Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Enough change already!

Well that didn't take long.

After being knee-deep in school for the last few days, I have discovered that I no longer need change...my life is changing rapidly already.

School though is awesome, though walking through the city streets at 830AM on a Sunday morning is a bit surreal I find, as is going to bed at 10 on a Saturday night. But I'll get used to it. And I would mind it if the classes weren't so darn interesting.

Not only am I learning new stuff - I thought it would all be a rehash of what I already knew of the film industry since I've been to screenwriting school, however the business and creative sides are different - and I am finding it to be delightful. It's also inspiring me to dust off my screenplays and start writing again, which is just awesome. So much use of the word awesome, but I don't care - you know what else is awesome? Having actual producers as teachers, I've got my foot in the door already.

One thing though that I can tell you already, is I am probably not cut out to be a production manager (which is one of the avenues you can take after you graduate). I thought managing an office was hard...try a million dollar production! In fact, go rent or youtube the documentary Wrath of the Gods. It will give you a keen idea how hard it is to get a film off the ground and how its even harder sometimes to keep it going. It's truly amazing, watch it!

Anyway, I am still holding true to my not wanting to party with the same old, same old anymore, which I think will be fine since I am branching out to some people I haven;t seen in awhile. A change of facial scenery will be so welcome.

Even today I went out for lunch with the girl I had previously talked about (the one with the bf problems). Anyway, he ended it with her for good over the weekend. I felt so bad for her, because I had so been there...she wanted to keep fighting for the relationship and he just gave up (just as it was with my ex and I). Funny thing was, the day before he broke up with her he told her he planned on asking her to marry him come the summer. And then broke up with her the next day. Why do guys do that? My Ex also said that he wanted to marry me "some day" and all that, then three weeks later dumped with in the same "I dont love you anymore" way. Yet was adamant that he meant what he said three weeks ago. Sometimes, I just think guys are idiots.

Regardless though, it was a difficult lunch because she was still blindly optimistic that they will be back together soon and I really had to bite my tongue from telling her the truth - that he already HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND! Yup, I was sworn by my bf to not tell, but her ex already is going out with that co-worker that she had caught him flirting/emotionally cheating with. I really wanted to tell her because I know it would be a huge blow when she does find out but...my priority is my bf and I promised him I would not tell. And honestly, it is none of my business. So I did the best I could and tried to keep her realistic, ("maybe you'll get back together one day, you know, after you see a few people"..."It's too soon to think about that"..."yeah, you would think"...I didn;t say that last part) without revealing too much. Oh well, break-ups are no doubt hard and it's gonna suck for awhile for her regardless of what happens.

And then Heath Ledger died today, which has left me in utter shock. I don't even particularly like the actor but it still almost made me cry. So sad when that happens, I hate to think of how his ex Michelle Williams must feel and his poor daughter Matilda. While at this point they dont know if it's overdose or suicide...what a way to go, over-the-counter sleeping pills. I had no idea Heath was one of "those" actors, but I guess we all have our demons. I wonder if playing the Joker really got to him, or perhaps he never recovered from the split with Michelle. Such a shame, and Brad Renfro too having just died last week. As my boyfriend just texted me, it's been a weird year so far.

Also we saw the movie Cloverfield last night, which I have been wanting to see ever since I saw the trailer before Transformers. It was really nice since my class last night was cancelled and the Rockstar and I got to spend some quality time together. But before you see this movie, don't drink a lot of wine - it's very Blair Witchy and may make you feel sick. But other than that, I thought it was awesome. I liked that it didn't answer everything (even though I wanna know more!) and that they showed the monster. It was short, intense and effective. Not the best film ever but I thought it was worth seeing. Your thoughts?

Anyhoo, I've got my film marketing class tonight which should be interesting. Sure there will be lots of Heath Ledger talk (can I say that The Dark Knight has such an awesome marketing campaign?). Stay tuned for my next blog post about three horrible events that happened to me last year and how they all worked out for the best in the end. Perfect if you're feeling a little uncertain at this time in your life.


The Stormin Mormon said...

Glad to hear that school is going well.

Sad to hear about the friend getting F'd over... And then the guy going out with the chick at the drop of a hat. No shock, but it's still bad news.

I've been debating seeing Cloverfield, but I'm still on the fence. I love "monster movies" but I'm not sure if the whole feel of it is theater worthy, or just a rental.

M said...

So many young talents die in their late 20s. It's scary. I feel sad for his family etc.

Telling someone you love them and want to marry them and then breaking up with them a couple of weeks later is the epitome of a cowardly act. I don't understand the logic behind it at all but I know a hell of a lot of girls that this has happened to. Like A LOT!

Kass said...


Why couldn't it have been Tom Cruise or something?!

Karinaxoxo said...

Maybe you can make some friends at school who you can socialise with eventually!!!

Sad about Heath Ledger - if only, because he was so damn sexy!

Cloverfield definitely hasn't had as much of a build up here in AUS

Farrell said...

I really had to bite my tongue from telling her the truth - that he already HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND! Yup, I was sworn by my bf to not tell, but her ex already is going out with that co-worker that she had caught him flirting/emotionally cheating with.
I could have told you that. I mean, no offense to the girl, but DUH!

I want big hair said...

shame about heath ledger. he was so handsome!

Wanderlusting said...

Stormin - Mmmm, I don't think you'll lose TOO much by watching it on the small screen, though the monster may not be as impressive

M Yeah I know, what is up with that? They just say what they think they want to hear. Or they do mean it but then they realize how scary it is because they actually mean it and then they freak out and leave. Seriously...men!

Kass - Tom Cruise is part alien. That's why.

Karinaxoxo - I've already made friends with the classmates...thing is, we are going to be spending A LOT of time together.

Farrell - She just doesn't have any idea. She's sweet, young and 21. She even said to me, "I would rather be happy for a short while and believe we are getting back together than know the truth and be miserable all this time"...can't argue with that logic.

Big Hair - except for the receding hairline...