Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wet trunks and schoolbooks and sand on my toes

I thought the above line from jack johnson was quite appropriate...only cuz I've got sand all over my apartment and I've got wet underwear on.
NO you pervert its wet cuz i just went swimming in the ocean. Sicko.
Yes, so I was supposed to go to a BBQ tonight, but by the time the boys showed up, it was running close to sundown and Spanish Banks was quite aways away. So, we decided to hang close, cook Veggie dogs (which, I'm surprised, were good) and drink like fish. Sooner or later we made our way down to the Soho bar and grill where I proceeded to get riled up over the rugby (WOOOOO ALL BLACKS!!! They were playing against those bloody Wallabies and doing well until those Aussies started with their tries...I like how the waitress let us in free of cover cuz she took one look at me and thought, well she doesnt care about Rugby. Oh ho ho ho ho...she was wrong. And is it just me, or did the Haka get wimpier? Must get back to NZ to set them straight).

Anyhoo, after drinking more than enough we made our way onto the beach, then back to my house where we all changed. Well, I changed into my bikini and they just drank more. So, seizing the moment, we walked back to the beach. I stripped down to my suit. And they stripped down to their...well, lets just say they have an uncomfortable ride back home.

And so we went swimming! Ok, so False Creek was polluted, but in the silence of the night, with the stars and meteor showers above and the neon, glowing phospheresence in the water, it was pretty much magical. Until Austen tackled me and put my face into a bed full of gravel. Yet, because it was 1AM and I was wasted, I didn't care. Am still wasted now, and being catapulted 10 feet in the air from someones shoulders doesnt phase me.Probably will tomorrow.

The thing is, ever since I've moved in here, I've wanted to go swimming and no one has ever thought of indulging me in this wish until now. Of course, there is something to be said about swimming in the frigid wonders of English Bay in the sweltering daytime, but in the darkness and solitude of the night, there is more to be said. WOOO HOOO.
Meh. I'm drunk. I'm going to bed. Thank God I can sleep all day tomorrow. And maybe then I can fish this Oyster Disease out of my ears.


amanda jane said...

Instead of you coming to me (since YOU are never on time!!) I'll get a sitter and come to you..... saves all the waiting!! Why are you having all this fun withought me.... I was there across the way... waiting for some Karina action!! WHERE WAS THE WINE?!?!?!?..... had my own teeny bit of booze tucked away..... not the same

Matt H said...

Which Haka was it? If it was the one with the throat slitting gesture at the end its a new one they made... its still pretty intense. And yay, NZ rules the Tri Nations again.

Wanderlusting said...

I'm not sure what Haka it was, but Daniel Carter sure got ugly

almost famous kiwi said...

Gotta love the throat slitting haka resembling the "cutting edge of sport" yeah right, more like how we cut the aussies out of the competition. Ahhhh NZ, you are at the top where you belong.

Matt H said...

I asked around and yes it was the new 'Kapo o Hango' (?) haka which they do sometimes instead of the old faithful Ka Mate. I don't know why you thought it got less intense, they still get into it!

And yes, Tri-Nations champs and Bledisloe holders again. Booyah.