Friday, February 27, 2009

Man Stylings

I thought I would do a wee post about my friend Josh because I think "Man Style" is greatly underated and doesn't get as much attention as it should (though thanks to people like Scott and his site The Sartorialist, they are getting their time in the sun).

Josh knows what he wants and craves things just as I do. For the longest time he's been looking for a great leather jacket - searching high and low - and BAM finds the perfect one at H&M with all the minute details he dreamed of. He's also been looking for men's boots - you know, just like women's ones, to the knee, brown leather, that sort of thing - but here in Vancouver it's hard to find. In fact, we spent a few hours searching online and couldn't really find any man boots that went above the ankle and didn't make you look like a cowboy.

Josh is the youngest brother of my best friend, whom also has great style (though that may be because she is the recipient of all my hand-me-downs ;).

Josh is also not afraid to push the envelope - he tried on women's jeans once, by accident, and then ended up buying them. Now when he can't find exactly what he wants in the men's section, he'll hit up the woman's and as you can see, those painted on jeans were a great choice (minus the little heart detail on the pocket, lol). Paired with an H&M jacket and John Fluevogs, he's looking down right "Springy."

Of course a lot of gay men have inate fashion sense and style but I always admire Josh because, even at 20, he wears it all with confidence.

That's not to say straight men don't have it down too. I really admire my boyfriend's style, a little bit classic, a little rock n' roll.:

He's not afraid to take risks either, but as you can see he usually waits till Halloween.

Though on that note, Josh isn't one to shy away either ;)

Who are the stylish men in your life (or are YOU a styley man yourself)?


The Budget Babe said...

i like the new look of your blog, so light and airy and spring-like. but back to man fashion, i agree that plenty of straight men have great style. i think i learned a lot from my dad but he's from france so maybe he has an advantage...i also really admire my guy's style, its uncomplicated, urban, and masculine and it makes me look good! ha.

Isa said...

hey girl, how are you?
your boys look fabulous (and you know man like to be called fabulous) and so do you!
I read some of your older posts and really hope you´ll find a way to yourself. I really feel with you, I´m sure it is hard to feel wholisticly settled when there is a difficult background like that.
and I am very sure, not being clear with yourself is toxic.

but I assure you, seeing you in your pictures - you are such a vibrant personality, there definitely is a lot of energy around you, I´m sure you will make that work for you some time.


The Clothes Horse said...

Great post. Men's style doesn't get enough attention. I'm afraid I don't have any stylish male friends though...they're either very conservative or in the military and thus in uniform nearly 24/7!

Odette said...

lol My fiance is not stylish at all! He's got no style, but I love him anyway. I've always thought that my bro has got the best style of most of the guys I know. He is WAY more of a shopper than I am and he has always been more concerned about his looks than me. Now that he has Sanna he is even more style conscious because she approves everything he wears! lol :)

Marian said...

love the first photo of you dear. happy wknd xx

Tina said...

he's got great style! and you look so gorgeous