Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shedding the Winter Skin

Unfortunately, I do not wear pantyhose (except on special occasions) so I can not use that as an excuse.

Tomorrow I embark on my one-month venture into achieving a new body and spirit.

Yup, I start my cardio-core bootcamp. I've already got an email from them - full of encouraging words such "gonna make you sweat" and "push it till you drop" - hmmmm. At least I hope it was from the program and not some porno spam.

Anyway, they also noted that I would be weighed and measured (EEEEEK!) and would have to push-up test(OH), sit-up test (MY) and do a timed run (FUCK!). Yes, so I am not looking forward to that. I have an idea of what I weigh and I only have about 8 pounds to drop so it's not like that part will be too embarassing (but choosing whether I should share that weight with you...erm, we'll see) but I can tell them right now that push-ups are non-existent.

At least I think they are.

Hold on, I'm gonna drop to the floor and try it out.

Yes, so push-ups are nonexistent. As are sit-ups (do crunches count?). And as for the timed run...I'm gonna see if I can skip that humiliation that harks back to Gym Class and just say "What would the slowest time be? A 60-minute mile? OK, let's say I do that."

In the end though I am really looking forward to it. I haven't been so down about my weight lately, except the other night when trying on clothes to go out but anyway, and it's because I know the wheels are in motion. Things will get done, I will lose weight, inches and feel strong and disciplined.

I even signed up to do a Cardio Salsa class at the local rec centre, however the teacher never showed up when I went there the other day. I was even motivated to get my groove on (despite an ever-so-slight hangover).

Surprisingly, I wasn't too upset. Though I had walked through the rain to get there, I was in a chipper mood. I started applying the whole "new perspective" thing to what I saw. And what did I notice by looking about instead of having my eyes on the ground:

*I saw this dog-walking lady that I have seen a few times before. She's fairly old but walks four GIANT beige dogs that pull her off in all directions. Just seeing them come down the street, everyone has to cross to the other side.

*There is one street nearby that is filled with heritage houses, newly painted and restored with bright red finishes and yellow trim. Walking down it makes you feel like you are in a verdant English town, not the middle of a crazy city.

*One street had a colorful tile mosaic embossed onto the corner, right into the cement. It was like permanant street art.

*Winter is officially out. Though the nights can still be cold and the rain is miserable at times, everything is green. Grey sky but green ground, green trees, green plants. There is a freshness to the sea-breeze and tulips have started to come up in some gardens. Cherry Blossoms have appeared on a few lucky trees and birdsong is more pronounced than usual.

*Starbucks is having "Coffee Fest" at the Sheraton Hotel on Thursday. Heck, I don't have anywhere to be, I might as well check it out.

And last but not least, this whole perspective thing has made me want to branch out more into various facets of my potential future. My mum just arrived back from Mexico the other day(she's been gone for 5 months...5 months on a boat, can you imagine that?) Anyhoo, she suggested that why not try out on-camera journalism and broadcasting.

Education does sound appealing, especially as it puts off the whole "getting a real life" thing but I didn't want to go through that all again and be commited to something for two years. However, they do have a part-time course, one day a week for 12 weeks, that deals with on-camera interviewing and skills. You get practical experience too which is what we seriously lacked at my old SHIT-HOLE of a "University." So, come April 16th, I'll be adding a little more experience to repetoire.

Maybe I'll branch out even further, starting looking into getting more specialized...there is an Intermediate Wine Certification course I have my eye on. I don't know what that would get me, but wine is something that seriously interests me (and no, not just to drink...though it helps).

I like this positivity thing. It feels like the possibilities are a good way, for once.


Kass said...

Good lord, good luck with the bootcamp! It sounds like a nightmare lol.

Indiana said...

This new postive outlook is great...I do wonder how you will feel when its all "ohhhh my muscles hurt" ~grin~ but you are starting on the right foot.

Eileen Dover said...

Bootcamp sounds awesome. I'm envious.

Oh, and I think you would be completely incredible as a sommelier. It would be a fantastic way to travel and drink, too.

(And you could write about it, too. Three birds, one stone.)

Steph said...

I've got a personal trainer that puts me through hell and back twice a week.

Good luck. You'll need it.

Cazzie!!! said...

Have fun exercising, ya know ya gunna feel gr8 afterwards right? :)

Adjil said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your bootcamp adventures!

You should come join me for the St Paddy's Day Dash down here...

Sean said...

i'm about to be on the other end of the cardio boot-camp. a couple of my guys have turned into total fat-bods and haven't been keeping up with their p.t. like they're supposed to on their own. so hell starts for them soon. :)

Karinaxoxo said...

Good luck girl!!! You are braver than I am :-)

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Wander Lust: well as a certified coach potatoe I wish you the very best of luck with your torture, ooops, I mean exercise regime.

Dan said...

I like this positivity thing. It feels like the possibilities are a good way, for once.

Postitivity is always better than negativity. Always. And I really do believe that the world just IS. Not good, not bad, just is. So we see what we want to see. If we want to see good things, we'll see good things everywhere. If we want to see bad things, we'll see bad things everywhere.

The world passes through our filters. Why do we always want to wear negative filters? They hurt! :)

Here's to positivity ... (Dan raises glass of wine).

Oops ... you don't have any wine. Here ... let me pour you some. :)

Dan said...

Aw... now there's another Dan here too....

Um... so what about the whole acting thing?

Sipwine said...

Ok, so I tried a Cardio Salsa class, and during the whole hour we were in it, we learned how to do the entire Thriller dance... hand movements and all... interesting, and non-salsa like.

Becslifeonline said...

That's the spirit! See, now don't you feel better already? :-)

Scorpy said...

I have done boot camp and taught boot camp and I know which one I prefer LOL
It used to be:
Number of situps (in 2 minutes)
Chin ups (total)
Number of Sit ups (in 2 min), and
a timed run over 5 Klms
This used to be our annual fitness check. Their was a rating chart that balanced the above vewrsus weight, height and age. It was gruelling at 6.00 am with other people that were very competitive...I don't miss it

Wanderlusting said...

Kass - A crucial nightmare

Indy - My muscles are aching a bit but not as much as I thought. It actually feels good.

Eileen - Thanks, it was awesome...well, I feel awesome afterwards so that's good. As for being a sommelier...totally hear you.

Steph - I don't need luck, just determination.

Cazzie - Thanks girl! I do feel great!

Adjil - How long is this dash and does it involve beer afterwards?

Sean - I sympathize with the, if I was left to excercise on my own, it just wouldn't get done.

Karina - Brave...or a sucker for punishment? ;)

HMHB - Now are you a "coach" potato or a "couch" potato...because I could see either one.

Dan - Thanks for the tipple. Being positive has certainly helped so far.

Dan 2 - There. Now you are Dan 2 (like K2). As for acting? Well I can't act and don't want to be an actress so that pretty much answers that.

Sipwine - Aw, see had my "Thriller" class been cancelled I would have been really dissapointed.

Becs - I do ;)

Scorpy - Well this seems more like wimpy bootcamp compared to your military style one. As for the competitive types...I already have my eye on one fiesty blonde.

Dan said...

but i was here first (wasn't i?)... so... can I be "number one dan"?