Monday, April 26, 2010

San Francisco Sights and Sounds - Day 1

The trip started off on a good note....(well OK, after we were screwed over in Seattle with our "free parking" hotel), Virgin America was absolutely the most awesome airline I've ever been on. Flight was fantastic and the only time I actually was mad when we landed. What made it awesome?

Cool lighting

Funny and entertaining safety video

Cool menu

Touchscreens to order food, drinks, Ibuprofen! That's delivered to your seat.

Speaking of drinks...Absinthe! Not a good idea on the plane.


We got to the hotel and actually it was very nice. Bedbugs aside, I would actually stay there again. They rectified the situation very quickly, and having had NUMEROUS experiences with bedbugs before, I could tell this was just VERY bad luck and a one-off thing. The hotel otherwise was very clean, tidy and quaint and our new room certainly did not have bedbugs (I made sure of that but anyway).



The nightly happy hour of free booze was a nice touch.


Great location too, right on Market and Powell, steps from the BART station and the cable car stop. And in the same building complex as Sephora, Forever 21 and DSW.

We had a quick, hearty lunch at a restaurant called Max's.

The moseyed down to the Warfield where I listened to Faith No More rehearsing through the doors.


However, after talking to the FNM roadies, it actually wasn't them rehearsing in there but the house band. But we still made some friends from that conversation, connections that would come in handy later :)
PS those pants I'm wearing are the perfect travel pants. Silk, doesn't wrinkle easily and feels liks you're wearing your comfiest yoga pants. So comfy AND stylish!

Silk pants: Victorias Secret; Jacket: H&M; Halter: F21; Sandals: Go Jane; Bag: F21



Vegas Princess said...

I have friends who have flown Virgin to London and now refuse to fly anyone else. They are that amazing!

Those pants do look comfy!

Underfunded Heiress said...

Cute photos! love the one from the plane. Can't wait to see more!

MizzJ said...

How are their prices compared to other airlines? I hear they have good food too! I don't know that selling absinthe on a plane for the low price of $8 is a good idea haha

Kelly said...

Woah that plane ride DOES look awesome. The ibuprofen thing is hilarious too.

Can I ask which hotel you stayed at? Free booze is always a winner with me ;-)

Amber said...

You know, I absolutely hate flying (and am terrified of it, too), but I actually think I'd find it almost bearable on a plane like that, although the danger would be that I'd never be able to fly with anyone else ever again!

The hotel looks fabulous, too, bed bugs aside. We're hoping to get to Sn Fransisco next year, so always interested in people's travel stories there!

Wanderlusting said...

MissJ - $80 one way from Seattle to San Fran! Great prices.

I believe they are opening up routes to Vancouver and Toronto this year (but of course Seattle will ALWAYS be cheaper).


Kelly - The Powell Hotel. I don't blame them for the bedbugs, it happens, I should know.

I'm just happy that they were able to handle the situation delicately and without any drama cuz LORD KNOWS I had more than enough stress at that point.

So I appreciated that from the hotel.

myedit said...

Ok, I just spent way too long reading all about the epicness that was your vacay while I should have been sleeping. You have some crazy stories!!!!! Love them...haha.
And ewwww...bedbugs, nothing gives me the creepies more...

Glitter Scrubs - Lesley said...

Wifi while flying - Good idea!!
Absinthe while flying... questionable idea. hahaa no acutally it's awesome. Mike's got quite the cool background combo there. I had no idea what guyanese was though, what is wrong with me?
I just creeped all your Scotland archives on your travel blog. I've looked up so much Scotland facts I feel as though I've already been there!

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
What a fun trip!


The Budget Babe said...

Those silk pants are amazing! Can't wait to see your Coachella pics.

Kristin said...

Those sandals are SO fab. I want to get on a plane right NOW btw. : )

fashion court said...

that airline looks FABULOUS! i haven't flown in years, unfortunately :(

The Petite Blogger said...

comfy but pretty outfit!!!!! great blog!!!!

xoxo jenna