Thursday, January 31, 2008

Teeny-weeny Bikinis and French Clothes

"She wore an itsy bitsy teeney weeney, yellow (polka dot) bikini, that she wore for the first time today."

Today my Victoria's Secret bikini arrived in the mail. I normally buy VS bikinis (among other things) every year however this was the first year I was able to buy both the top AND bottom in size small. Not only that, but I purposely chose the Brazilian cut model because the bottom was skimpiest and showed off your ass.

ME showing off my ass? What is the world coming to??? Normally I buy the one with the biggest coverage and spend my days on the beach figuring out how best to hide my bottom. Now, for the first time in my life, I am looking forward to strolling on the beach in my bikini, for all the world to see.

That's not to say I am completely comfortable. I still have and always will have horrible scarring on my ankles but I figure if the rest of you looks hot, who cares, plus I've bought Dermablend's body makeup which can cover tattoos, scars, etc. Also, my thighs are jiggly and will always be the largest part of me. But I've come to terms with that, as well as my arms and poochy stomach, etc. Can't win em all!

I now weigh around 125-127 lbs and I plan on staying this way. That's a huge drop from 138 in November but I know my limits. Last week I stepped on the scale and it read 124. 124! That's nuts. Instead of being happy about weighing so little (I'm 5'6", it's little to me), it actually made me uneasy. I didn't want to weigh that, to feel like my face was losing its fullness, my boobs threatening to leave B town and head towards A territory. I felt like it wasn't "me." So I made a point of pigging out so I wouldn't lose anymore and now I am happily hovering at 126 lbs. Yes, I do need to work on toning up and getting more definition but for now, losing weight is DUNZO!

In other news, my favourite French clothing brand, Lochers, arrived in the mail too (such the online junkie I am). Though a bit pricey for a simple shirt or necklace, Lochers nevertheless makes unique and darling items. I already had two items of theirs, this shirt:

I Hate

As well as this innocent number:

timid front

Or perhaps not so timid..guess I'm a bad girl HA HA

And today I recieved this lovely shirt (was on sale):

front: Good Luck


I contemplated wearing the I Hate Children shirt to Disneyland, but that really might have been pushing it.

BTW - LOST IS ON TONIGHT! Who out there is SUPER EXCITED like I am????


Sipwine said...

That shirt "I hate children" is hilarious.
I want one.

Meg said...

I want the Children one too. Also, does your pink shirt say "Sorry darling, good girls don't swallow?"
That's awesome, if thats the case!

Kass said...

Love the good luck motherfucker! So sweet!

I'm sure you'll look smokin' in that bikini and make all the guys drool and all the girls jealous! :)

DCchick said...

yeah... LOST!!!

Cute bikini! I haven't bought a swimsuit in at least three years because my BFE used to be a publicist and she gave me free stuff... man, I miss her having that job :)

I might have to steal your diet, I could stand to use a few pounds

Delicieux said...

Thanks for the "you can do it!" comment... I love hearing that! I'm actually moving happily along with my diet quite well. (157!! 2 lb's!! Do you hear the crowd cheering yet?)

I don't know how you're 125ish and still cope! People would think I was anorexic if I was that skinny, as tall as I am.

Good job with the weight loss! (and with the recent purchases... mui excellent!)

Au Revoir!

Steph said...

lmao, you are sassy and beautiful! The clothes are cute too.

Farrell said...

I'm glad that your goal is to be HEALTHY about losing weight - you're right, 124 is too thin for a 5'6" frame. Go you - doing it the right way!
Also: LOST. Omig LOVE IT!!! Let's discuss!

Vegas Princess said...

I so want the motherfucker tee-shirt, that is AWESOME! And LOST was sooooo good. Of course I have many more questions than answers but the fun is trying to figure it all out. :)

kimberlie said...

I have a Lochers shirt- It has 2 cute little birds on it and says 'Cute little fuckers'

love it

The Stormin Mormon said...

You totally should be wearing the "I hate children" shirt in Disneyland. It would clear things up for the idiots there getting in the way of adults having fun.

( . )( . ) said...

I need an I Hate Children shirt!! Thats got my name written all over it!! I can wear it to friends kids birthday parties hehehe.

Good that you can keep good perspective now that you have lost your weight, you look fabulous, so you really wouldnt want to lose any more, and risk looking too skinny and sickly.

PS - Im an online shopping fiend as well! xx

Janelle said...

Hey lady!! so uhh, how did you do this weightloss thing? Please tell me it was from diet and exercise? Because that's what I've been doing...seems to be working.

I missed your blog!! So happy to be back!

Anonymous said...

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