Monday, April 05, 2010

Musings of...Muse...

Well, folks, I hope you all had a glorious Easter weekend. Mine was nothing if not action-packed full of goodness.

Thursday night, the tenants moved out of my apartment and we were in possession of it again. Which was perfect because we needed a place in the city to stay overnight since we were going to the MUSE concert.


MUSE was amazing, let me just say that off the bat. One of the best live shows I HAVE EVER SEEN! Seriously...emotional and awesome.

I've been listening to them since 2004 and they've always been one of my favourite bands, sadly I missed them the last time they were in Vancouver in 2005. Would have been awesome considering tickets were $12 and they were playing at the Commodore Ballroom.


Now Muse sells out the Pacific Coliseum (some of you might know the venue as the skating rink for the Vancouver Olympics 2010 Short Track and Figure Skating Events).


Even though I'm not exactly gung-ho about their new album (a bit too "pop" for me and the "1984" stuff is a little old) but I still love all their older, LOUDER HARDER tracks and with that they did not disappoint!

Matt Bellamy's fashion sense is getting better too? Remember WAY last year when I did my "Inspired by Muse" fashion post HERE? Well I wasn't far off. At this concert, Bellamy rocked tight magenta cigarette pants, a Balmain jacket (it had to be) and sparkly shoes. Funniest sight? How he would SKIP around stage with guitar in hand, playing the dirtiest, loudest guitar riffs.

Just watch this - it's a highlight: They unleashed massive EYEBALLS on the audience during the end of Plug-In Baby.

They are SUCH Rockstars!

For the concert I wore my Faith No More New Zealand/Australian Tour Shirt. Next time I wear the thing, it'll be at the actual Faith No More concert. Um, which is in one week. EEK!

Also, kinda excited to see Muse yet AGAIN in Coachella, as Faith No More's encore. How wicked fricking rad is that?


I paired it with my 80%20% Wren Boots which are awesome. I actually MOVED in these boots. That doesn't sound like much but when you have special achy feet like I have, you do NOT spend your whole day in 3 inch heels moving boxes for hours on end. I didn't plan on wearing 3 inch heels though, but these boots have a hidden 3-inch wedge which I only measure AFTER the move when I wondered why my feet were burning. Still, these boots are seriously comfortable and seriously my new favourite things.





So yes, Friday was spent packing up all of our stuff and moving it back into my apartment. Redundant yes, but necessary.

Unfortunately, because we were busy moving, we missed my friend Poonam get married to her long-time hunk Behn. It was a Sikh ceremony, which I really wanted to go to. However, we were lucky enough to catch the reception which took place on Saturday.

It was fabulous to catch up with the college girls again (though it always seems to be at Weddings lol) and I'm proud to say that things did not get messy like they usually do.








And Poonam looked absolutely STUNNING in her Sari. I loved that it was a white/silver colour too. My only regret on Saturday was not renting a sari for myself. I would have loved to rock a yellow one!


Vegas Princess said...

You did have a full weekend. I loved keeping up with your Twitter and FB updates. I am so jealous you got to go to Muse. I have been listening to them for quite some time too and have yet to see them in concert. They seem like they would have a great show.

Your friend is absolutely breath-taking in that sari. How stunning!

Panty Buns said...

Wow. You really did have quite a full and interesting Easter weekend what with the wonderful concert, all the moving and your friend Poonan's Wedding reception. Love the front of your "Faith No More T-shirt and that coquettish look of yours modeling the outfit with your foot-saving Wren boots. Poonan's wedding sari was exquisite. That's a very nice photo of she and her groom by the wedding cake. Quite a post.

Vera said...

Whoo! I'm going to see Muse in June and August! Can't wait! You look fab btw!

myedit said...

Those cute boots hide some major elevation! I love your casual concert get-up!
And the bride is beautiful... you totally would have rocked a yellow sari.

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling! You and the bride both look gorgeous!


Alice said...

i'm pretty sure i only read 2 canadian bloggers regularly, and you were both at that muse show this weekend :-)

Hillary said...

Ha! I'm the other Canadian Alice is referring to :) Muse was so fucking rad - hands down the best concert I've been to.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Looks like such a great concert!! It's so good to see your pictures again!! The wedding looks so beautiful and the bride and groom looks perfect together! xoxoxoxo

Ginny said...

I saw Muse in Boston last month and dear God it was the best show ever!

Everyone needs to go and see them.

Your friend's wedding looks beautiful

Kass said...

Muse - meh. They use to be so good, but now they're oh-so mainstream and shit.

And the FNM t-shirt - Do you find that you get a lot of people staring at you like "WTF!" lol. I've had so many people stare me down when I've worn mine, Kiwis are such wimps!

Wanderlusting said...


I agree about the muse mainstream shit..I mean, they are and they aren't.

Their music isn't really mainstream but the way it's been used in everything, everywhere and heard by everyone and only now liked by everyone...that's the mainstream part.

I've only worn it to the concert but even then I got weird looks or high fives haha.