Saturday, September 03, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 3

You thought I forgot? DIDN'T YOU?!

No. I didn't. ALMOST. But I didn't.

I'll keep this short. Ever get those days where the planets and stars align and try and tell you something. You aren't sure what, even if it's anything important, but whatever it is ends up affecting the way you see the world and see others?

Sounds deep, I know.

I've tweeted about Techno Neighbour a lot. He's been next door to me as long as I can remember. He doesn't work (I know this cuz I work at home) and he plays loud techno AND TV AT THE SAME TIME at 1AM or 7AM...or 4PM. He's like the friggin seagull.

Anyway, I have written PLENTY of notes to Techno Neighbour. I don't confront if I don't have to. But eventually my BF did one day, telling him to keep it down.

It worked. Now if TN is loud, I bang on the wall and the volume goes down.

We have a system.

So yesterday morning, I'm waiting for the elevator to go up to the pool. And this guy comes out of the staircase near my door. Maybe mid-30's, blonde hair, red shirt. And he look at me and says (as he is walking quickly past)

"You live on this floor?"
"You should come by 308 and smoke a joint sometime."
*awkward laugh* "Sweet" and I jump in the elevator.

308? That means he is TECHNO NEIGHBOUR. And then I am left to ponder two possibilities. Either he was hitting on me OR he knows who I am. I never met him but maybe he's seen me before somehow. I mean, we do live on the same floor. And maybe the invite to smoke pot was his way of saying "chill the fuck out and stop pounding on the wall"

But, come on, he plays techno...

Then today I was walking around the neighbourhood with my Team Dex tank top. I like wearing it. Because I love my character and more often than not, people actually DO stop me and ask what it means. I normally say, "oh just a book character" and walk away but if they keep pestering, then I open up and I say "Oh I'm the author." I don't know, admitting I wrote the series makes me really embarrassed. Not that I should be since people love it (me included) but you know... I wear it more out of irony (take that stupid team vampires) then as a marketing tool.

But then I realize, in a way, it really is a marketing tool cuz people do ask me. Anyway, today I was asked by a cute young guy. I opened up a bit as we walked. He invited me to play beer pong on the beach, I said no, but gave him my business card and told him to check out the books. hour later I get a text from him wondering if I'll meet up with him sometime. Something tells me, when I give my business card to young guys who invite me to play beer pong, I really shouldn't expect a formal business inquiry.

Ah....I'm a slow learner.

Anyway, I know what I said at the start of this post doesn't seem to have much to do with what I just wrote (techno neighbour and beer pong). But one day it will. And then I shall blog about it.

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Kass said...

LOL He had a business enquiry, but it was based on getting the business in your paaaaaaants.