Friday, February 13, 2009

Wild Thing

Zebra cardigan and unicorn necklace: ASOS; pencil skirt, patent skinny belt and tank: Forever 21; Beatle booties: Louboutin

The Outerwear - Bag: Mat N Nat; Grey Collar Jacket: coat, on sale, love the collar detail and the nice change from black. Can't help but love grey!

As you can see, you can't get too creative at my work with a self-timer so I apologize for lack of quality and originality.

I've spent the first few days this week sick with a flu-type things...feeling uber rundown, tired, sicky poo etc. And for the last time NO I am NOT pregnant, lol. It sucks because it took a huge chunk out of my exercise time and not as much out of my eating time. I did get a lot of sleeping done but sadly I'm still not feeling 100% - and I need to be by tomorrow for VALENTINE'S DAY.

Before I go into that though, I'll just say that I have been sporting sleek pencil skirts at work this week because I have a feeling the more people notice my clothes, the less seriously I am taken here. I know I touched on this in the comments of my last post when a co-worker mentioned how I was able to get away with my flouncy floo dress because it was Casual Friday.

This irked me because how does wearing a flouncy dress mean "casual" - does it not mean a million steps up from that? As in FANCY. FANCY FRIDAY, maybe.

Damn it, I'm gonna start having my own Fancy Fridays now.

Anyhoo, it irked me also because I often wear pretty flouncy dresses. None are risque and all are polished and put-together, like some 1950's secretary (OK those snake tights were pushing that envelope). So does that mean I'm secretly being judged for not wearing "business" attire?

Who cares right? I know - she's a 300 pound mess anyway who constantly tells me how stressful my job is and "gooood luck" just because she had the position years ago. I can't help it if she's a panting stresscase - my position is just fine, thank you.

Anyway, I will continue to wear flouncy pretty dresses - just remembering to mix it up with sleeker ensembles every now and then.

Like this cardigan and pencil skirt combo. Yeah, my butt and thighs are a bit too big for this look (at the moment) but I do have to say, I feel sleeker dressing sleeker. I swear to God, I look much sleeker too when I'm not on camera. But who knows, it could be a mind over matter thing. All I know is that I'm slowly getting there - just not quite ready for pants....yet.

Right, on to Valentines Day....I hate V-Day.

I hated it when I was single and I hate it as a couple.

I hate how it gives girls an excuse to brag about how RICH and THOUGHTFUL and AWESOME their guy is....even though he's only rich, thoughtful and awesome for that ONE day of the year.

My guy doesn't have money. He can't help that -he's an artist and he's young. I'm just glad he doesn't live at home anymore. So we don't do the fancy restaurant thing, he doesn't give me jewlery...I'll be lucky if he can give me a bottle of wine. But whatever he doesn't do, I know it's OK because he is an amazing man every other day of the year. I just don't go bragging about it.

So this year I decided to say FUCK YOU V-DAY - why do we have to leave it in the man's hands? It's a "holiday" of love, so why aren't women doing nice things for their man, why is it expected to be the other way?

Yeah, I know there is "Steak and BJ Day" but I feel fucking sorry for the man who only gets steak and a BJ one day out of the year! Should be a weekly thing.

Anyway, I took matters into my own hands and I decided to take charge. I booked a romantic cottage on an nearby island. It has it's own hardwood deck overlooking the ocean and pool and gourmet breakfast served at your door in the morning. It's isolated, in fields and forests, surrounded by the sea, yet close enough to civilization that we can enjoy a romantic gourmet Italian dinner at a nearby bistro. There will be lingerie and dressing up like a magna schoolgirl and chocolates and champagne. And even better, the feeling of just getting away from it all, even just for a night.

We'll end up splitting the costs 50/50, maybe more on my end and less on his. It doesn't matter. I just wanted to do something special for both of us and to not depend on him for everything. It takes two.

Sure, it would be nice to have a guy who spends his money on you, lavishes attention on this one hokey day. But I would rather have a penniless guy who would never cheat on you, never hurt you and treat you like gold every day of the year.

Of course, there are the few girls who get the whole package. To them I say: I guess you can have everything...bite me. :)


sil said...

i completely agree! it's nice to have BOTH things in a guy, but honestly when it comes down to it, your love should be shown everday!
LOVE the zebra cardi!!

Caitlin said...

um.. your butt and thighs are NOT too big for this outfit, it looks awesome on you. Very flattering- professional and fun. I like you're blog, hope you keep it up

Odette said...

I agree! I am not at all about V-day. We're not doing anything out of the ordinary tomorrow. I think that what you guys are doing is great and I hope that you guys have a great time! :)

Oh and the first thing I thought when I saw you in that pencil skirt was "Wow she looks so hot in that skirt!" It is totally a self-perception thing, trust me it looks amazing on you! :)

STARR said...

I loove your jacket. haha don't worry neither me or my bf is rich and I really don't care (except when it comes time to buy groceries and neither of us has a car lo).

Karinaxoxo said...

I must say - I think you look much slimmer in this!
I hate V Day too!!! And I hate that this year I actually give a fuck that I'm not with anyone!!!

Couture Carrie said...

Loooove your cardi and pink bag - you look fab!

Happy Valentine's Day!


♥ fashion chalet said...

I love your cardigan and that bag !!

this made me LOL - Your pony is more glam than my pony :)

and yes, try some Odwalla, you'll thank me later! ;]


Ashleigh said...

aww I did the same....I hate how its always sort of expected from a lot of girls that their man take them out...My guy and I take turns ;)...."and this quote: "But whatever he doesn't do, I know it's OK because he is an amazing man every other day of the year. I just don't go bragging about it." ...beautiful and so true..its honestly what really matters ..although I will admit..I am a vday fan... for me its just a special night where we have a special dinner (at home or out) and just really celebrate being in love..

Vegas Princess said...

I have to mention you have definitely lost weight. I can see the differance in your face. You look fabulous!

I hate V-day too. I have never had a good one. And I loathe a holiday where people expect you to show how much you love someone. You should do that every day. Any way, your little getaway sounds wonderful. Can't wait to hear all about it. Minus the description of the schoolgirl fantasy. :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I only get self-conscious when people comment on my clothes...I hope they are taking you seriously. The cardigan is awesome.

DaisyChain said...

I love your blog, and your honesty. It's endearing and a pleasure to read. I love your cardgian, and damn girl, you look amazing in a pencil skirt! Sorry you've been feeling sick, I hope that improves x

almost famous kiwi said...

Alex and I have no money and he surprised me with a chocolate cream egg, it was better than any jewellery.

MizzJ said...

You're so right! My last bf was really romantic and into Vday, but he was a controlling cheater the rest of the year so yeah, being amazing 1/365 days is not worth it. My guy and I this year had a totally laid back vday and surprisingly, that was just fine with me :)

Btw, you don't look thick at all in that skirt, you look great!

The Budget Babe said...

the zebra cardi looks awesome, i'm going to polyvore right now to see if i can construct this look for myself!