Friday, April 09, 2010

How to dress for Coachella

I...have no idea.

Actually that's I lie. I do.

I have MANY ideas and therein lies the rub.

Coachella is in one week...the Faith No More concerts in San Francisco are on Tuesday! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, Coachella.

I'm currently trying to figure out what to pack for this trip that consists of the mild, foggy climate of San Fran and the dry desert heat of Palm Springs.

I used to just shove a LOT of clothes in my bag when I traveled and that resulted in a lot of heavy luggage. In the last few years I have whittled it down to actual outfits that are planned ahead of time. It definitely kills the spontaneity in me (which is why I bring an extra days worth of clothes) but it's also easier this way.

A lot of girls having being buying outfits specifically FOR Coachella - now I would LOVE to do this but alas - as you know - I can not. And that's fine, because I have plenty to choose from. Here is a peak into my (potential) suitcase.

So far I've figured out my FNM concert oufits (in SAN FRAN):

*Skinny jeans (which I really hoped I could fit into by now...and I "can" but they don't look as good as I wanted. Oh well, least I can do them up)

*Faith No More boots

*Bullet belt

*Faith No More T-Shirt on one night, my Tomahawk T-Shirt on another night

For Coachella, I really think for me it will be about being comfortable - no short hemlines, no heavy fabrics and shoes that won't kill my feet.

I know close-toed shoes are a must in the pit, which is why I am wearing the Angel Dust boots on Saturday for FNM and Muse (yes, both, again) but for the rest of the days I am thinking of taking these Jeffrey Campbell wraps from like 5 years ago:


These Dolce Vita ones


Candy Antik Batik sandals?


Or I may just say TO HELL WITH YOU...SHOES! And start from scratch.

For bags, I'm thinking cross-overs because they are more secure and adjustable. I only have two, both bought years ago in Europe:



For dresses, maybe this lightweight cotton C&C California dress I bought off of Erika:


I'm going to bring this vintage tropical dress that I bagged for $2 but have only worn once:


Same goes for this Rachel Pally number...might be a bit too warm though for it?


I love this Forever 21 dress so much but it's very, VERY short on me. Curse you long torso and large ass!!

Cute (but not cotton/breathable)

This Splendid dress I love and is SO perfect for a festival...but sadly, it's a bit too short in the ass. I'd have to wear shorts under it, just in case.


More Rachel Pally...sigh, Snow White :)


Actually, at the end of the day, I think THIS is the perfect Coachella outfit. Sadly, those shoes would leave the weirdest tanlines and I think I've worn that dress to death...aaahhh but I love it so :)

Karta Dress from

Outfits aside, here are some actual PRACTICAL things I will planning to store on me, either in my bag or in the locker I rented (you can rent lockers at's probably the smartest thing I'll do that whole weekend):

-- toilet paper
-- hand sanitizer
-- dry shampoo (or baby powder for absorbing sweat/oil on body/hair)
--Wet wipes
--Advil (taking two cuts down your on me!)
--Earplugs (some sets are loud...and/or sucky)
--Printed off list of set times for each act you want to see
-- iPhone charger
-- Flashlight (porta potties are NOT fun in the dark)
-- Bandana/Scarf (put ice in it to cool down, cover mouth when dusty, cover head)

PS thanks SO much everyone for your loving support on my last post. I really found it insightful how everyone of you shared your tips on how you manage their finances. Your advice PLUS reflections on your own life were very helpful :) I do know how I will survive my new budget: it just means a lot of cutting back on things that aren't essential but I'm looking forward to more thrifting, clothes swapping and just shopping my own closet!


Kira said...

ok so hi? loving this rachel pally person! i loooove that deep purple dress. also, i vote yes on the first two pairs of sandals. those wraps are killer - i need to get a pair like that this year for sure. i also love the print dress/tall gladiator combo at the end - do it! what the hell, right?!

AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

I would go with dresses and boots combos. I especially love that C&C dress. How hot is going to get? I'm all about the skinny jeans, but they can get pretty warm if you're in the sun for a while.

Wanderlusting said...

It's forecasted to be 88+ :) so jeans only in san fran.

Boots rule just for the pure comfiness factor! Yeah your feet get hot, but meh.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You look beautiful in all your pictures becuase you're so photogenic! I actually found your list very helpful! xxoxooxxoo

Lesley said...

oh my god as if i didn't have a huge summer craving already. i almost never wear dresses, but this post really has me thinking i should start.

I love that you did this post actually, because i've been really worried about how to pack effectively for my upcoming trip, but still be able to look nice. seriously i was awake at 3am trying to figure out pairs of pants i should bring and which type of shoes i should wear on the plane and which i should pack. bring some of that 88 weather back please

Lesley said...

PS: Somewhere in there I meant to write how awesome you look in all those pics lol. I'm looking forward to all your summery posts :)

Damsels said...

im sure you'llget t right .. i think definiitely bring that badass belt ! im just jealous because you are going and im not :(

daisychain said...

I'm pretty sure girl, that whatever you pack, it'll be spot on x

Couture Carrie said...

Love all these looks, darling! You wear summery dresses so well, and I am still completely smitten with those red boots!

Have fun at the concert!


Kristin said...

Geesh, lady. I don't even know how to pick a favorite! That tropical number is awfully fun!

Fashion Chalet said...

The Rachel Pally number is gorgeous on you as is the C&C number. No, I'm not being biased... but it really looks amazing on you. Way better than it did on me! ;)

Enjoy Coachella. And here's to hours in front of the closet surrounded by piled of clothing as you last minute pick out what to pick and wear ... been there done that. I'm there!


MizzJ said...

Of the dresses I love the CC and the Rachel Pally ones the best, they're so summery and pretty! The cross-body bags are a genius idea for sure. Won't boots be too hot for Coachella though?

Wanderlusting said...

MIZZJ - I'd rather have hot feet than sore feet, believe me.

I spent most of my life wearing boots in summer because I am ashamed of my feet - SO I'm used to it!! :)

Karinaxoxo said...

i love festival fashion. I usually go fairly safe/comfortable - but I usually pick up so much inspiration from the other festival go-ers

Sher said...

I'm loving those black boots with the swans on the back. But there are so many pictures how can I choose? LOL!

Annie Spandex said...

That white cotton dress is soo beautiful! I also LOVE your FNM boots--how have I not seen those here before?

Fashion Court said...

you have one of the best dress collections i've seen from any blogger (seriously!).. i honestly can't pick my favorite.

i've never been to coachella so i don't know what the heck to suggest lol.. but i think you'd be comfortable in something flat all day. my favorite flip flops are havaianas...because they're like butttahh. even though they're a bit on the expensive side.

hope you have a FABULOUS time and be sure to share all the photos!

goldenmeans said...

I am in the middle of Coachella packing at the moment too :) Every year I'm convinced I'm going to melt at mid-day so I'm right now I'm gathering all my thinnest halterneck sundresses and hoping for the best! I'll stuff some tights and a cardigan in my bag to pull out at night I think.

All of your dresses are beautiful and will be great for the trip I'm sure! I really love the black halter with the colorful Mexican-inspired flowers on it, too bad it's not breathable!!

Hope you have fun in SF, that's my hood! I saw Mike Patton at last year's Coachella performing with Rahzel and they were just great :)

Memphis Steve said...

Oh my God, you are a natural-born supermodel! I know I always say you are a hottie, which is absolutely true, but you honest-to-God look like a photo out of a magazine in some of these shots.

Vegas Princess said...

I definitely love that last dress the most. Who cares if you wear it a lot, you look great in it! :)