Tuesday, March 09, 2010

WINNERZ + Alex Burrows is cute

You know what I need? A schedule. A life schedule and a blog schedule.

With life a bit topsy turvy at the moment, I'm finding it hard to concentrate and get stuff done. Funny how when you're working, it's easy to just get a routine going, despite being short on time. Yet when you have all the time in the world to do stuff, being unemployed still as I am, you don't seem to do anything.

Maybe it's just me.

Regardless, I need a to-do list and I need a schedule/routine to keep myself in check and to prevent myself from sleeping away most days. What better way to get a schedule going than with this blog?

So, I announce my new blogging schedule for the next month (until April 12th):

Mondays: Music and Film (such as concerts I'm going to, new music, film reviews or musings)

Tuesdays: Travel and/or event Photos (such as New Zealand or Olympics)

Thursdays: Diet/Food and Exercise/Health (such as current health kick, detox, food reviews)

Fridays: Fashion fun (most likely with guest blogger Kixxy for the time being)

Be sure to check back and let me know via the comments about this new format. I figure getting a blog organized is one step closer to getting my life organized.

Speaking of getting my life organized, I finally have some good news. I'm living with MY parents at the moment (though I still spend a few nights a week at the bf's) and though I'm having a fairly easy time living with them, I was elated to find out that I get possession of my apartment again on April 1st, a month ahead of schedule. YIPEEEEE!!!

OH, and the other reason for this post: We have our contest winners for the Cherry Cherry Soaps and the $20 E-gift certificate to Tarte Shoppe on Etsy.

The main prize of the gift certificate goes to: KRISTIN!!

Also lucky and getting a soap each: vivaglampink@yahoo.ca, Eyeliah!!

Please email me with your info so we can get this wonderful stuff out to you!!

And keeping with the new blog schedule, the rest of today's post deals with the Olympics.

My friends Kiersten and Jessica are going to school in Berkley and Toronto, but every once in a while they return to their home in Vancouver for some fun and games.

What better time than to come during the Olympics? Though we had plenty of fun days together (you'll see later on), our first day of fun involved meeting one of our favourite Vancouver Canucks players, the "Shifty French Tom Cruise" Alex Burrows.


After meeting our Hockey fav, we made our way to the Provincial Pavilions. As a snack we got these delish potato slices on a stick.

I had already checked out the houses before but it was more fun with friends in tow. I had fabulous Apple Cider Ice Wine and Duck Cassoulet at the Quebec House (check out Kiersten's Sugar Pie!),

then more delicious ice wine at the Ontario house (Gretzky makes an amazing Shiraz ice wine that was just HEAVEN on the lips), plus some nice Dan Akroyd wine,

followed by a live taping of a cooking show starring Michael and Anna Olsen...unlike the shows you watch on TV, this time you COULD taste the food. They had samples of everything they made which was a onion and apple tartlette with goat cheese, dry-glazed pork tenderloin with bing cherry/shiraz sauce and ice wine tiramisu. Followed by tons of wine samples. Needless to say, I left the Ontario house quite drunk :)

But the afternoon booze was mopped up by a steaming bowl of Bison Stew, courtesy of the Aboriginal House. Yummers.

See you on Thursday!


Alice said...

i definitely get much less done when i have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to do it. it's so frustrating!

kira said...

ugh, a huge reason why i'm all out of sorts now that i have the week off - i'm so used to a rigid schedule! you know the best thing about out iphones? apps that keep us on track ;) dude you should get 2do lite. it's pretty awesome. you can seperate things into like, 'work 2do list' 'home 2do list' etc.

CONGRATS TO THE WINRARS!! i will be mailing out the prizes this week when i get your info! :D

L. said...

Burrows!!! I am so jealous! Big hockey fan here =) I am also jealous of your Olympic mittens -- so adorable!!

P.S. I feel you on the money situation. The Boy and I are saving up to move out of his parents' house [they dont live there right now Thank GOD, but will be moving back soon], so we are counting every penny at this point. Unfortunately, even if I sell off half of my closet, I wont have enough for the MK wedges..booo

Ricky James said...

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MizzJ said...

Good to hear you figured out a solution to your living situation and yay on getting back your apt! Just in time for spring too :) Omg you're so lucky - you did all the Olympic eating I didn't have the time/patience to do :( haha

myedit said...

I totally think you should be a Canada poster girl... you look so good in red!
And yes to not getting stuff done when you have time...grrr

samantha said...

ummm I kind of want to pay a visit to Canada solely for the food. Your pics are making me huuuungry woman! Oh and you have the most freakin awesome bone structure. You have amazing cheek bones! Is it weird I notice stuff like that? Probs. love your blog!!

Maddy said...

A blogging schedule is exactly what I need! Good idea!

daisychain said...

dude, you are SO organised with a blogging schedule! haha. x

Kristin said...

I think the new schedule is uber fab...especially the health and fitness segment! And how cute are you in that beret. Love!

Vegas Princess said...

Your schedule sounds perfect! Can't wait for more.

I love the Olympics posts. There was so much more to do there than just watch events. How much fun you had!

K said...

mmmm sugar pie - I've decided to try making it myself this weekend because I miss it that much! Wish I had the Gretzky shiraz ice wine to pair it with :(