Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's bout time Microsoft was representin'


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha...good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Was browsing and found you.. You're smokin. Next time you want to pay homage to yourself and waste everyones time maybe you should dress with a little less clothes and add a brass pole. Nice shirt when I close my eyes I can almost see your tits.

Love forever

Anonymous said...

you're right dude. If I squint really hard I can almost see her tits...sweet.

Wanderlusting said...

Hiya Ashleigh,
Good to see your back, albeit Kelowna this time...thankfully Telus provided us with your wearabouts (and the fact that one sad person left all three comments...took you nearly a half an hour, I'm impressed). But there was never really any doubt it was you...I would hestitate to say your friends did it, because lets face it, you're losing friends left and right and probably don't have any anymore.
Your creepy lesbian-ish comments about my "sweet tits" got me thinking...this isn't really Mel Gibson is it?
Nah, Mel at least has alcohol to blame for his insecurities, but with you, I guess it just comes naturally.
Glad to see you like my blog (notice you've been reading it everyday).
Take care!

arbyn said...

did you know my computer connection says "Toronto" when I'm online. That's because the company my parents pay (here in the boonies, aka Mission B.C.) to grant us life are out of Toronto.

Wanderlusting said...

Yes, I did know that. I know a lot of things

arbyn said...

yes you are very smart. I shouldn't have put it past you.

Smash said...

Hey Karina
Just wanted to let you know that the comment above wasn't from me or any of my friends and yes even though a certain friend from Vancouver and I are not talking at the moment, doesn't mean that we aren't friends. I have been reading your blogs because prior to the last time we chatted, your blogs have gotten better and i was actually enjoying them. I admit that it was really immature of me and my friend to attack you on your blogspace and for that i am sorry. But besides this comment i havent left one since the first comment i left. I really have no ill-will towards you. The fact that Ross likes you tells me right there that you are a good person. So i wish you all the best and sorry that you think it's still me writing comments on your blog.

Princess Bitch said...

I don't buy it. A little bit too coincidental, don't you think?
Uh-huh and I see another lame "anonymous" comment was left minutes after "Smash's."
Piss on it.

Manders said...

that is f-ing funny

Wanderlusting said...

Yes, I thought so too.
Too bad all this "controversy" took away from what the real issue at stake is here..."The Word," yo.

S'all bout The Word.