Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Fridays with Kira: Tattoo Culture

Hay guys, it's guest-blogger Kixy again, here to do the Friday Fashion blog. Weee!

This week I wanted to do a theme, so I could collect my thoughts into one place instead of frittering around with a bunch of random ones. The random posts are fine, don't get me wrong; but i'm totally in a mood for some sort of structured thought right now. And today, that theme is: tattoo culture.

This is a huge scene. A huge, huge scene. Everyone falls in somewhere. There's the people who don't necessarily want a tattoo, or even like them (like Wanderlusting). There's the people who got one because it was the cool thing to do, and stopped at that. And there's also the people (like myself) who have always had an innate artistic nature, and yearned for some way to further push the envelope in terms of expressing themselves. Everyone falls in somewhere, if not in these generic categories, than somewhere in between.

My mini-me ♥ taken from a painting by the absolutely incredible (and my favourite artist) Audrey Kawasaki.

I found out years after getting this done that it's a mantra for AA. I am not an alcoholic, fyi.

One of my faves - sakura blossom behind my ear. surprisingly not very painful and also, I forget about it a lot since I never see it. Oops, lol.

Rose on my forearm - was done super cheap for fundraising, so essentially they could've tattooed a leprechaun on me and I would've said ok. Luckily, I did get to choose this from a whole sheet of things. lol.

Tattoo culture has become so huge that it's hard not to consider it a trend now. Which isn't necessarily bad, as artists are coming up with frikkin' amazing pieces all the time that render into (or from) the tattoo scene somehow, and that is cool beans.

The best thing about this scene is how much variety there is. So many inspirations delivered in so many different ways. From old-school (nautical) to new school (cupcakes) and of course, anything tribal, flowery or dark and edgy - these pieces remind me of the whole tattoo culture and all it's intricacies.

Moving on, let's see some really cool shit:

Sugar Skull Laptop Decal by beepart:

This decal is so damn awesome. I want one nnnnnnnnow! Inspired by Dia de la Muerte (Day of the Dead) Sugar Skulls, this is a quick way to spruce up your laptop for cheap. Great way to make a statement.

Rose & Diamond Necklace by wickedminky:

I loves wickedminky ♥ She hand-paints everything, and does an incredible job. This is made from painted acryclic plastic, and it's probably pretty durable. I have a different necklace from her and it's been awesome so far in terms of standing up to everyday wear (and even a jumping puppy getting tangled in it). The details are amazing and the rose is a great interpretation of a lot of new-school roses that are done nowadays with something in the middle (diamonds, cupcakes, skulls, etc). Lovelovelovelove.

Pinup Tattoo Pillow by AllegraB:

GAH! SO CUTE! This pillow is fantastic, from the crazy patterns to the modern pinups, it's fully representative of tattoos. One of the most popular styles is pinups, from the super old-school Sailor Jerry type to the modern edgy ones like this. Loves it!

Tattoo Man Pendant by QueenBeanJewels:

All I have to say about this is that it's hilarious. Straight up. Best pendant ever. Who DOESN'T want a picture of some old dude in shorts with head to toe tattys?! Excellent. I love the random palm tree in the background.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Print Tights by post:

These are so dainty and classy, and yet have a touch of rawness to them. The gorgeous peacock feather stands out against the nude sheer tights, almost as if you've got this massive black tattoo on your leg. This is a rad idea and major props to them for coming up with this. Check out all their other ones, they've even got ones with bats going up the leg! Awesommmmme!

Sailor Heart Anchor Hairclip by StaySweetDesignz:

The perfect little somethin' somethin' for your hair. You could wear this anywhere: the bar, to work, out with family, whatever. I'm also working on creating some pieces similar to this so I love the idea of layering fabrics and throwing a cute focus piece on top.

And there we have it. I got swamped at work today (for once - go effing figure) and then taken out for dinner as soon as I finally got a chance to start on this so I apologize for it being published so late!

and now, back to Karina! *insert awesome theme song music*


Lusty here.

Sorry for not doing my Thinner Thursdays (I had a really great low-cal snack recipe too) but I've been blasted with a flu that has taken the wind right out of my sails. But stay tuned for next Thursday for more fitness/health updates.

Fashion-wise, I'm slowly coming around. Helps that I'm eating right and working out, so that I feel more confident even though I am far from my "dream body." I've been selling tons of stuff on Ebay, giving away mounds of clothes and in this "Wardrobe Detox" I've found lots of stuff in my closet that deserve a second chance.

One thing I found was this black bag:

Did you know that aside from this bag - and I never bought it so I'm not sure how it came to be in posession - I don't own a single black bag? Weird, huh?

And I've been looking for one, just something simple but with chains and maybe stud details. I found a bunch but the faux leather ones always look cheap and everything else was so expensive. SO, I did what anyone on a budget would do and I blinged up the bag myself. Ta-da!

And now it's paired with a Walmart tweed cropped jacket I also found in my closet - I must have got it at a clothing swap and I almost donated it along with my other clothes but alas I decided to give it a second chance (thanks to the suggestions of my bf and his sister) and I'm glad I did!

(don't mind the bracelet - it was a free gift from ModCloth and I forgot to take it off for the photo, it doesn't really go with the outfit)

Remember to enter the All Modern $65 Giveaway!! You guys have had some FANTASTIC suggestions so far :)


Little Miss Nessie said...

Great one!!

I love tattoos, I have two tattoos (a tribal rose in my right arm and a lettering "Rock & Rock For Life" in my lest forearm and two ones to come before the end of the year !!)

Thanks for this review, it was really great to read it!!

Kristin said...

Love that skirt Lusty! And how about the Chanel fake tats?

kira said...

i love your boots. sigh. i need a pair (or four) of comfy flat boots like that. i have stupid big calves that always fuck me over though when it comes to buying boots! gah.

Fashion Court said...

i'm not a fan of tattoos.. i could never get one because i'm so indecisive!

ps: i LOVE LOVE LOVE how you made that bag look! so fab!

Wanderlusting said...

Nessie - that rock n roll one sounds uber cool

Kristin - I know, I just read about the Chanel tats the other day. Kinda weird if you ask me! Though I could see a true Chanel fan getting the CC logo for real!

Kira - Ebay!

fashion court - that's why I don't have and never will have tattoos...I just change my mind too much. The only thing I would ever do is get a loved ones initials if they died...

Anika said...

Ooh, I am in love with tattoos. I drool over nice sleeves and great tattoos...not so much the cheesy, craptastic ones.

And the laptop, pendant and pillow are awesome! Want!

And Lusty, hope you're feeling better...I'm loving your bag DIY too :)

kirstyb said...

i love tattoos xoxoox

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I never really find the appeal in tatoos because I don't like the fact that you can't change it once you had it and it's stuck on you forever. My sister has a tatoo on her back (she's the gutsy one!). But I love reading your post! xoxoxoxoxo

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Love the peacock tat!


♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

i just love second chance clothes! :) great guest post too! hope you feel better, i'm fighting a cold!

cara mia ♥

marian said...

'And this too shall pass' quote is so inspiring!