Monday, November 02, 2009

Inspired by: Mike Patton - and three prize giveaway!

Okay, this will be a doozey of a post so I'm gonna get try to the pictures first and then write later. Mike Patton (man, myth, legend) has so many projects and bands and whatnot that it's actually easier to lump them all into one "Inspiration" - of course, I had already done Faith No More and Mr. Bungle but this fashion shoot runs the gamut from Lovage to Tomahawk to whatever Italian opera shit he is working on now.

And - because this is my last giveaway of 2009 - I'm having a MASSIVE NEW GIVEAWAY for THREE PRIZES including AWESOME DESIGNER SHIZ, A GUITAR NECKLACE from ASOS and MAYBELLINE MASCARA - scroll down for the details at the bottom but, mind you, you'll need to read most of this entry if you want to enter, haha! SUCKERz.

Tuxedo jacket: H&M
Faux Leather pants: Forever 21
Earrings: Hot Topic
Necklace: Paraphanalia
Titanium ring: (see sponsor on side bar: best wedding bands :)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

It was tough actually picking a mode of style to stick to because just like his music, the man can not stick to one genre when it comes to clothes. My inspiration was in the slick suits he wore with FNM at the end of the nineties:

However, the man's fashion sense is still all over the place. Don't believe me?

Exhibit A (when he first joined FNM, late 80's, natch) -yikes:

Exhibit B (Early 90's - comparisons to Anthony Keidis stop):

Exhibit C (hits his suave man in a suit phase near end of FNM):

Exhibit D (and here comes the hairnet for Lovage):

Exhibit E (and the pimp suit for Peeping Tom):

Exhibit F (and back to more G-style for more PT and whatever the hell else):

Exhibit G (and back to the lounge suits for Mundo Cane and the FNM reunion tour - complete with corsages for the entire band):

And then there is the music...too many great things to list but if I had to suggest you listen to any of it I would say:

Tomahawk (if you love freakin' awesome rock - my fav MP project after FNM)- as someone else noted, the man is still dead sexy in a gas mask!:

Lovage (if you love super sexy grooving hip-hop type stylez with DJ Kid Koala and Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields fame)- Book of the Month is all that and more (though the video is silent for the first 10 seconds, it's a MUST listen)- amazing how he can sing so low and so high:

Peeping Tom (if you love music, in general, this album is a BIG must for everyone. It is Patton's version of "pop music" with Norah Jones, Massive Attack, Doseone, etc) -but like Peeping Tom, this video is very tongue-in-cheek, e.g, Mike's being a smartass:

And now Mike is working with an orchestra for Mondo Cane, which is basically him singing 60's Italian pop Italian. Seriously, just listen to this/watch this and you'll get an idea of how versatile this man is (and no, he's not Italian but he was married to one, once) - ah, this song breaks my heart:

He's gonna become the next Sinatra...or white rapper. I'm not sure.

Aside from his band endeavours - which also include General Patton VS The Executioners (listen here to Get Up Punk - awesome track, PUG LIFE yo), Kaada (a haunting, beautiful Norwegian group, also worth a listen/watch), Fantomas (as I've mentioned before),Dillinger Escape Plan, Zu, John Zorn, and appearing on 40 albums between 1995 and 2009 -Patton also...

-Acted in the movie Firecracker with Karen Allen

-Composed the film score to Crank 2

-Does the voices of numerous video game characters

-Did the voices of the "Monsters" in I am Legend

-Was on Metalocalypse

-Oh and manages to run a record company, Ipecac Records

Currently he is in South America on Leg 3 of the Faith No More Reunion Tour. I've watched a lot of the tour since the beginning this year and I am happy to say that Patton is as bat-shit crazy as ever.

Check out "We Care A Lot" - the man is excercising on stage.

He's also still swearing and yelling at the crowd just like the old days ("what the hell you looking at?" he asks a, YOU!) and also doing crazy stuff such as swallowing a shoe lace on stage and then regurgatating it back up. I love how he's 41 years old now and even more psycho than ever (and this was the man who used to put shit in the engine of hairdryers when he left hotel rooms).

And now the Giveaway Contest!

I am giving one lucky reader a chance to win anything from my store! That's right, in honour of the store closing (until Jan), the winner can choose from anything in my virtual closet...maybe that Chloe sweater? Or Da Nang Cargo jachet? Or Michael Kors heels? The choice is yours - you don't even have to pay shipping!!

OR you can choose to have this necklace from ASOS:

OR you can choose this new mascara from Maybelline (thanks to a last-minute sponsor!)

I will draw three winners at the end of this week. The first winner gets first pick, then a second winner will be drawn to choose next and finally the third.

YUP - THREE WINNERS, pretty good deal, and considering most people will be too lazy to enter this contest, I'd say your chances of winning are pretty good :) And contest is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!

But - naturally - because there are so many great prizes to win, I have to make this contest trickier than most...

To ENTER you must answer one of these questions in the comments below:

1. Which video posted above features Danny Devito?

2. What two different types of exercises is Mike doing in the We Care A Lot video?

Good luck (and no, I won't be offended if you've muted your computer :P)!

PS The Forever 21 Giveaway is still going on as well, scroll to the post below to enter.

(also see Mike on MySpace to see more shit that he's done).

Hope you are having a great start to the week - I know I am!! Happy November!


Kayla Rochelle said...

That would be jumping jacks :) everyone's favorite exercise!!

ELISE said...

1. "Mojo"

2. Jumping jacks and crunches

Odette said...

HA First AGAIN! Booya! So I loooovvveee the shoes in your photo shoot!

Oh and to answer your questions I'll FB you! :P

Zara said...

Ooooh I'd love a shot at winning something, especially as it's my birthday in a weeks time!

To answer one of the questions: He's doing star jumps and sit ups in the video!

*crosses fingers*

Cara said...

Dabby DeVito is in Pepping Tom. (Hilarious video!)

Anonymous said...

love the look darling
thanks for the black hair

check out my blog @

myedit said...

The answer to question one... Peeping Tom bitches... unless my contacts are worse than I thought...
And, like usual, you rock the wig... so hot!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady! Great giveaway. Man do you know your trivia about Mike Patton :) Mr. Devito is in the peeping tom video at the very end :)


STARR said...

woow I love this look on you. It's so different :)

leeselooks said...


i honestly thought you had dyed your hair.
but i do love it dark- your eyes POP like no other.

ahhh can't seem to watch the vids- wonderful giveaway- you are always so sweet.


Cupcake Blonde said...

Danny DeVito is in the Peeping Tom Mojo video. At the very very end. That video is really cool! :)

I would love that guitar necklace. Talk about cool!

Erica said...

Hi, this is a very clever giveaway, I must say! I listened to (un-muted) and watched the videos you posted up. I have answers to BOTH of your questions. :)

Danny DeVito is in Peeping Tom (cool song, btw) and in We Care Alot, Mike Patton does jumping jacks and crunches/sit-ups.

pretty*pink*rat said...

Its been a while since I've been here, but it looks like I picked a good time to come visit! (School work has been killing me!)

For my entry: His two exercises are jumping jacks and crunches.

Now everyone else doesn't have to watch the vid and can copy, LOL!

Love the outfit too, btw, love how much use you get out of your necktie necklace!!

GS said...

My my! You are quite taken by this guy eh? I have to say, he's really growing on me since reading all your updates on him. Ok so clearly I have lots to do on a Monday night, but whatever I love your store and I want to win mwahaha! lol. 1) Sit-ups on stage (with microphone in mouth no less) and 2) Peeping Tom with Danny Devito, but not til the freakin end haha. That was a tough one. PS: Lovage and the platnium outfit - now THAT would be a killer Halloween costume. Now watch everyone cheat that I went and found the answers haha ;)

Annie Spandex said...

I love your Patton obsession. I SO relate! And he's not married to the Italian anymore, hm? That's news to me!
The Danny Devito has got to be the Mojo video and I think I see jumping jacks and push-ups.
BTW, is your dude jealous?
And once again, I think the black bob is so freaking hot!!

daisychain said...

dude, I love your shoes!

I haven't spent my card yet, I can't decide haha xx

Jo Bryan said...

1. Peeping Tom Mojo (I love that song)
2. Star Jumps and Sit ups (Hope you call them that!)

I have just been playing them over and over, the man is amazing!

Unknown said...

wow, gutsy outfit, and you totally pull it off. i love it!

by the way, i thought you would find it funny - i find myself thinking about mike patton an awful lot at random moments in time these days, and this is all down to you :)

Nina said...

Danny DeVito was featured in Mojo!

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

1) peeping tom - mojo
2) jumping jacks and crunches(situps)


Wanderlusting said...

HA! Jokes on you - I was moderating comments this whole time.


That said, now everyone's gonna do it. Ah well.

Least I got to torture 20 of you - maybe I'll put you guys all in your own special draw for being such willing participants =)

Sierra said...

Those shoes are hot lady, but you are always hot in any post! XO glad you had a fun Halloween.

What is Reality Anyway? said...

thats gorgeous!!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow! I didn't think it was you at first! You look so different in black hair but still look smoking hot!! I have no idea who these people are in the videos though! xoxoxxo

Unknown said...

I LOVE jeffery Campbell
newww favourite shoe designer for sure! Awesome blog by the way! Your beautiful!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You look so edgy and I really dig your leopard heels.

Couture Carrie said...

Love your booties, darling!


Anika said...

I love your outfit....tis killller! Those leather pants, the hair, everything....ahhhh, well played gorgeous girl. Well played.

p.s. this contest reminds me that I wond 30% off your store a while back. And forgot. Sh*t. I have the memory of a goldfish.

p.p.s. Jumping jacks and sit ups. And DeVitos in the Peeping Tom vid.

Noice :D

Eyeliah said...

1. Peeping Tom, lol!

Kate said...

When the hell do we see a Mondo Cane release? Nice blog!

cstironkat said...

Danny Devito is in Peeping Tom - Mojo. Great prizes, thank you so much.

Agata said...

Great post, I love all Mike's looks.

Anonymous said...

you're so beautiful & I love Patton's work...

The Budget Babe said...

your friend is wearing a Faith No More shirt in this post:

can i win a prize for that? ;)

Wanderlusting said...

Well it counts for something :) good eye! I forgot about that lol, that T-shirt is very 1995 :P

Cara said...

Oh, my! I just realized I wrote "Dabby" DeVito instead of Danny... *sigh* Also, I looooove your painted boots!

Anonymous said...

Danny is in Peeping Tom.

Anonymous said...

He is in the Peeping Tom video. Great contest btw!!

Jodie said...

The answer to #2:
Mike Patton was doing jumping jacks and sit-ups.

Emily said...

I watched them all and didnt cheat! Peeping Tom and jumping jacks & crucnhes are the answers. Love FNM & cant wait until they hit the states - think you said april????

Eyeliah said...

A girl on Hel Looks sighted Mike Patton as her inspiration. :-)

Sophie said...

Mike Patton is awesome, I totally agree! You look great in the photos, too.

Memphis said...

I love that you're getting to do all of this, traveling and interviewing rockstars and such. This is so much better than the other stuff you've been stuck doing in the past. This is you in your element, a rockstar among rockstars.