Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 15

So when I said I was doing 30 days of blogging, you all realized that I didn't mean CONSECUTIVELY right?

It's been a crazy week and a bit. My head has been all over the place. I haven't done any work, it feels like I'm back in college and partying and eating shit every day. BUT things change tomorrow. It's hard with four people in such a tiny space but my guests have jobs to get and things to apply for, and I have writing to do, marketing to do, and a book trailer to plan.

Yep. Come tomorrow, it's time to buckle down. I'll be back at the gym, eating well and taking time out of the day for ME. I need to write and get my head on straight. It's been all over the place for various different reasons. It's been a rollercoaster, up and down, but I think some good, albeit life-changing things, are coming in the future. It's scary but I'm ready for it.

OK back to our Community marathon. STREETS AHEAD!

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