Friday, March 26, 2010

The Olympics Red + White Fashion Challenge

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At long is my post on all my Olympics Outfits.

I'm telling you, I had no idea I could make all this white and red in my wardrobe work but everyday of the Olympics I was put to the test (as were many other Canadians in the city).

+warning - lots of photos, apologies if it makes it slow to load+


My bf took me out for dinner at Chop Steakhouse - SO good, as always. It wasn't Olympics-related but I still showed my "true colours"

Walking over the Cambie St Bridge, taking in the wonderful "winter" weather

Muk Muk and Quatchi join me in a backyard party
My Volunteer Mommy and I before her shift
After excellent Yaletown Sushi with the girls (after running into Daniel or Hendrik Sedin - TWICE!)


GO LUUUUU! Watching Canada VS Slovakia hockey game
Mike Patton feels the spirit

Meeting Alex Burrows Day!

Traded in a pin for a Muk Muk pin! My friend Matt went all out with his should see the mullet at the back, haha. Last night of the Olympics, Canada won 4 medals while we were watching the games on the big screen at the Edgewater Casino ($3 pints)


Ran into a roving gang of Simpsons characters on the super-stoked Vancouver streets

Wild Boar Caesar (with bacon garnish!) at The Alberta House
The Olympic Cauldron
At the Edgewater Casino AGAIN to watch Women's Hockey (was it?) with ex-Blogger Pirate Meg
At Celebrities with the gals
Opening Day of the Olympics with Mini Patton
Torch run on Opening Day
Banging the Coke Drums at The Richmond Ozone
Worst Canadian Maple Leaf drawing ever haha
Final fireworks of the Olympics (during Closing Ceremonies)

Happy/Sad faces - no Olympics tomorrow :(
Bye bye


Panty Buns said...

That was a wonderful olympics. I was rooting for the Canadians and was so happy to see them win so many gold medals. I wept watching the women's figure skating. It looks like you had a great time with a lot of happy memories. I'm glad you captured so much in photographs to help hod on to your memories and to share them with us.

Eyeliah said...

great outfits recap, the Olympics were such a blast!

Annie Spandex said...

You are so cute! xx

Roshan said...

That's a lot of red & white. Thanks for the large Simpsons' characters pics - I had heard about it but didn't get a chance to see any pics till now. All lovely pics.

Glitter Scrubs said...

olympic withdrawal :( i miss all the visitors and their crazy accents. awesome pics! I can't believe it's over after all that build up. such a good time! heck yes to the blogroll you've been on mine since '09 i think lol.

MizzJ said...

Awww this makes me miss all the Olympic fun all over again! I love your trench in the first outfit shot!

Tell me your Holy Grail mascara and you could win a must-have beauty prize!!

Sher said...

So I was "watching" the olympics you were THERE! :D

Love those mittens!

Rand said...

ooooh so lovely!:)

lauren baluyo said...

I enjoyed scouring your photos. Lovely blog you have!


Kelly said...

Love your outfits! I like how you worked so much red in. And I love those mittens :)

Wanderlusting said...

Glitter - you've been on my blogroll for like 8 months lol

Kayla said...

You've been on my blogroll ever since I started blogging! And you have even commented a few times on my blog. Granted I used to switch blogs and make new ones like every month BUT I am actually sticking to this one now!


Cute pictures! Simpsons characters are awesome!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Fantastic photos! You had so many fab and patriotic ensembles during the Olympics! Love it!

p.s. I added you to my Blogroll. I need to come out of this horrendous blogging hiatus that I've been on and start putting regular content up there again. Love your blog.

A.Co said...

WOW! You did well! Red and white - very spirited! Proud to be Canadian when I see something like this! :D YAY!

A.Co @

Tracy said...

Super cute pics! You look so pretty and so in the Olympic spirit, and mmmmmmm..that food looks yummy--hungry! ;D

Max Hartshorne said...

Your article about La Alberca is up on GoNOMAD Karina...looks great!

Fashion Court said...

i love all of your outfits and your fabulous olympic recap! and that patton picture fits right in ;) haha

Marta from With Love... said...

So cute... I wish I could have gone to the Olympics :) stupid exams! You did at amazing job with the Canadian spirit! The outfits are amazing!


laura said...

Man did I miss your blogroll update? I've had your link on my blog for a while, love it! Mine is Overcoming the Quarter Life Crisis

Anonymous said...

i liked that photo of you and mini patton.
it's gorgeous!!!

lisa said...

Adorable AND patriotic! The pics of you with Quatchi and Muk Muk stuffed down your shirt cracked me up--they're my fave mascots of the bunch. I mean, how can you not love a hairy Sasquatch and a marmot shaped like a potato?

P.S. I just added you to my blogroll! I can't believe I didn't have you there before.

myedit said...

This post did nothing to aleviate the jealousy I feel over your Olympic experience... looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Those red boots are freaking HOT!