Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Birthday Roasts

Today is a very special day indeed, for two reasons...

First of all (and most importantly) it is Ross's Birthday.

That's right, the Scotsman is now 28 years old. WOW...what a senior citizen he is! Only two more years left of his twenties and then BLAMO! He's thirty! End of the world! The beginning of boring adulthood, mortagage payments, prostate exams, receeding hairlines, back pain, dentures, adult diapers and the like.

I kid. Not only is 28 a great badge of honour but Ross is sure to wear it well. Now, I lack old pictures of him that I could embarass him with so I figured I'll just post some new ones here, ones that some up every facet of his 28 years of life. That should be embarassing enough, right? Anyway, without further ado, here is my tribute to Ross and all that he is:






Animal Lover












Romantic (flowers on our first date!)

A Chef



MINE! (mwahahaha)

It's also the birthday of my Blog. That's right, I started Anywhere But Here exactly one year ago! And what a long crazy trip it's been. Thanks to all for reading my usually meaningless jabber and I hope this continues on to the next year. Would it help if I promise to post more pics of drunk college girls?

Happy Birthday Ross and Blog!


surfercam said...

After all these years (ok, 6 months), I’ve finally added you’re blog as a link on my site.

Anonymous said...

You guys are already bland and boring, why wait for adulthood.
Aren't you already supposed to be there.

Boring life, boring blog.

I'd be drinking like you too if I had that life.

Indiana said...

Congratulations to you both, your for 1 year and Ross for 28...erm...and yes more DCG photos couldn't hurt could they? ~grin~

Wanderlusting said...

Surfercam - awwww, thanks

Indy - hehe I'll put them up just for you

Anonymous - Bland & Boring...that's a new one. Your uncreative comment says a lot more about you than it does about me.

And your name, sheeesh: "Anonymous"? Can't you come up with something a little more creative than the moniker that faceless cowards use when making petty, jealous comments? After all, I know this isn't the first time you've used that name... Or are you just worried that since we live in the same city, I might run into you one day...

If you find my blog to cause you so much insecurity and strife, then perhaps you better stick to reading BR and stop clicking on my link.

Or is it that your life is the one that's so bland and boring and thus must, repeatedly, live vicariously through my blog?

Once again, nice try.

jeff and ross said...

Thank you muchly for the tribute; it was very thoughtful and made my day.
I'll refrain from pointing out the irony of anonymous's comment as per growing up...oops.
And Happy Birthday, Blog!...wait a sec...did you just call me stupid?

manders said...

hehe, LOVE IT!
Happy Birthday Ross!
Happy Birthday Blog!
I like how you displayed your Ross photos.

Anonymous -WTF? Loser.

Peter DeWolf said...

Would it help if I promise to post more pics of drunk college girls?

It TOALLY would.

And happy birthday to both!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Ross!!!

Happy Blogiversary Wanderlust!!!

Adjil said...

Congrats to you both! Bland and boring? I won't even venture to guess what that makes me, seeing as how I live vicariously through your tales... :-)

Perhaps I need a drink.

Scorpy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSS!!!! The photos are a fantastic tribute btw :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Save it lady, pour yourself another drink.
Or is it whine, wine, whine.
And get a job while your at it.

'we went here' my feet were sore' then we went here' I had a headache' then I went there' I drank too much' blah blah blah

how 'creative' is that?

just what am I to be jealous of?

here's the thing honey, anyone can get on a plane, its what you do when you get there.

keep trying to make those cuffs and collars match. lol

Rachel said...

ok, anonymous is actually cracking me up. why so bitter?

you guys are so sweet together. happy anniversary/birthday/blogday!

jeff and ross said...

Anonymous: It seems strange that though I don't know you at all, I feel like I know everything there is to know about you, honey. I guess some people don't take too much figuring out.
I would pity you, but you really don't deserve even that from me or anyone. And yet you keep coming back, yearning for what? Attention? An outlet for envy? Something to do with too much time and too little substance in life?

here's the thing honey, anyone can get on a plane, its what you do when you get there.

I was tempted to ask you to enlighten us as to what you might do when you get there, but then I realised that I would be looking for valuable insights in a place where nothing has value and understanding doesn't transcend the superficial.

And if I can just add: fuck you for treading your shit all over my birthday blog, you disrespectful twat.

Wanderlusting said...

Anonymous - Yay! More stupid comments! However, despite your newest "attempt" I'm still just going to have to chalk this up to pure jealousy again.

Why else would someone spend hours a day, EVERYDAY, reading my blog and then spend even more time trying to come up with a "clever" comment?

Why? Is your life that empty? Are you that lonely? Do you just want people to pity you?

Don't you have better things to do with your time then read about my "boring" life? I mean, just think what that says about you...

Sure, anyone can just get on a plane...but only you, honey, are bothered with what I do with my time there. Now, why is that?

You may pretend to distain the fact that I travel, do stupid things, live frivolously, drink wine, have blonde hair, don't have a job and document all these things online...but let's face it - all of these reasons are what keep you coming back, reading my blog and trying to come up with some comment that makes you look good.

Like I said before...keep trying. I'm actually kind of enjoying your childish attempts...it only makes you look stupid and makes me feel a LOT more important than I really am. After all “Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.” :D

And I am smiling

M said...

happy birthday Ross!! yay. I am almost 29 - it's not so bad (okay it's hell).

Happy one blog year! :)

Dan said...

the prostrate exams don't really start until you are 40. up until then, they still fondle you to check for cancer.

just stuff for Ross to look forward to.

Becslifeonline said...

Happy birthday to Ross and Congrats on reaching one year with your blog :-) Hmm and if YOUR exciting, adventurous life is called boring, I dread to think what that makes MY life right now ha ha. Keep blogging :-D

Janellerific said...

Happy belated Birthday Ross!!

This blog was fantabulous...I sure did laugh hysterically at his "rebellious" picture.

I probably hate anonymous. At first I thought it was Jeff playing a joke...but then I realized Jeff actually has personality, which anonymous lacks.

Janellerific said...

P.S. I absolutely adore your 'boring' life.

<3 Congrats on the one year blogging thingamajig. And please, stay as far away from working as you possibly can.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Happy Birthday Blog and Ross.

Yes to the question.

Are you sure you two haven't cooked up anon for a little fun? Great ruse if you have. It's like having your own animated garden gnome.

Cute. But a little creepy nevertheless.


Kass said...

Happy Birthday Ross & Bloggie!

And yay for comment drama from a stupid cunt! Hurrah! I think what people fail to realise is that people write blogs for themselves. Everybody that reads them, are just visitors and really have no say in what is said. And besides, it can't be that boring if they obviously keep coming back for more. Knob.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Hey - HUGE happy belated birthday!!!! 28 - milestone! (well, not really, but who cares, right?:D)

The pictures are awesome!

Sipwine said...

Happy Birthday Ross!
Happy Birthday Blog!

Malnurtured Snay said...


Eileen Dover said...

Awww! How sweet is that. :)

Happy Birthday to Ross (and BD to you!)

egan said...

Happy one year of blogging. Sure it would help to post more pictures of drunk college girls, but these were quite fun too. Happy First.

Shawn said...

Happy birthday to one of the best blogs on the internet.

Wanderlusting said...

Manders - thanks, I'm glad it turned out the way it did...and yes, Loser....

Peter - I'll keep that in mind...and I like how you said 'totally' like a valley girl.

Rachel - thanks from us both

Adjil - I raise my glass of wine to you

Scorpy - Glad you liked them, Ross says thanks!

Rachel - bitter is one way to describe them. I think we are cute too...but he supplies most of it!

M - hehe I'm glad I have that to look forward to. BTW - you were in my dream last night...how weird is that?

Dan - hopefully by sexy nurses...

Becs - thanks for the kind words...nothin will stop my blogging...NOTHING! RAAAAR!

Janelle - I liked the rebellious one best too! And it would be a funny twist of fate if it really was Jeff...cuz he's bored of the Ukranians and all. And I'll try not to work...until I starve and die.

Wombat - it's not that much fun, especially since he shit over my tribute post...but if you want him, you can take him!

Kass - Exactly...I may annoy them but they keep coming back...knob/cunt.

HOD - I'm sure he'll make it a milestone...somehow. He says "thanks muchly" and "awww shucks."

Sipwine - your hot red lips make even innocent salutations very sexy ;)

Snay - yes, but the real question is: "does he wear anything under there?"

Eileen - Awww thanks!

Egan -it's not quite drunk college girls but more drunk scottish guy

Shawn - Wow that totally made my day! Thanks so much!

jeff and ross said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jeff and ross said...

This is a pretty involved montage of Ross's personality. It will be you, Karina, who everyone goes to when it's time to write his biography and what a twist piece of propaganda that will end up being. So anyways, happy birthday Ross, congrats Karina with the duration of the blog, shame on you Janelle for such a misjudgment of my character and fuck you anonymous for writing on someone else’s blog instead of writing your own.

jeff and ross said...

Thanks all!

M said...

HAHA are you serious? What was I doing? (Was I being psychotic?)

DG said...

I'm wondering if you get alot of anonymous posts and are maybe assuming its all from the same individual?

It could just be the nature of the blog world.

Plus the poster that referred to your trips and drinking did may be touch on some key elements within this blog.
Its obviously hit a nerve.

You also took what was written as comment and instead of reading it through, tried to turn it into something else and it was as though you came up with your own conclusions and answers to safice yourself.

Thats scary, always stay true.

It was also like you commented back to appease your audience, then you've also got to consider who they might be.
Tricky huh?

You've got to consider too that the good will come with the bad.

If you really want to be a writer, you should give something with more depth? Right now its frivolous and extremely light.

Lots of people travel, lots of people have partners, party, whatever..careful about assuming otherwise.

I'm assuming the poster made those repetitive comments because of the tone of the blog, its almost like a skipping record.
It needs more work, it just seems to be lacking something.
It may be that you just don't have enough world/life experience yet.

When you look back you'll know.

Wanderlusting said...

Anonymous AKA DG - Are you aware that this is your FOURTH attempt at trying to get a decent comment in on my blog?

For goodness sake, you don't think I have your IP address nailed? Havent you ever heard of sitmeters, statcounters and webtraffic paths?

You don't think I can't see that it is YES the same person, just one person, and YES it is still you?

The fact that you still came back to comment, that you still read my blog and that now you are trying to pretend to be another person just makes you look even worse than before, if that's even possible.

Seriously, don't you have better things to do? I'm living my life...why don't you stop obsessing over what I'm doing and go live yours.

And BTW, it's just a blog, it's my blog and if you wanna dictate what gets written, go start your own blog. It's as easy as that.

Wanderlusting said...

Jeff - awww, thanks, I thought it was quite the twist piece. Too bad this advice wasn't taken though..."and fuck you anonymous for writing on someone else’s blog instead of writing your own." Seems like common sense, doesn't it?

M - I'm not sure what we were doing (ha, nothing like that) and I didn't really know what you looked like...but you were there. I think you were being very helpful in some way or another :D

fantabulous brit said...

Wasn't going to comment until now because i've seen lowlife (more like "no life") flamers before and i didn't want to add fuel to the fire but:

Lusty - what ever you do - don't listen to that anonymous/dg prat!

He/she is obviously bitter and jealous, like most people have commented, and is in clear need of getting some help. The fact that he can't let it go and keeps coming back says it all!

In Australia they call it "Tall Poppy Syndrome."

Some weak meek people can't stand to see other people having fun. They do whatever they can to bring people like that - people like you - down. Sad thing is it rarely works and only enforces how pathetic their shallow little lives are.

You are a great writer - quite obviously - as no one would read your blog if you weren't. And i don't even agree with it being frivolous and light - despite the fact that you state so in your header, which anonymous clearly does not get the irony of - some of your posts are very real, moving and honest. And even if they weren't, who the bloody hell cares? Like you said, it's your blog and anyone who takes issue with it has more than enough issues of their own.

Take this prats inferiority complex as a sign that you are on the right track.

And a belated Happy Blogiversary and Birthday to Ross!! xoxo

Lulu's Lost It said...

Anonymous just wants a reaction. I've had the same thing happen on my blog too! Jerks complain about blogs when they dont have one themselves and dont realize that you dont have to answer to anyone but you!
I personally love your writing because it is fun and light and you are very good at it. Look at all the people who agree with me! No one agrees with him that's why he has to pretend to be other people LOL!
And your other blog is great and he knows it too. I've learned so much and it makes me want to take your tips and fly away!
Anonymous is a dumbass who is lonely, bitter and desperate for attention. He's the one lacking life experience cauze his life amounts to nothing but reading your blog and coming across like a idiot! LOL!

Wanderlusting said...

FB & Lulu - Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like it.

It's funny, if Anon had a blog he would have known about sitemeters and that I have flagged his IP address...

...thus exposing the fact that it is in fact the same person everytime.

Although I don't find his stalking to be so flattering anymore... as Wombat said, it's now a bit creepy.

Julian said...

well actually if you think about it anonymous did get a reaction didn't he/she?

gave us all something to think about and unfortunately these days knowing an ip doesn't help much.

don't let it affect you as stalking, all sorts make all kinds of comments in life.

he/she could've just touched on something thats been bothering you.

Lulu's Lost It said...


"gave us all something to think about"...

It sure did! That you are an obsessed dumbass with no life of youre own!
If you were talented enough to have a blog like this Im sure you too would have a reaction to a bitter fart like yourself. Your comments are plain annoying, an extenstion of your annoying self.
Whatever you are trying to do or say isnt working, if anything it is having the OPPOSITE effect. All you've touched on is how jealous and bitter YOU ARE. I can just picture you in front of the computer, reading her blog and stewing inside and thinking "Hmmm how can I try and bring her down today? Whatever I am doing isnt working. Shes just posting on as usual about her fun trips and champagne...what else can I do but pretend to be other people"

As ive said on my blog "Anonymous in comments = anonymous in life."

Wanderlusting said...

Julian/Anon/DG - What you are saying in your comments doesn't bother me. Out of the hundreds that read my blog each day, I can reason that one person might not like it...granted you wouldn't think they would keep coming back like this, but I digress.

No,what bothers me is that YOU are the one who keeps commenting.

You've tried to make your point, it didn't work, and the fact that you still keep trying is only working against you...how about you stop reading, get back to your life and just move on, k?

Wanderlusting said...

Lulu - Nice to see someone so passionate! You made a good point on your blog...everyone is entitled to their opinion but when it starts becoming a farce, the opinions are rendered invalid.

Anyway, since he/she is getting off on our reactions, I suggest we don't give them the pleasure from now on. ;D

jon said...

Wow Wonderlusting someone sure has it out for you! What did you do to piss him off???

Julian said...

Um, I'm not that anonymous individual or dg that you were talking about.

My name is Julian. Did I miss a rule that says I must submit all my personal info somewhere? Seriously. Or did you just want attempt a blog for 'friends' to read and comment on because it sure is looking that way?

I just saw that anonymous/dg person made a remark that touched off quite alot of comments back. And I was just trying to see it from all angles. You know, outside the box type of thing.
Thats it. Thats all, really.

I am starting to see it from that person's side though now unfortunately, about touching a nerve or whatever. Hmm.
You don't seem like the kind that would fence yourself in?
I certainly hope none of you are this vicious in real life.

And really in a sense aren't we all anonymous and contradicting ourselves by not submitting quite everything.?

I mean thats a discussion within itself, we write for all kinds of reasons, ultimately we would like someone to read blogs we, ourselves have written but as long as its at arms length, then everything should be ok, right? But how true is that, to even ourselves?

We all seem to be contradicting ourselves on blogs, no matter how open and clever we think we are for the world to read.
There are jobs we are protecting ourselves from by not writing about certain things, secrets from partners, etc.

My question is, when does the real writing begin with us ALL?

Wanderlusting said...

Julian/Anon/DG - Seems you're done attacking my blog and moved on to the blog world in general. If you think your ideas are valid and worth being heard, perhaps start your own blog where everyone can know your opinion, instead of just little ol' me.

PS sitemeters dont lie so dont even try to fool me.

Dayngr said...

Wonderful and sweet post. Happy Birthday Blog (a lil late)

buggsy said...

can't we all just get along?