Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 18

Life is funny. One minute you are up. Next one you are down. My life is about to embark on a rollercoaster for the next while. Lots of change. But it's a good change and I think only good things will come of it.

Today was a high. I interviewed this guy:

photo by moi

Probably the biggest interview I have ever done. But he was a talkative, insightful and nice man. Easy to converse with, got great quotes from him about everything Soundgarden. Pretty fucking awesome.


Memphis Steve said...

I don't know what's coming that you are anticipating some downs, but I sure am impressed by the ups you've experienced lately.

Nomad said...

ah! i miss your blogging! come back please. i have returned to work after maternity leave, and i am expecting the same level of blog-reading as i had before. i need my mid-morning Wanderlusting fix.

Memphis Steve said...

OK, Amazon sent me 2 copies of Red Fox. What's up with that? Is this some Canadian plot to double book sales? Hey, I'm onto you! OK, I'm reading one and giving one as a gift. When the third one comes out Amazon will no doubt send me 3 copies, right? I see how this works.

Where did you go? There's more days to go.