Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What the hell happened here?


For our six month anniversary, Ross and I decided to trek up to Whistler for a night. Not only had Ross never been there before, but with his travel agency connections, he was able to score a SWEET suite at the Westin Resort for $75 (normally the room is $239).
We didn't do anything too interesting, just bar-hopped around Village Square, went clubbing at Maxx Fish, etc. But the copious amounts of alcohol we consumed ensured we didn't feel too hot the next morning, despite inhaling the portable oxygen in our hotel room. But overall, it was a fantastic weekend.
Oh. I forgot. This also happened:

Ross did something stupid and f'ed up his ankle.
It was swollen and slightly bruised at first...then slowly turned a mean red color. Ross couldn't walk on it much without some pain. Then it got even worse...

We started to think it was gangrene and perhaps his foot would fall off. It was getting nastier and puffier by the day. So, we took a day off work and limped down to the medical clinic.

The doctor scolded Ross for f'ing it up and then sent us on our merry little way to get X-rays done. Of course, after waiting for hours at the clinic, by the time we got to the X-ray lab, the X-ray doctor who would tell us whether or not his ankle was broken, had just gone home. Probably to play golf. So, as of now, we have no clue if its just bruised, sprained, fractured or just plain fucked.

This morning however, it turned a queasy shade of yellow and Ross couldn't walk on it at all. That can't be good.

Now, I know what you are all wondering: what the hell happened to his ankle?

How about I let you be the judge? Did Ross:

A) Get drunk and decide it was a good time for mountain biking (thank God for the helmet)

B)Get drunk and get his foot crushed in the gondola door


C) Get drunk and get attacked by a bear while getting drunk (and attempting to save me in the process)

D)Get drunk and decide to scale the Westin's waterfall and jump off of it

OR, is it E): All of the above?


miss amanda jane said...

Some very hard choices..... hmmmmmm, since I don't really know ross, I'll just guess to say it was..... that he decided to go mountain biking onto the gondola!! Crazy ross....

Sherlock said...

definitely the bear.. i can tell by the evil look in its eyes.. and with Ross being such a gentleman, it's obvious he was trying to save Karina

Manders said...

owee! i have simpathy pain in my foot...
hmmm, i'll guess letter "b"!
hope ross can get his foot x-rayed soon, thats pretty freaky.
good job ross! if you're going to hurt yourself, might as well have something to show, eh!?

Anonymous said...

i think he jumped off the waterfall and landed in the bears mouth who was swimming in the water

almost famous kiwi said...

Definatly E, you know those Scots, they try it all at once with one too many guinnesses in the belly. Get better lad so you can get back to the bagpipes.

Wanderlusting said...

Actually the answer was....

D It was in fact an inane leap off of the waterfall in the wee hours of the night. Ross thought that jumping down was better than easing himself down (you see, he didn't want to get wet, and well, he did have a dozen beers and about 50$ worth of redbull and vodka). He ignored my pleas of rationality (though I'm thankful I was able to persuade him from not scaling the rest of the waterfall), and made the leap. I turned my head as I couldnt bare to witness the event and heard a drunken cry. The rest is history.

PS Kelly, Ross muttered some Kiwi ethnic slurs when he read that you said Scots drink Guiness. He insists its an Irish thing and therefore might retaliate with a sheep comment. Just warning you.

jeff and ross said...

She pushed me.

Wanderlusting said...

If I pushed you, then how come I got off the waterfall unscathed?

jeff and ross said...

You used my ankle to cushion your fall.