Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 13

Last week was a fantastic week for my Experiment in Terror Series. Book reviewers and bloggers heaped a bunch of glowing reviews for Dead Sky Morning, Red Fox and Darkhouse and I couldn't be more thrilled and grateful. Check 'em out:


"Loved this novel! Dex and Perry have me hooked, and couldn't get enough." "Halle comes back with yet another awesome novel. I absolutely loved reading the relationship between Dex and Perry." From Living Life Through Books

"with Dex and Perry, you just want to spend every moment following them around and watching them interact. They could be sitting in a library reading Hemingway for the entire book and it would still be enthralling. They could talk about hangnails for 45 pages and I would say “tell me all about it!” There is just something about the two of them that makes ever scene super-charged and intense."

"Let’s just say that Halle really knows how to dish out the appetizers, but seems to take a sadistic pleasure in withholding the main course." "Halle does an excellent job of doling out just enough information about Dex and Perry in each book to keep you dying for the next book. I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning to finish Dead Sky Morning." "Karina Halle’s writing simply rocks, and the Experiment in Terror series has shot its way to the very top of my “absolutely must read the minute it comes out” list." From Pretty Opinionated

Reviews for RED FOX

"This book totally went above and beyond my expectations, and completely surpassed Darkhouse on all levels" "Karina Halle really has a talent for sketching believable, interesting characters with as many flaws as qualities and a good mixture of both" " Halle is truly ruling the horror genre this season with her Experiment in Terror series" From I <3 Reading

"There was still never a dull moment even after I’d figure something about the story out! Karina’s writing in this one is just as easy and free flowing as the first." "She (Perry) is such an incredibly relatable character to todays society and I think that’s why she’s grown on me since the first book even."
From Me, MyShelf and I

Reviews for DARKHOUSE

"This book is really entertaining read, and I'm just dying to know more. It's eerie, creepy, totally mysterious, and, in a way, kind of funny :)" "The characters are complex, and not anywhere near picture-perfect"From The Magic Attic

"I love that this story has me guessing and trying to figure out what is going to come next. If you like ghost stories or if you haven't read many ghost stories before, I would recommend this. This is a great debut novel and is perfect for anyone that likes a good ghost scare!" From Pawing Through Books

"I'm not going to give anything away but this book creeped me out so bad. It was so good though. I was rooting for Perry the whole time. She's a great leading lady and I loved all of the supporting characters as well, especially Dex and Ada. I give this book all of the stars in the world. I'm looking forward to reading more with Perry and finding out what happens to her next!" From Awesome Sauce Book Club

"I couldn't stop reading this book. I needed to know what happened next. I was absolutely terrified during the scary parts and I noticed my heart actually began pacing while I read." "I'm not sure what his (Dex's) issue was but I loved and hated him. He was annoying and lovable.I couldn't help but want Perry to hug and kiss him, and punch him in the face." "Karina Halle is a great writer. I enjoyed the characters she infused in the story and will definitely read every book in this series!"From Beckoned By Books

I also did an interview here at I <3 Reading.

And Andrea at The Bookish Babes did a lovely Vlog shoutout for the EIT Series :)

Speaking of Dead Sky Morning, it comes out in EXACTLY ONE MONTH :D

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