Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunshine, on my shoulders, makes me happy

Thank GOD something does at a time like this....

Leather jacket: ASOS; Floral ditsy dress: Mina UK; Suede flats: Juicy Couture; Flower earrings: Johnny Loves Rosie

As you can see we've been blessed here in Vancouver with one of our driest Februarys ever. I've seen people whipping out the shorts and flip-flops, and while I think I'm not quite there yet (the sandal-wearers are no doubt from out East where this probably feels like summer to them) I am starting to break out the spring prints and lighten up on my jacket load.

For example, I got a new real leather jacket from ASOS in olive green. Not a typical colour for me but I'm already amazed at how neutral it is and how the olive gives it an earthy, military appeal which I always appreciate. And at $66, it was quite the bargain!

Today arrived a pair of these Pour La Victoire sandals from Revolve Clothing(thanks Marta!) and I can not wait to pair it with absolutely everything this summer.

Not only do they distract and almost hide my ankle scars, the pleasing coral shade makes your legs less-stumpy (a side-effect of my beloved ankle-tie addiction) and will look amazing with a tan. Not that my legs tan, but anyway.

What else is new? Well I've decided to take up a bunch of different measures to combat my weight/mental problem.

First of all, I dropped my writing class. Sad, yes, but I can't handle anything extra in my life right now. I've already missed one class and will just fall behind and even thinking of having to be SOMEWHERE is making me freak out. Total anxiety attack. So, I have deffered the class to later this year when I will be in a better state of mind to do something new without feeling overwhelmed.

Second of all, I started taking Omega 3s. So we shall see what happens. My heart will thank me, at least.

Third of all, I went to the doctor but she was SICK. Ironic, huh. Anyway I will be heading back to her on Friday so I can discuss the possibility of:

St. John's Wort. It works well for mild depression and I always wanted to take it however it renders Birth Control pills obsolete. Which is fine now BECAUSE....

I am off Birth Control Pills, as of yesterday.

Yup. I've been on them for 12 years and I realize I need to get off them.

Not only do I believe these pills have made me moody and nutso, decreased my sex-drive, made my skin worse, made me increase my water retention, make it impossible for me to lose weight, increase my appetite, BUT I also have not had my period in one full-year. And I don't care how many new agey doctors say we don't need our periods, I NEED MINE! This is not right, it's not natural and I want these damn hormones out of my body before they do anymore damage.

So yes. As inconvenient as it will be to use condoms and such, it's worth it. I plan to go off for at least 2 to 3 months and then I'll look at other options. Perhaps an IUD or a less volatile pill, like Yasmin.

I actually feel quite relieved at this decision for my parents and bf for months have been tinkering with the idea that my tiredness, depression and weight are all tied to not having the monthly visit from Aunt Flo.

I'm not sure what changes will happen - and I realize I may be even crazier now that my hormones are adjusting to the last 12 years - but I think it holds part of the answer.

Finally, I bought the book "The 4 Day Diet" by that doctor from Celebrity Fit Club. So far, it makes a lot of sense.

It's a misleading title since you won't lose weight in 4 days. In fact, for me, it's gonna take 10-12 weeks to lose 15 pounds, give or take. But it's like a bunch of different diets that are all 4 days long. You go through different phases that tackle different problems, which I think is genius because your body can adapt pretty quickly and by mixing it up you always keep it on it's toes.

Anyhoo, still reading it but I'll let you know how it goes.

PS love the new blog layout? Kass did it and I couldn't be happier :)


Kass said...

I totally dig you on the birth control. I don't have the problem with not getting my period, but it is such a pain in the ass. I feel like I'm constantly visiting the doctor to get repeats, and I'm in wonder about what they're actually doing to my body.

Life would be far easier without it.

Oh and I love your new layout btw lol!!

Sarah said...

Hey, good on you for coming up with a plan! But before you think of going on the Yasmin make sure you chat to your doctor about it properly first - I went on it a few years ago for like 3 weeks and i have never had such a strong reaction to a pill! I was only on it for maybe 5 weeks but I got so sick! I went to a new doctor and she told me that a lot of women have reactions to yasmin and she wont prescribe it anymore

Wanderlusting said...

I've heard some women get very moody on Yaz or Yasmine but I've also heard it doesn't make you retain so much water as the others. I'll seriously consider an IUD though but like I said, gonna enjoy being hormone fake-pregnant free before I attempt anything!

Coconut said...

Good idea to stop the BC, hopefully you will figure out what the real problems are. Before you look into another birth control: I also have depression, runs in the family, etc. I was on Yasmin for 4 years and I just went to a new doctor and she told me Yasmin and Yaz have depression as a side effect and could be adding to mine. She took me off of it and now I'm on Nuvaring and I feel a ton better. It has less hormones than the pill because it doesn't have to go all the way through your sytem, it doesn't make you sick since it doesn't go through your stomach, and you don't have to take a pill every day. I just put one in, leave it for 3.5 weeks, take it out for 4 days and have a period, and then put a new one in. You might look into it. Just don't go on Yasmin or Yaz!

Rachel said...

i'm thinking of doing the same on my pill.. i haven't had my period for i don't know how long and i'm pretty sure it's made me gain weight and lose some sex-drive. it sucks. let me know how it goes!!

Len said...

Congrats on quitting the pill. I did the same about 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier about it. I was very nervous about taking the plunge, but I'm SO GLAD I did! I feel so much better without hormones and I'm never, ever, taking hormon-based contraceptives again.

However, expect a couple of months of havoc in your moods, and also the same time until your period comes back. I took me 6 months to even have an ovulation again.

I'm using a copper IUD (DON'T use the hormon IUD as it's said to have severe side effects), there's also a copper chain (in Europe it's sold as "Gynefix", I don't know if you have it over the pond) that's said to avoid the side-effects of the copper IUD (i.e. period pains and longer periods, however, I did NEVER have any side effects from my IUD, except for the first two months).

If you have any questions, just ask!

Vegas Princess said...

I love my pill so I couldn't tell you if being off of it would be good or not. But I do love yyour new layout. :)

Odette said...

Okay so I'll try this again ;)

So I got an IUD this summer and I love it! Mine is hormone free (it uses a copper filament instead of hormones. I get cramps now (I never did before) and my periods are really heavy but it is so worth the piece of mind. It only cost about $60 and it is good for 5 years. I don't ever have to worry about taking a pill or hormones or anything ever again!

I also love your new layout!

Karinaxoxo said...

Love the new layout!

believablegiraffe said...

It's great that you're seeing a doctor to have your thyroid tested. Sometimes they just do a general test, but to definitively know, they'll want to test your TSH, T3, T4, and thyroid antibodies to check for Graves and Hashimoto's.

The best thing is to trust your intuition, because nobody knows your body like you do.

Good luck, and take care.

Todd said...

Sounds like a great plan, especially the fish-oils. I'm a big fan. Stick 'em in the fridge to help prevent fishy burps. Those are gross.

If you can convince your doc, try to get a prescription for these: They're the best on the market.

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks for the tip Todd - I've been burping like a seal all over the place and am so disgusted everytime it happens. In the fridge it goes!

Gina said...

i tried yas and it made me feel like i had to pee all day long, it also made me very anxious! just my lil experience :)

i've been off the pill now for a few months, my body has finally adjusted to it's only normal routine and i am sooo happy about it

i also take fish oil tablets (omega 3's) every day, they are supposed to keep ya happy and i think my hair grows faster now hehe ;)

Anonymous said...

Let me first say that you look wonderful no matter how you feel about your weight. That said, I know from myself how important it can be to one's well-being to have the weight that makes one feel good about oneself. So, whatever you decided to do about it, I wish you good luck! Sports help a lot, also to improve mood!
I have suffered bouts of depression off and on, it is such debilitating illness. I so hope that you find a very good doctor who knows how to help you.
Best wishes and cheers from V.,