Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Day 2 - Posh Eclectic

Posh Eclectic: Madcap Glamour - Layers of Decades - A touch of Vintage - Feminine meets Masculine

Wearing: Forever 21 peach shrug, ASOS rose necklace, Forever 21 strapless sequin top, Charlotte Russe pleated chiffon skirt, Emilion Cavallini tights, Vintage boots

Kooba Sienna handbag, Vintage cape

Dressing up Posh Eclectic was a lot of fun - indeed I spent the night before trying on different outfits for I didn't want to leave it to the morning, knowing I would mess it up somehow.

This Iconic Style is probably my most natural style - I had to stretch it a bit to try and pair things with a distinct feel, but overall I have always been drawn to anything:

Pretty ~~~~~ Feminine ~~~~~~ Delicate ~~~~~ Whimsical ~~~~ Etheral ~~~~~~Darling

And the posh eclectic look has a lot of this going for it. One of the suggestions the book had was to wear an evening dress for day. I'm quite tempted to give that a go....one day. But like many looks before, it is always a challenge to try and make this work for, well, work. And the cold weather isn't very friendly either. I can't wait to do this challenge again in the summer - I'll probably have a whole new twist on things.

As for tomorrow's outfit, I haven't decided on whether it's going to be Boho, Mod or American Classic. But what I do know is that if you vote for your favourite look at the end of this week (Friday) you could win a free gift - just like WiscoBlonde and Eleh* did.

In other news....I have a very special favour to ask all of you.

It's Christmas time, the time of thanks, a time of generousity and a time of compassion.

My boyfriend's talented band, The Saints Collapse (whom you hear streaming now on this blog - or I am trying to get to stream, grrr) has recorded a few Xmas songs with 100% of all proceeds going to the British Columbia Children's Hospital.

This is very dear to me because the BC Children's Hospital took excellent care of me during the first six years of my life - the hospital also took care of my Bf's dear sister when she had cancer (Lymphoma) at 11 years old. Thanks to the hospitals care and to generous donations from people like YOU, we are both the saucy young women we are today.

So please - go visit this website and donate. The donations are via Paypal and you may donate as much or as little as you like.

In return you will be able to download their Christmas songs - currently available is an amazing rock version of Carol of the Bells and a dreamy version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. The band has done a wonderful job bringing this classic songs to a new light - and regardless of whether you enjoy rock or not - they are a great addition to the holiday season.

So please, donate, download and listen. Let's bring Xmas cheer into your home and into the hearts of BC's sick children!!!


Rachel said...

I love the new colours on your page.. also, great outfit! the shoes look good with it too :)

issa said...

you're absolutely gorgeous!! and i love the outfit.. those booties and that cape. LOVES IT.

Odette said...

I was so excited when I saw that the boys are doing this! I remember the day your bf's mom told me that his sis had lymphoma and how devistated that I was and I remember her watching me through the front window walk to school and play outside and how much I felt for her! So it's a really really great thing that they're doing and I am so proud of them! :)

Love the look today too! :) Love the boots so much! :) :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

I love your first look!

Holly said...

I love the idea of an outfit challange! Especially since I probably only wear the same 10% of my wardrobe.

Also, big thanks for the sweet comments and congrats to you too for being able to size up,soon! :)