Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bubble

Before I started classes, we had some recent graduates come in and tell us what they thought of the program. One noted that the real world was much scarier and that he would love to be back in school (having experienced that myself in Journalism School, I know what he means). He also said we will become engulfed by this film bubble and that, my friends, has already happened.

I haven't had a day off in a week and I don't get a day off until Friday. And even that sucks because of my 845AM class on Saturday. So I have been seeing the same darn people EVERY SINGLE DAY and been walking the total of 40 minutes every single day to school and back (through rain, sleet, snow, random couples that ask you to have a threesome with them on Friday night) and been sitting in the same class room every single day. My thoughts are as follows: film, film, film, food, film, film, film, film, boyfriend, food, film, film, film, friends, film, film, film. And this will continue till April, so...I better get used to it?

But I'm not complaining, really, because what I am learning is wonderful. Just last night, as we dissected how the initially narrow release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding went wide and gained momentum 5 months after it's opening, I was struck by just how cool it was that THIS was what I was studying. Being a film junkie ever since Jurassic Park came out and I made dinosaur movies with my camcorder, this is something like heaven. A stressful, time-consuming, tiring, bubble of heaven.

Of course, there is a class I could do without: Entertainment Law. It's not that I am not interested in law (OK, I'm not) but it's that an actual lawyer teaches our class. Not a TEACHER but a lawyer. He's young too and personable and the poor guy was nervous as hell but...just because you practice law does not make you good at explaining it to people who just want to make a damn movie.

But, so far, the best class of all is our Professional Skills Development program. I wish they taught this class in high school, I wish it was mandatory before you went to University and wasted money.

This class is all about YOU. What are YOU good at? What are YOU passionate about? What puts a smile on YOUR face and how can we make that YOUR career? If you were to inherit 80k for one year and you could choose to do anything, the only catch is that you have to do it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week...what would you choose?

And even those three questions...are hard! What am I passionate about?


I have no idea, honestly. What makes me happy? I don't know...thuderstorms, my boyfriend, sex, Fruit does that equal a career?

The point, luckily, is that most people don't know and the purpose of the class is to find out. One of the first things he had us do is write down what you are a resource for.

You know: you are at a cocktail party, don't know anyone and someone starts to talk to you. What is the thing you could talk about forever, that you don't have to think, you just are so comfortable with and so knowledegable about that you are "Unconciously Competant."

This was my list, and no matter how silly and useless, you had to put everything down:

I am a resource for...
*Celebrity gossip
*How to write a script
*How to sell/promote your script
*How to have a blog people read (uh, I hope)
*geography (places, cities, countries)
*Animals (what will you find in Tanzania)
*Anything and everything about horses and riding
*Best places to travel and stay in Western Europe, Aus, NZ
*The neweset makeup and skincare products plus tips
*All classic films, esp. The Star System and anything Hitchcock
*How to lose weight quickly and easily

So that's what I know and know well. Random, yes but somehow this information will be applied to my career. After all, it's all about what YOU can bring to the table and how your skills in one area can be transferred to another.

Now it's about YOU, fellow readers. If YOU had to do something, ANYTHING, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, what would YOU do? (don't worry if it's abstract. One example was that an unemployed guy said, "reading, books, magazines, anything" he's a rich guy's chauffer and guess what he does most of the day while waiting to pick up his boss from the Men's Club, cocktail parties, the theatre? He has stacks of books beside him in the limo and he just READS all day and is happier than he has ever been).

Also, what are YOU a resource for?Be honest...

BTW - I know I said I was going to have some video blog post today...I did film it but I look like crap on camera and I am not sure what I am going to do with the footage, it's kinda lame and NOT AT ALL what I had envisioned in my mind. I downloaded editing software though, so you may or may not see a video blog post soon.


amanda jane said...

I'm a resourse for

*good mum advice
*cheapst grocery prices and where
*driving around
*being organized and organizing others
*short story writing

I don't really know... this is hard

Wanderlusting said...

It IS hard! But hey, already you are of use to me...where IS The cheapest grocery prices???

amanda jane said...

superstore has "wholesale" prices on a LOT of things!! Especially if you need LOTS!!

Dan said...

What would I do? Sleep.

What am I a resource for? Proofreading. Want me to point out all the mistakes?

'Nuf said.

Farrell said...

random couples that ask you to have a threesome with them on Friday night That's a post in of itself.
Hmmm....these are hard questions. I'll have to come back to it.

~nOe~ said...

* making other people's lives a little easier
* organizing
* desinging cards
* coloring :)
* making up stories

Vegas Princess said...

I would love to read, watch movies, television or theatre all day. Basically I would love to be a reviewer.

My resources:
*random movie, TV and movie facts
*Broadway showtunes
*how to get places easily

This is really hard. And rereading my list it sucks. Does my job count, like what I can do at work? Because I am not sure many people would wish for me to discuss how to direct a TV show.

coffeesnob said...

say something clever about "shadow of a doubt" and "mr and mrs smith".

Wanderlusting said...

Mr. and Mrs. Smith the original or the new one? Cuz I haven't seen either. Shadow of a Doubt though...loves it! The two Charlies, the whole emphasis on duality (very similar to Strangers on a Train)..and Joseph Cotten as the ultimate baddy!

coffeesnob said...

the proper "mr and mrs smith"; the hitchcock one.

"the lodger"? "the 39 steps"? "notorious"? "i confess"? any enthusiasm for?

ed said...