Saturday, May 29, 2010

Read the fine print later

How's your week going, people? Saturday's here and I've got a fabulous giveaway for my readers, plus some meanderings for the week.

- Well, my favourite show on earth ended on Sunday night. CELEBRITY APPRENTICE!

Just kidding. It was LOST, of course.

I watched the show faithfully since 2005 (catching up on Season One during the summer before Season Two). At the start, I joined the Lost Chat Forums/Boards and discussed, debated, speculated with other fans on what we thought it all meant.

After a while, the mysteries of the island were just too much, so I sat back and enjoyed the ride. It was a maddening one, we never got answers, only more questions and though many fans poo=pooed the series finale for THAT very reason, it only made sense to me. Why would Lost make it easy for anyone? That's not the spirit of the show. And the fact that they left us with so many questions, only made me appreciate the show more.... now I can debate and speculate till the end of time.

After all, isn't it nice to think for yourself and draw your own conclusions?

That said, while I was emotionally fulfilled by the ending (how amazing was it for Jin to see his baby for the first time - albeit in purgatory/limbo, how sweet it was between Sawyer and Juliet when they were reunited, and how heroic Jack was for sacrificing himself? I may have hated Jack for many seasons but that ending, WOW, had me in tears and he really endeared himself to me... I could go on and on) I was also intellectually unsatisfied.

What was interesting though was that I always though I was about "solving" the mysteries and had a "need to know" but when it was all over I realized how much MORE I cared about the characters than the island or the plot.

THAT SAID, well I did have some questions and they are artfully posed here:

And if anyone is still confused by the ending, this recap by the great DocJensen at Entertainment Weekly (I used to rely on him weekly for his expertise in explanations):

Part One explanation

Part Two (and if you're a fan, you'll be reaching for the tissues by the end of this article)

- I know I've mentioned my love for The Babysitters Club book series before (with my own breakdown of characters) but have you checked out THIS blog: What Claudia Wore. It is so cleverly written and such a fun trip down memory lane. Oh Ann M. Martin and your team of ghostwriters... you were so fashion forward at times but mostly you hilariously miss the mark. But still, my inner child, who so desperately wanted to be part of a club (I formed a We Love Pets Club as an homage to Dawn's West Coast BSC, sadly it was short-lived after I physically lost my own cat), can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside when I look at those pastel-coloured books so neatly lined up in a thrift store bookshelf.

Have I ever had a total Claudia Kishi outfit? I think maybe when I dressed up as an Ode to Mr. Bungle, that was about as Claudia as I get:








- Speaking of love for Young Adult books from the 90's, who can forget Sweet Valley High? Forever Young Adult does a rib-tickling recap of the books, bringing you back to those moments when you put down the book and said "Just who the hell does Lila Fowler think she is? Thinks she friggin' owns the color purple?" Just wish they do a few re-caps of Sweet Valley Twins as well (YES, I read those too).

-Should I start tearing apart Christopher Pike and R.L Stein books? Because I've read a few recently (shad up) and I think it could get ridiculous.... esp if I reenact them, as I got my friends to do:

- Can flare jeans come back please? I love the look of them, especially here:

- I've put my personal training on hold because of financial issues, but I will be taking it up in a month or so. In the meantime I am running every other day and doing weights when I can, and pretty much eating the same foods everyday.

My mother bought me a pretty rad swimsuit as a motivation factor in my toning goals, and I have until the end of June to work out like crazy so when I put it on in Seaside, Oregon (anniversary trip) I will rock the shit out of it:

- I went to my parents house, found a brand new pair of riding pants (jodphurs) that I bought years ago but never wore (never picked up riding again - did it for half my life though). Decided to MAKE THIS TREND HAPPEN.

Wore these out (NOT this exact outfit, I was trying on the pants in this iPhone pic) last night to the bar with a ripped FNM tank top, bullet belt, FNM boots... was very rock and roll meets riding instructor. Got a LOT of weird looks (I was with Eyeliah of Style Symmetry, I think she noticed some girls being like "OMG are those pants in now?" LOL) - the world is not ready for riding pants? Well they weren't ready for my gladiators when I wore them 5 years ago so screw it! I'm making this happen :P

- GIVEAWAY TIME! Was going to giveaway two items but think I'll just space em out over this month.

Leave a comment below to win this new with tags ASOS dress. Isn't the colour just amazing?

It's a size 8 UK or small. Won't fit you if you have a large bust or have a ribcage wider than 34 in. But so, so pretty. I had been searching for a gorgeous tangerine shade ever since I saw this cover of Lucky:

Dress giveaway open to all readers - I'll let this run for about a week, maybe less.

Hope you have an amazing weekend (long one for you Americans) - my bf's band's LAST SHOW EVER (they are sadly, SADLY, breaking up) is tonight so that's what I'm up to. If you're in Vancouver, come to Pub 340 before Midnight tonight! Awesome epic show + $5 Jaegerbombs! lol


MizzJ said...

Wow that doesn't look like Jessica Szohr at all on the cover - some scary photoshopping is going on there!!

hahah I love all your BSB looks, particularly the Mallory one, j/k, my fav is Mary-Anne.

A.Co said...

LOL Babysitters Club!! YAAA!!

Hmmm, I'm not sure Mary-Anne would wear heels... but then again, you might be spot on.
I think you pulled of Claudia quite well.. and Mallory, well, hit the nail on the head ;) LOL

SO SAD you're bf's band is breaking up! :(

This give-away is AWESOME!! Thnx for offering up this sa-weet dress to all of us! I've ordered from ASOS before am an a size 8 (uk)!!! Which excites me bc I'm ELIGIBLE for the give-away :)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Annie Spandex said...

I want the dress!
The Jessi shot is sooo pretty! Love that.
I was all about some babysitters and Sweet Valley twins. Oh yes.

Glitter Scrubs - Lesley said...

Ah I saw the word LOST and had to scroll down quickly! I missed the finale while being away and it has been a real bitch trying to avoid all recaps and discussions. Almost home and then I can chime in!!! Best show ever.

And the BSC hahah wow, thanks for the memory lane trip. I think I had almost every book. RL Stein scared the crap outta me as did Goosebumps, but I still read them anyway.

Hope the last band show was amazing. I'm sure it was. It's too bad Europe had to get in the way. Do you think he'll ever join another band or is that it?

I don't think I've ever seen an 'inspired by the BSC' outift post, but I always knew you were a trailblazer ;) Mallory looks like she's had some work done.

Fashion Court said...

ack, meant to include my email -

Fashion Court said...

omg i used to LOVE the babysitters club so i really appreciated this post hahaha :p

that dress is so gorgeous! i've never ordered from asos but always wanted to!

Vegas Princess said...

I am still looking for all my Babysitter's Club books. I have them somewhere, just can't find them yet. I loved those books. I did find all my Sweet Valley Highs and Nancy Drews.

I loved the ending of LOST too! I thought it was fitting for the show. And I cried, A LOT!

Erica said...

Oh man, I was addicted to the Babysitter's Club way back when, too! Lovely portrayals!

I LOVE that dress.
Please enter me in the giveaway contest! :)

LOST was a trip, my boyfriend and I watched all seasons too. The other day, my boyfriend was connecting the unanswered questions to Egyptian Mythology. Such a great show!

Colleen said...

yay! thanks for the contest :)

wish i could be in vancouver, but i'm in winnipeg :(

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer) said...

Wow, it almost looks gold to me, and I just posted about wearing gold :) (thanks so much for your comments btw)
I would like to enter--not positive it would fit me but maybe? It's really pretty!

You look so lovely in ALL your outfits!!

Livie said...

this is the best blog post i've read all weekend - thanks!! your babysitters club looks are brilliant. the dawn one is spot on!!

oh how i love christopher pike too...those were such classics. a zillion times better than twilight!

and sweet valley best friend had the BOARD GAME believe it or not. and of course, i was ALWAYS Lila in the game. who doesn't want to be a rich b*tch?

Shanley said...

just found your blog - I am absolutely a fan of being anywhere but here! I have transferred and moved way too many times to count. About to move again in a few weeks, and then to Africa for the summer. Hope you're getting to travel soon!

Odette said...

BAHAHAHAHAH your homage to BSC! I am not going to lie I love it! Oh SVH. How I do enjoy these litterary trips down memory lane! :)

SOOOO Sad that I missed TSC's last show :( I hear it was EPIC though. :)

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I love flares too! I hope they come back also!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for that trip down memory lane and those outfits! How fun! It makes me think back to those Judy Blume books: "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" or "Deenie". Does anyone remember those? :-)

Please enter me into your contest for that fabulous tangerine dress! Now I just wish the Vancouver weather would cooperate!!

arbyn said...

I would like that dress but I wonder if it's too small for me...

Would fit my sister though!!!

Alma said...

You brought back memories of me locking myself in my room and reading a whole Babysitters Club book until it was finished. I would do this daily loved them.

Also I love the color of this dress and really want it! Hope luck is on my side.

Eyeliah said...

You totally nailed the BSC! Great post :-) Dress wont fit my bust so don't enter me!

ellis_d said...

i looked at your palm springs air museum pictures and had a chuckle..

Anika said...

Oh how I love these dress. I can just imagine pairing it with a pair of rocking cream/nude high heel sandals, or going the rock vibe and pairing with a pair of distressed motorcycle boots.

And its my size too....yay :D

p.s. loved the babysitters club...all your outfits reminded me of the names of the girls haha.

Alice said...

i've never read the babysitters club books! my mom deemed them "trashy" and wouldn't let them in the house. poor me :-(

dress is GORGE.. love it..!