Monday, November 16, 2009

What a weekend

Well I had a weekend that was terrible/fantastic and extremely memorable.

Friday, the 13th, was the night of The Saints Collapse concert. For the event I decided to wear these Revlon Fantasy Length false eyelashes that the company graciously decided to send out to me. I had several pairs to choose from (and a set of fake nails, thanks!) and decided to go with this pair. I used to wear falsies out all the time when I was much younger(I have thin, weak lashes), so it was fun to try out this look again:

The concert was a blast. I was highly amused that at some point between songs someone in the crowd yelled "MIKE PATTON" at Jesse, the singer - just goes to show that if The Saints Collapse sound like any band, well it's gotta be Faith No More. Or Tomahawk (IMO). I also got to hang out with my girly friends and meet fellow local blogger Glitter Scrubs, who was an absolute doll. And she enjoyed the band immensely which was also a plus. She also said my boyfriend was the nicest guy in the world, which I like to think is true!

After the concert...well that's another story. Let's just say I - and I alone - ended up in a cop car and spent 45 minutes in the basement of the police station at the corner of Main and Hastings at 3AM. It's a LONG story that isn't as exciting as the way I just worded it, which is why I'm leaving it at that. Keeping you on your toes!

So that concludes the "terrible" aspect of the weekend (which in hindsight wasn't actually all that terrible and was rather amusing and exciting, although will prove to be inconveniencing).

The next day however, as I stewed over the events of that morning and somehow survived on 3 hours of sleep, turned out to be MUCH better.

My bf suprised me with an early birthday present - he said we were going to dinner with his sister. Instead he took me out to this snazzy restaurant called CHOP which was pricey but very cool. I had the macademia baked Mahi Mahi which was fabulous.

After the dinner, he then suprised me with tickets to see Evil Dead The Musical.

I desperately wanted to see this show during halloween but missed my chance. Or so I though. Turns out that due to its popularity, they extended the run.

I am a huge fan of Army of Darkness (and I LOVE Billy Campbell) so it was awesome to see the Evil Dead Trilogy come to life in a gory, hilarious, musical way. Sam Raimi would definitely approve!

We were almost seated in the splatter zone too, which I thought was lucky. Then later I realized that I wanted to be drenched in fake blood too, like these people:

Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see this musical, do it...with songs like "What the fuck was that?", great singing, hilarious script and hokey stage set-up, this was by far the best show I'd seen in a long time.

Here's something interesting though that I hope some SEO freaks could help me out with. Normally I get found through google search terms now such as "Leela costume" or "Mike Patton is a madman" and occasionally I get people who searched specifically for "Anywhere But Here Blog."

But yesterday...a Sunday, usually the slowest day (sitemeter wise), when my post was two days old and I hadn't been to ANYONE'S blogs, I had gotten more hits than I ever have before in my whole LIFE (of the blog).

Over 600 individual visits. About 400 of them were from computers all over the world, all using Mozilla, or Firefox or IE, all searching for "Anywhere But Here Blog."

Like...what? Why did 400 people search for that yesterday?? This is really weird, is it not? Did something happen out there on the ol' Internet that I didn't know about? Can someone explain? It's kinda freaky...I don't think my blog became famous and I didn't know about it because I wasn't linked to was just all tons of different people searching. BIZARRE!

Hope you all had a great weekend (though maybe not as wild as mine) and that your week is off to a great start! Weather here in Vancouver is shit but luckily I'll be in a dress and flip flops this time next week, in New Zealand...hee hee hee.


Couture Carrie said...

You look absolutely gorgeous, darling! Love your eye makeup, especially the false lashes!

Sounds like a fun, wild weekend :)


The Budget Babe said...

the faux lashes look great, natural and glam but not over the top. you're also wearing my fall uniform, leather jacket, striped top, jeans, black boots and a big scarf. needless to say, i love the look! can't help you out with the seo stuff, that is weird...i usually get to your blog when you comment on mine, but when i havent heard frmo you in a couple days, i do a google search to get to your site so maybe others do the same when you're mia :)

J-Diggety said...

Your makeup is great - you are stunning!!

Whoa, a run-in with the Fuzz, huh?? Hope it wasn't toooo bad ;) Glad the rest of the weekend got better!

xoxo J

Georgia said...

Wow, you look so so so beautiful. Love the leather jacket. Also that play looks kinda scary
It would be mine

Fashion Chalet said...

Amazing eye makeup- as always, you are a doll.

PS: Hot jeans!

PSS: You're brave, am afraid of Ghosts.. lol.


Annie Spandex said...

I don't doubt that many people searching for your blog. You're so awesome! And what, did you get a PI or something? What happened at the police station?! :)

Kata Wagner Berg said...

I just found your blog now....not in the weekend :)
You had an exciting weekend I see. Great present you got.
You going to New Zealand ...wearing flip flops,I am going to Norway wearing snow boots :)
Have a great week!

Wanderlusting said...

I don't think people are searching for ME though because their visit length comes up as 0.0 minutes. So they must click and then leave...but what are they looking for? And so many of them so suddenly.

To go from having maybe 10 people use that search term to find me each day, suddenly jump to to's weird.

Could it be like a virus that is forcing people to visit my blog? lol

Odette said...

You look killer hot in your "b-day" pics! It would be sweet if your blog became spontaneously famous! Love the falsies too :)

I would like to hear the cop story some time! :P

Eyeliah said...

Cool, Evil Dead is such a hit - glad you got to go.

Style Seduction said...

OMG the splatter zone. Why doesnt Australia have anything like that!!!

Oh and that police story sounds scary :(

Marz said...

Wow, you look so cool! Love the jacket!

kittie444 said...

I am in New Zealand and its too cold for a dress and flip flops! Bring a cardi. Very humid in Auckland today but summery all the same. Have fun!! Kate (

Glitter Scrubs said...

Hahah yes everything i said was true! And that wasn't even the double vodka-7s talking ;). Both Anna and I agreed he was extremely nice and a very talented guitar player!

We had an excellent time, so hopefully there's a lot more to come in the future! I totally forgot that day was Friday the 13th.. no wonder it was such a crazy night for you. I had brought my camera that night and of course when i went to take pictures the batteries died :( I wanted to do a big post thing too on it since my life is lacking in the awesome department lately. Next time though! :)

YOU are going to have such a phenomenal time in NZ, but I hope you'll remember to post! You'll have internet access over there right?

Glitter Scrubs said...

PS: So 17 people visited my blog in one day, which is like more than I've had EVeeerrr! lol. And guess where they all came from!! Your site!
But none of them stayed hahahaha. I got them to come, now I just have to be interesting enough so they'll stick around.

MizzJ said...

What an odd occurrence haha! I do hope you'll tell the cop story someday ;) Your bf is so sweet all the time, he always seems to be doing nice surprised for you!

gEe said...

i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Revlon Fantasy Lashes line. i recently discovered them a few months ago and have fallen in love ever since.

Anika said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous girlie :)

Glad you had such a good birthday treat, and you look fantastic in these shots. Meoooow. Actually, the pic of you and the boy is gorgeous, the two of you!

p.s. cops, station.....I'm intrigued.....success...what the hell happened, bella? :)

p.p.s. thanks for the camera tip. I've actually been eyeing the Canon XTI DSLR 450D (which I believe is the Rebel??? Correct me if I've got it wrong), and I love it so! It'll change everything :)

Have a great one, gorgeous

Agata said...

Look lovely at these photos :) Killer makeup.

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks everyone! Birthdays not for another month though haha

Kristin said...

I can't believe your trip is almost here. How psyched are you? Your eyes look incredible with those falsies!

daisychain said...

Those lashes look AMAZING on you!

Anonymous said...

Hey- to answer your question about the random jump in site visits (and how I found you) is that MTV's reality show called "True Life" did an episode on the homeless, and a homeless girl and her Mom started a blog with the same name as yours. The episode just aired, so hundreds of watchers are probably looking for the correct blog- which is here:

We could only see the pic on the screen for a minute, and that's why we all are probably searching for the title on the pic on top!!

So, that should explain it for you.

Wanderlusting said...

ANON - THANK YOU! I knew it was something like that - I did a search too and saw that blog as well and read some of it.

I guess it's pretty obvious I'm not homeless then lol. Trouble with the police, but not homeless.

Anyway that really clears it up! I was starting to think there was some weird re-directing virus out there! Awesome virus haha.

Vegas Princess said...

That looks like a totally fun musical! I love shows where the audience gets involved.

P.S. The cop story is going to make an appearance some time, right?

♥ Marta from With Love... said...

Happy Birthday missie :)

It sounds like a fab weekend! And you so stunning, love the falsies :)

Dane said...

Umm I dont know if Ive said this before, but you have the most amazing cheekbones.. just sayin'!

myedit said...

You tease... I need to know what happened. Sounds... epic.

Anonymous said...

What kind of eye shadow do you have on? I really like it!

Wanderlusting said...

Anon - I'm pretty sure it's Stila Oasis and Wheat plus Holy Golightly.

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sarah23 said...

Yep, I came here after watching a rerun of the MTV show "True Life: I'm homeless". nice blog, tho

Anonymous said...

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