next time!

You were/are not overreacting in any way, shape or form. It would freak me out too, it's mean and you're right s/he knows a hell of a lot more about you than you do about him/her!

KK said...

Gee - no pressure on Ross or anything what with all the comments, huh?

Steven Novak said...

HEY! That's some cool news!



Indiana said...

So you will (possibly) be posting photos of yourself in a wedding dress ~grin~

I think any reaction you make on your blog is completely up to you, and if there is anything ironic in the "attacks" its that those doing so do not offer their own writings for similar criticism.

Oh but I still want a stalker ~pouts~ preferrably of the playboy bunny variety ~grin~

Wanderlusting said...

Becs - He he, I had fun leading you on. I hope I get it too...would just be so much fun. That's nuts about your friend, don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

A novelist - Oh dear, I hope you didn't jinx me!

Simon - Norfinn is great. My mum is coming home next week and my dad will continue to sail to La Paz until April.

Jul - So far so good. It's amazing how good things happen to balance out the bad.

Dan - Well I hope I'll be in the movie...finger's crossed! And I am feeling better thanks, a lot of cool things have happened over the last few days...will keep u informed.

Carrie - Yup, never seems to be a dull moment around me. Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad.

Adjil - He he...well, the stalker you can have.

Marrakech - Thanks, IF I am fortunate to get the role, then for sure I will sneak my camera phone on set.

Kass - You are right about that...it would feel weird a bit. But since it's for a film and things are so weird anyway, it probably won't feel real. OMG, I wonder if I would get to marry a cute guy!

Egan - Thanks, you know it does sorta turn me off...at least at first. But now that I know better how to deal and what to expect, it's going good.

Cazzie - Will do. And OZ? Hmmm, prob next time I go to NZ...before the end of the decade at least.

Mark - I think Ross has too much sense. He's no fool, no matter how golden I am :) and yes I saw the poems, very cool!

Wcdixon - Thanks, I'll let you know if it gets cooler.

Lefty - I might just love him in THAT way.

Halfman - Wow, TWUNT, that's a new insult for my book...the perfect combination!

Dangyr - Its amazing that the implications of the Internet are not fully known yet. Good to know that you can do something about it...I'll def kep that in mind.

Janelle - Awwww, hang in there...I bet your life will be more amazing now that you quit...Ross already feels great!

M - Yah I was a bit of a tease there. I'm sure lots of things will happen one day ;)

That is so true. When they know everything about me and I know NOTHING about them, that is scary!

KK - Nah, you're first in line ;)

Steve - Thanks, I hope it turns out.

Indy - I'm sure if George Clooney was stalking me, I might feel a wee bit different ;D

amanda jane said...

Hey Chicadee....

GOD!! I have NOT been here for a long time.... ever since they started working me 5 days... babies... working for mum during valentines...all lifes adventures...wedding plans.. I haven't had time to visit your blog or call you... sounds like theres a TON of stuff going on... hope you're life is well, give me a ring when you get a minute, hope you're life is a lot less hectic than mine

hugs and smooches!

Heart Of Darkness said...

God, for a moment, you had me going there! :)

Huge congrats on the movie spot - keeping my fingers crossed and wishing you breaking a leg (no, not being pure evil here...)! Let us know how things develop!!!

Karinaxoxo said...

Congrats on the movie op!!
And DO NOT stop posting!!!!

Vegas Princess said...

You are so lucky!! I LOVE Jim! And I have been reading aboutt hat movie he was making with Mandy Moore. Too bad he won't be there if you get to do the film. And why wouldn't they pick you? Your beautiful and would make the perfect bride!

ed said...

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