Saturday, January 19, 2008

Can you spare some Change?

Maybe it's January, which is usually the longest, dreariest month (to me, anyway). Maybe it's the start of a new year (2008...2008! Think about it! That's C.R.A.Z.Y!).
Maybe I am in the midst of winter blahs (I seem to have forgotten about Palm Springs last month and Disneyland last week. I went somewhere?)


The silly, silly, silly part though is that I am at the start of a HUGE change to my life.

You guessed it, school.

Only it's still too early for me to grasp that A) I am back in school again B) this is seriously going to throw my life out of whack for the next few months. So until I understand that, I feel like I need to do something different with my life.

I'm reading people's blogs (and writing in this one, have you noticed???) and getting wanderlusty all over again. I want to travel. I want to spend the January blues in Paris. I wanna go to Egypt. I wanna, wanna, wanna, GO! AND I JUST GOT BACK FROM SOMEWHERE. And I am going to Hawaii next month. I mean, what gives?

Mainly though, I am just bored. BORED! Bored of doing nothing all day except yoga (actually I haven't done any exercise this month at all due to travel and sickness). And I know that will change. Today and everyday after that as school digs in. And, I'm told, it will DIG in.

Oh and I am really, really bored of the people I hang out with.

A lot of my GOOD friends are kind of dispersed around the place. One is in Montreal and another one just left for there. One came back from England but she doesn't exactly live next door to me. Another is in ButtFuckNowhere, Alberta on an Oil Field. Josh just moved back to New Zealand (as Kass did awhile ago, YOU DAMN KIWIS!). I don't feel lonely or alone but I feel bored with the people that surround me at the moment.

You see, a lot of them...most of them, are from Tsawwassen, my hometown. And that gets annoying after awhile, I have to admit. A lot are my bf's friends who are now my friends. Now, those people, his GUYS, I actually really like and I like their girlfriends a lot too but we don't see them all that often these days, which is too bad.

Whom we do see is his band. Now, I like his bandmembers and they all like me. They know I'm good for a Jaegerbomb or two and can shoot the shit with them. When we are all together, it's a messy, fun time. But recently, they seem to have acquired some groupies. Yes, some new girls have been hanging around the new bassist a lot...and of course, since half the band is from Tsawwassen, there is again, a lot of Tsawwassen people who are ALWAYS around.

The same old group of people who were born in 1985, whom have this whole "I'm gonna be as weird and as random as possible because it makes me cool" kinda thing going on. Who are on coke most of the time and just generally annoy the hell out of you. I never really realized how annoying these people were, the girls especially since they all hate me for unknown reasons (see previous post's guess because I have "blonde hair" and they are the dark haired, emo saracastic rock chicks).

I guess what I am trying to say is...I need a new crowd. Or I need to at least try and hang out more with the other crowd, the people I ACTUALLY like, instead of always ending up at these places where these fucktards will always be. Aside from my bf's concert on the 8th, I'm gonna do my darndest to just stay home, or hang out with someone else in order to not associate with these people anymore.

Thankfully, in a way, my school does go on weekends, 845AM-330 on Sat and 845-5PM on Sun, so my wild weekends are now officially dunzo.

Which brings up another part of my life that's going to change. Boyfriend time! For example, usually I will see him on Friday night after his rehearsal and then we'll spend a nice, languid weekend together that consists of sleeping in, food, movie and lots and lots of sex. Now, if he stays over on a weekend night, I'll have to leave him in the early morning hours (thankfully he has my spare keys so he can let himself out later), which is so lame because morning sex is the best part of weekends! And if he wants to go to Tsawwassen for the night, I can't come because I have to stay in the city for school. I'm even gonna miss Sunday dinner's at his parent's house because my school goes for so late. WHAAAA!

I know it's not the end of the world, and as he said, we will make it work as we always do. It's just going to be a change...maybe a good one, since abscence makes the heart grow fonder and all but honestly...I don't WANT to grow any fonder of the guy, I'm so over-the-top in love as it is. But we'll have to make do, make what time we can for each other (and he is good at that and I so love him for making me a priority in his busy life) and know that this will all be over in April. I'll come out the other end as a production manager/story development/distributor/whatever the hell and jump right into the joys of morning sex again!!!


Dan said...

wait, you read my blog? oh no. you don't.

Farrell said...

2007 was a relatively boring year for me as well. But I hope God is listening, because I don't want DRAMA! I want something to "spice it up" a bit, but not in a bad way!
Which is why I hesitate to say anything at all.
I always want to travel but I didn't just get back from Palm Springs and Disneyland and I'm not going to Hawaii (or anywhere) next month so you got me beat there.

Kass said...

Sounds like you're in dire need of working holiday overseas, NZ perhaps? lol

And the boyfriend time! I feel for ya! I ashamedly never do anything (such as job wise) that will interfere with my Bjorn time, I just can't deal with that shit!

WiscoBlonde said...

Good luck with everything!

P.S. - Want to go to Prague/Istanbul/Greece this summer? :)

Delicieux said...

Yay! Hooray for Paris ;)

One of my best friends lives in hawaii with her Marine husband. Let me know if you need some recommendations!!!


Rachel said...

i feel you i feel you i feel you! in everything! i'm so bored of it all!! take me away somewhere new with new people! (um, obviously except for the whole getting married and fiance thing :))

kimberlie said...

'fucktard' i love that word!

( . )( . ) said...

Sounds like you def need a new crowd to hang out with!! And as for those groupies, they are probably just jealous!! Who wouldnt be jealous of a hot blonde like you!!

Dahna said...

I totally relate to the itchy footed-ness thing. If you feel like a sojourn to South America, we'll be there for the next 7 months... come and join us for some cheap good wine and sunshine :-)

(Oh, on the different crowd note, you could come to our goodbye drinks on Saturday night. Don't think there'll be any insecure fickle cocaine-high-rock chicks there... )

Uncle said...

I feel exactly the same way. I even asked my roommate if we could just pretend we were on vacation because I am just sick and tired of being here. Which no ones seems to understand since I live at the beach but it gets old too people!

Wanderlusting said...

Dan - awww.

Farrell - Oh, no 2007 was a fantastically huge year for me...I mean, in the end. so much change happened last year and I am actually just about to post about it.

Kass - Ha I wish, but then I would have to drag Mike with me.

Wisco - That would be sweet. Sigh. Unfortunately, I think this summer will about me getting a great job and earning some much needed money. My trips will probably be close by (ie, Las Vegas and Montreal)

delicieux - Thanks! But my bf's parents are paying for the whole thing, like the condo and such. It's in Kihei and knowing his parents, its gonna be a pretty snazzy place!

Rachel - Yeah I can imagine how much if your time planning a wedding must take up. Good fun though, I would think!

Kimberlie - Thanks! I have a feeling I am ripping someone off though...

BOOBS - yeah they probably are jealous, I just wish girls knew how to handle jealously constructively.

Dahna - Awwww, man , Argentina was next on my list. But again, it comes down to money and not having any and needing a job and not being able to take the time off. But I do see a trek to South America for 2009, so that's something. Plus I might jet off to Africa in the fall for a week or two. That's my new goal.

Uncle - Anything can get boring. Variety is the spice of life!