Thursday, March 25, 2010

Winner + Thinner Thursday!

OK - let's just jump into it. The winner of the AllModern.Com $65 shopping spree is Comment #25:


Though this was chosen via Random.Org randomater, assigning a number to every comment, I could not be more happy for Vegas Princess.

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 48 Result: 25

I believe she has followed my blog for FOUR YEARS NOW (yes, I missed my blog's four year anniversary last month), and I know she's actually in surgery right now for her so she won't even read this, BUT I'm glad that something is working out for her. I hope this makes her smile when she wakes up.

BUT all is not lost for all the rest of the entries. I am having another giveaway in a week or two, and everyone who commented for the AllModern giveaway will automatically be entered in the draw for Prize #2 of the next giveaway (with a chance still to win Prize #1)- so hold tight! We aren't done with you yet!

With that said and done, I've noticed that sometimes my giveaways don't seem very enticing to my readers (ie, not many people seem to want to enter). Do a lot of you suffer from Giveaway Burnout (it's OK, I do too, I never win ANYTHING)? What would you like to see being offered as a giveaway?

As it stands, my next giveaway is going to be for New With Tags Forever 21 clothes, but I would appreciate your feedback on what works and what doesn't.

Moving on to OTHER blog things - I've noticed that my BLOGROLL needs some updating. A lot of blogs are defunct so they need to be removed and I think I have lots of reader/bloggers who I should add so they become part of my daily reading.

If YOU want to do a link exchange, please let me know and I'll get that all updated ASAP :)

NOW: Thinner Thursdays.

OK. I wish I had better news. Originally I thought I could be like "Wow I've lost 10 pounds this month" but honestly I am nowhere near that. I don't even think I've lost one.

That said, I haven't weighed myself so I wouldn't really know. I can pack on 10 pounds of muscle (no lie) really easily so it totally skews my perspective if I weigh myself. I always get the "Funny, you don't look like you weigh 140" which is actually a good thing.

Anyway, at least my slow progess is not due to laziness or lack of discipline, but rather just being sick with the flu. I did a circuit-training thing today and it drained the crap outta me but I hope that a spin class tomorrow morning won't push me over the edge. I'm just mildly congested now so I think I'm pretty much recovered.

And I have been eating well still which is a plus. I discovered (ie, made up on the spot) a pretty yummy snack too that is high in protein, low in calories and full of taste. I call it:

Bacon IN Eggs

(not my eggs, but you get the idea)

- 3 eggs
- half a strip of bacon or full strip of pre-cooked bacon
- Plain or flavoured Light Cream Cheese (I used Garlic and Herb)
- Any spices you like

Boil three eggs. Not that you don't know how to do this but add eggs (carefully) when the water boils. A good medium/hard-boiled egg takes 9 minutes. Add a splash of Vinegar (plain) to the water when it's boiling as this keeps the shells from sticking to the eggs when you peel them (use a little less tablespoon...try it, it's true!)

While you are boiling eggs, fry up the portion of bacon or put the pre-cooked in the microwave. Don't make it too crispy, this works best with softer bacon.

When eggs are done, halve them and scoop out the yolks. Discard (a full egg has 70 calories, but an egg white only has 17!).

When bacon is done, chop up into small bits. In a small bowl combine the bacon with two tablespoons of cream cheese plus whatever spices you like (I like a few dashes of Franks Red Hot + Spike). Spoon mixture into the eggs. Eat.

Calories per serving (three eggs): 140 - plus 11 grams of protein!

Eggs are great as snacks because their density really keeps you full and is satisfying to the max. Of course, Eggs are brilliant for breakfast.

I've been having the following low-cal breakfast every morning and it keeps me full for at least 3 hours:

One fried egg covered in Spike and a few drops of Frank's Red Hot ontop of a slice of Kraft Light Processed Cheese on half of a toasted Whole Grain English Muffin. 200 calories!

Another great 200 calorie option: One Fried Egg White on a Whole English Muffin with a quarter of Avocado in place of butter.

Random outfit insert:

Found this Grey Vest from Forever 21 to be quite hippy-dippy-ish (I like hippie stuff, but not in grey and not right now) and boring, so I DIYed it and added some pointy studs to the pockets, plus a belt. Much better!


Marda Mischa said...

You need to lose weight? Seriously, you look great. I am trying to lose 15 pounds too so I understand what you are going through completely. It is the simplest thing in the world, but yet it is so difficult. I find that being around people who are like minded helps, unfortunately my friends, whom I love dearly, love to go out and drink beer. I find myself having a hard time giving up on the social element even though I know that losing weight will make me feel great.

Oh well, I'll get there.

As for contests, I have actually been on a winning streak lately. I wish we had the same show size because then I could say give away your shoes!


Glitter Scrubs said...

That sounds really good actually. You've inspired me to get off my ass and boil some eggs! I'm terrible at eating breakfast, but come lunch time I am practically starving! I hear eggs keep you really full too. Sorry to hear your sick. Do you think it's your body 'detoxing' itself? Or just generally around sick people? lol

Fashion Cappuccino said...

That's such a great idea for a snack or a breakfast! I'm too lazy to cook so I'm always looking for something easy and delicious!! I love your boots!! xxoxoxoxoxo

kira said...

i'm a little disappointed that i didn't FEEL any thinner today, since it was thinner thursday. damnit. lolollololtrolololol. OH god, that reminds me - did you see the cat vid i posted on fb? lol k anyways.. that vest is KILLER! i love it! i'm a big grey fan, but surprisingly don't own that much of it. i really want faux suede flat boots in grey. i found the perfect pair a couple yrs ago and didn't buy them because i'm an idiot. i think about them everytime i wear an outfit that i need grey boots with. SIGHFAIL.

the bacon eggs idea sounds delicious, especially since i am so damn fond of bacon (that jack in the box ad where the dude's like "WOULD SOMEBODY PLS MAKE A BACON LATTE?!!" is totally me, hahaha. however, eggs are my enemy. so i'm totally drooling at the SOUND of this recipe but essentially would never be able to make it myself, and that gives me cryface.

daisychain said...

this recipe appeals to me greatly.

and you look wonderful in your outfit x

Fashion Court said...

i'm in the process of putting a blog roll on my site including my favorite blogs (yours included!) so i'd love to exchange links!

that recipe looks fabulous - i need to try it! and i love your outfit!

iris said...

I'd love to exchange links! Love reading yours - and no, you don't have to read mine. :)

Re: contests, I just don't enter - I never win - although I will help push them out.

Kelly said...

Oh yum! I never thought of using bacon like that.

Vegas Princess said...

Woo hoo! I won! And yes, it did make me smile. Thank you so much. :) So what do I have to do now?

Wanderlusting said...

Links have been updated!