Friday, March 12, 2010

I probably mentioned the word "Spring" a lot here..

Ohhhh boy. It's 5am this time around. Sleep? Pfft.

Hey everyone, it's guest-blogger Kira here again fillin in' for the Friday blog. Wee! I work at a school and we're on Spring Break this week, so my sleep pattern is all outta whack. Luckily for you guys, that means probably some heavily delusioned writing. Not so lucky for my brain, but I can fix that by sleeping in all day tomorrow! (Pathetic, lol.)

First off, I'd just like to once again congratulate the winners of the Tartshoppe giveaway! *golf claps* I'm so stoked that all of you showed such an interest in my work, and I'm extremely appreciative! Yup, reading over what I've written right now is a GOOD thing as I almost left that as "I'm extremely appreciate". Awesome. Anyways, thanks to Kristin, and Eyeliah! You three are awesome, and as soon as we get addresses from you lovely ladies, the soaps will be on their way!

Alright, let's get straight to the good stuff. I've decided since I'm such an Etsy whore, that my posts will be, mostly, revolved around the amazing items I find on there. With me cruising through that website every day, several times a day I am finding so many wonderful pieces to show you (and keep on my favourites list for me to purchase at a later date - holla!).

This week, seeing as it is (somehow already) Spring, I'm gonna dive right in and show off some things I've been seeing that remind me of this season. Hi, how is it already spring, anyways? This year is going WAY too quickly!

I've put together a list of really fresh items that definitely make you just want to go running barefoot in a grassy meadow, like you would have when you were a kid. Some adults may argue this fact and tell me they still do, but you look me in the face and admit you don't worry about stepping on bees! Thus, the reason I no longer run barefoot in parks anymore. 'Tis a sad, sad day when we just can't romp around carelessly like we used to.

Wow, I'm awesomely depressing - let's get to it!

Green Hydrangea Bloom Pillow by dedeetyshop on Etsy:

Oh god, could this pillow be ANY CUTER?! Not only am I ridiculously obsessed with jewelry and accessories for the body, but also for the home. I actually am considering purchasing this, because it is stunning. So fresh and clean, and just makes you wanna bury your face in it while curled up with a cup of tea and a fantastic book. Made with felt so you KNOW your face wouldn't mind being smothered.

Love Messenger Flying Bird Necklace by earringsnation on Etsy:

This necklace is too sweet. Another simplistic idea, which I love. The dark, antiqued brass with the pop of turquoise is so adorable. Seeing the close-up pics just makes me want to read an old fiction novel about love and romance (notice how I connected love & fiction - lol) in a time where e-mail didn't exist.. *hugs laptop* Hey, we can't all win. I love me some technology but TELL me this necklace doesn't make you want to write a letter to a lover in a distant land?!

Mustard Yellow Crocheted Ring by TomBjornDesigns on Etsy:

ADORABLE! Again, a pseudo-vintage vibe, which is so huge right now. Imagine pairing this ring with an off-white lacy scarf and wicked chocolate brown worn-in leather flats. Makes me wanna hit up a thrift shop just thinking about it. This ring is so so cute, and props to the creator for a) tiny crocheting and b) crocheting in general. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me when my friend was trying to teach me. Although there was beer involved..

Floral Branch Bracelet by BINAGEYER on Etsy:

Ok, show of hands - who is literally opening another tab in their browser to buy this right now? I know I am. This bracelet is too dainty for words; it's incredible. THIS is exactly what I think of when I think of Spring. It's delicate, it's earthy, and would pair perfect with a light flowy dress and robin's egg blue nail polish. I can literally see Karina in my mind as I write that, lol.

Envy Flower Headband by BeautifulBlossoms on Etsy:

I want this on my head now. I literally want to just put it on and never take it off. Ever. This headband is too sexy and yet so dainty and perfect for any occasion. Dress it up or down but this is one piece I would kill for to wear out and about in the sun. Everything about it just screams outdoors and great weather and fun times. The bright greens mixed with the dark and the bling in the middle make it hard not to picture wearing with a cozy cardy.

Veris Avis Necklace by (me!! mememe!) Tartshoppe on Etsy:

Ok, not only is this like, a mountain of shameless plugs all rolled into a digital doobie, but come on - this necklace is rad. I actually wouldn't have included it had I not just finished it hours earlier and I'm stoked on giving all of you the first look anyways. This necklace has tons of beads strewn all over to create a really full look, including different shades of green and different sized beads. There's also some yellow beads thrown in to spice it up and keep it from looking too.. well, green. I mean grass is cool and all, but WE WANT SUN, no? Now, this IS an asymmetrical necklace on purpose, so don't be alarmed; I'm not THAT unrested. There's an adorable upcycled bird stamp cabochon on there that is meant to sit in the middle, so the mounds of beads wind their way around one side of your neck. It's pretty killer when you have it on. I'm totally biased on this one, but check it out and see for yourself!

That rounds up another wonderful week. I hope you guys are all prepping for the weekend and get in some relaxation from work or school or whatever it is you crazy kids get up to these days! <3

ADDENDUM - A word from the Editor, Wanderlusting:

Because I'm moving back into my shoebox apartment in a few weeks, I'm aiming to bring about half of the clothes I had before so it's less cluttered. I'm also broke and have a million things I need to spend my money on (new editor, oil change, Conan O'Brien tickets, new shoes, etc).

THUS I am selling a lot of my clothes on Ebay. Check them out over the next 6 days, mostly everything that was in my store is now listed and I'm throwing in a free top of your choice if the winning bidder is a blog reader!!!

Link to my Ebay Store:


Fashion Chalet said...

Spring has Sprung, almost! :)

How are you dear? I appreciate my move for the fact of getting to play with layers. In Florida every look was always so 2Dimensional. Top, shorts. Blah! Now I get to use jackets and boots and tights and leggings. Hallelujah! ;)


Glitter Scrubs said...

Karina are you still selling that orangey-pink long flowy dress you had on your store ages ago? Me likey! Do you think it'd be too small for me? If not, I'd like to buy it and wear it on my triiiip please! Let me know whatever works best for ya. Also, LOVE the new blog schedule.

Wanderlusting said...

Yes! I am still selling it, it's on Ebay right now. Definitely not too small for you!!

I'll sell it to you if it doesn't sell on Ebay...otherwise, BID! :)

ediot said...

hi dear! hope youre having an lovely weekend. and i think it was a good choice to "sleep on" the decision to buy or not buy the sweater- if you still want it monday- its probably left in the store- dont you think?
thanks for stopping by!

xx ediot

ediot said...

and btw- great picks in this post!


BlogNdoll said...

Love the nacklace with the bird : i'ts gorgeous!

See you

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I basically want everything on this list!! That pillow is so cute!! xoxoxoxoxo

marian said...

that swallow necklace is so sweet!

Honey I am having my first giveaway, so do check it when you can.

Big kiss xx

Alice said...

loooove the pillow.. and LOVE LOVE the necklace! off to check out your (kira) shop!

also am very tempted by much of your (wanderlusting) ebay listings. am unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on if from my bank acct's point of view) much taller than you with bigger feet :-)

Glitter Scrubs said...

Ah i just saw your reply now! I forgot to check that box thingy to see responses. I don't have an ebay account anymore, it was getting dangerous :S. However I will 110% buy it off you if it doesn't sell. or if i can con Cam into letting me use his ebay acct ;) lol.

Sophie said...

Spring is here in England, too, lovely sunshine all day today and it was yesterday. If you like Etsy, then visit my online store here:

Click my name.

Anonymous said...

I already emailed my addy!! Thanks again!!