Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Khaki Blues

The weather has been absolutely delightful in Vancity lately, aside from a never-ending breeze that likes to blow up all but my most structured skirts and dresses.

And to be honest, I really haven't been in much of a "pant" mood lately. I've been working out like a madwoman (more on that after the photos) and am at that awkward "I have muscle now but my fat is still on top" phase, so the binding restrictions of pants are really off-putting.

My happy medium? Those darn comfy silk cargo pants again:




Silk pants: VS; Safari jacket: Forever 21; Purse and jewelry: ASOS; Top: Zara (bought in a Zara in Finland in 2005! Yay for old clothes!); Sandals: Union Bay

So I've started training with my friend (and ex-designer for Narccissist) Hannah Fletcher. I've always admired Hannah's stunningly athletic physique (not to mention model-like prettiness and the sunniest disposition ever), so once I found out she was adding personal training to her already packed physical repetoire (including pole dance glasses and various other high intensity sessions at some of the best gyms in the city), I jumped at the chance.

I never had a personal trainer before and even though my financial situation didn't really warrant one, my BODY did. Plus Hannah has an amazing price and is extremely kind with my payment situation.

When I showed up on day one, back at the start of April, I did not know what to expect. I guess I thought it would kind of be like what I did on my own regarding weights... you know, bicep curls, squats, sit-ups, etc. I thought she would just critique my position and keep me going.

Well, she DOES do that. But you don't just do "bicep curls, squats and sit-ups" - you do those plus a hundred other things at the same time, with big weights(for me), at very high intensity with as many reps as you can until you want to puke, combined with other things like push-ups on a Bosu followed by a million burpies followed by walking squats across the gym with a 10 pound ball above your head followed by DEATH.

I'm not kidding... the end of the session feels like death. And it's great. You just lie there on the mat and she stretches you FOR YOU which is perfect since I can't actually move at all.

It's tough going, no doubt. There are times when I am almost crying because it's so hard (I have balance issues thanks to my club feet which makes things extra hard), there are times when I have to stop because I literally think I am going to puke all over the mat (no joke - Hannah knows my vomit-on-you face now) and there are times when my muscles just won't move. They just wont. You tell your arms "one more pushup" and they literally yell "NO!" and won't move. It's crazy.

The worst part - even worse than the pain - is how stupid I look. I mean, I get BEET RED to the point where I look like I have third degree burns, I am absolutely covered in sweat and can barely talk, breathe or exist. Meanwhile, everyone else in the gym looks as cool as a cucumber. Is it just harder for me? Or is Hannah just a real "The Biggest Loser" -ish trainer who pushes you to the limit more than the other trainers do? It's probably both.

I think I'm getting better though. And I know I am building muscle... I keep poking my stomach pooch and fearing that I'm pregnant because it's all hard now (hard underneath all the flab... or maybe that's my swollen liver!). That's the problem though... i have the muscle but it's underneath the fat still. More days jogging and perhaps eating less sugar should help with that, but I'm still trying to do one thing at a time!

Hopefully if I update you in a month's time, you'll be able to SEE the muscle that so far can only be felt :)


MizzJ said...

Wow that sounds intense yet awesome at the same time!! I'm sure it must be a good thing to feel like death? haha at least when it comes to working out.

Yay I'm loving this non-pants weather too!

Stephanie said...

I love the bright pop of blue color...keep it up with going to the gym, it will most def pay off :)


Kendra said...

Wow, amazing fashion shots. You and this outfit look like you stepped right out of a catalog, I love everything about it!! So nice to see you posting an outfit here and there! I covet your style...

Odette said...

Oh man Hannah sounds like a slave driver! One more reason that I wish I lived in Vancouver. Sigh. But you're going to be RIPPED! lol (in a good way I am sure that she's going to help you avoid our mutual endomorphic muscle bulk issue!)

I love your summery look. I am jealous, here it seems that the weather can't decide what it wants to do, one day it's in the twenties and then the next day it's snowing!

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

i just joined a gym too! now i just need to :) good luck with your workouts and post updates!

i just posted about my new jewelry line and i would love feedback from you when you get a chance.

cara mia

Eyeliah said...

exciting times!! I’ve always wanted a trainer, with my knee though the only exercise I can handle is yoga and biking.

kimberlie said...

I have been doing the exact same thing. My next training session is tomorrow and it will be the 5th session.

I know i have lost inches ( my jeans fit so much better!), but my weight is still about the same, which is a little dissapointing.

My face goes bright red too, and i used to be embarrased, but now i don't care. I have exercised to the point of near death, and i am proud of it!

daisychain said...

Hannah sounds amazing and major kudos to you!

I love those pants, so perfect...and please send some of that weather my way!

Couture Carrie said...

You look stunning, darling!


Cha ♥ said...

Love that blueness! Good luck with the working out! I need to start getting back into shape so I'll cross my fingers for the both of us <3

marian said...

you look great honey, like the khaki on you.

Fashion By He said...

great outfit, you look really hot!! love your style
come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion Court said...

it sounds like you found a great personal trainer that actually KNOWS you.. instead of just bossing you around all day. the closest i've been to a personal trainer is my now defunct wii :p

btw i read your post below on negativity. it's so true. my dad always says to me never let people see you're down, because it only hurts the ones that care about you and makes the ones that envy you happy

Kristin said...

Do NOT feel bad. I have had instructors stop classes before to see if I was ok because I get so red. Love the arm candy!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow!! Love that bag!! You look so chic!! Yes, those JC shoes are pretty comfy! xxoxoxoxoo