Monday, December 15, 2008

Birthday Chills + Thrills


That is the sound everyone in my office is making.

It is officially winter and f*cking cold out.

Before I continue, I would like to remind you that although I am from "Canada," I am from Vancouver, the part of Canada which RARELY sees snow, at least not until February, and temp barely goes below freezing.

All last week is was between 5-10 degrees C (that's like 40-50 F for all you Americans). Not bad, really, except that the downside is that it's accompanied by pouring rain most of the time.

For my birthday, my bf whisked me off to Whistler (home, along with Vancouver, of the 2010 Olympics).

We stayed in a beautiful hotel, ate wonderful food and drank our faces off.

We basically stayed inside the entire time because when we braved the outdoors for a trip to the bar, liqour store and *ahem* other stuff, WE NEARLY DIED! IT WAS THAT COLD!

Later I found that with the windchill, it was -24!

Anyhoo, we got back yesterday only to discover a similar thing going on in Vancouver. We left the city with a bearable 5C and clear skies...came back to -5C with snow absolutely everywhere! And now with the windchill, it feels like -17C!

I know we Vancouverites are "wusses" for complaining, considering the REST OF CANADA has to deal with this all the time, every winter. But for the balmy West Coast, we sure aren't used to it. I agree that it's better than cold rain, but when your office's heating system breaks down because it's too cold, the novelty wears off.

Anyway, what I now realize I have to do is rethink my wardrobe this week. I am going to have to layer or sweater my ass walking around in the office with your winter coat on, as everyone seems to be doing. Think Warm! Think Cozy! Think Bulk!

Here are some fashiony pics from Whistler:

My new ASOS dress and necklace (I must have been stoned in this picture since it was -24 outside and yeah...don't remember it being that cold at that exact moment, though my smile is just a tad forced looking, dontcha think?).

LOVE that necklace, btw. It's such a close take on those edgy necklaces Burberry has been popping out lately.

Also, the back of this dress pulled me in when I first saw it - plus the colour. LOVE GRAY/GREY!

Finally breaking out the warm accessories: Gloves + Hat Forever 21

On other news, I discovered today that I will be supplying relief to the receptionist until Xmas break. Totally blows.

In my last job, I had to do the same and I dreaded getting on that phone everyday, even if it was just for an hour or so. At least this time there the system is easier, I only have to answer the phone and not do anything else and it's only till the girl who normally provides relief gets back from Vacay on the 5th. Still...I heard rumours that the girl was going back to school and I am praying it's not true because who is going to take her role? ME? Me who HATES reception, who is NOT a receptionist, who did not go to school for nearly 5 years to just be a receptionist.

I know I would always be in Marketing but it bothers me how I can be pawned off like that. I'm probably overeacting, and I really am grateful to have any job. But at the same time, I like my job (as much as I can) and want to do it really well - but I won't be able do my best if I am up at reception for a lot of the day. I know my boss doesn't want me doing it either. Sigh - I really hope that they can't force you into another position. I was hired to be a marketing and communications assistant and that's where I will fit to stay. I don't mind helping out but God help me if providing relief reception becomes part of my job description!


Kass said...

That dress is so hot! Luuuuuuuuurve it!

And fuck doing reception, that's just ridiculous.

Sarah said...

We are meant to be in Summer in Australia and the last few weeks have been cold and rainy! Not fair!

There seems to be a thing in my office. It is if you are female you answer the phone. Doesnt matter what you do as a job, you answer the phone!

Great dress too!

Delicieux said...

I'm with you - I live in a place where if it snows, all milk, bread, and bottled water are ripped from the shelves at stores immediately for the doom the city fears we will face! A snowflake falls and the city doesn't know what to do with itself. :)

Good luck with the receptionist thing - doesn't seem like that much fun, but maybe something good will come of it!! Happy Holidays!

surfercam said...

It's 33 degrees C here, and i had a swim in my pool before work....

The Clothes Horse said...

That dress is gorgeous. And my--it is cold! Congrats on surviving. :)

AusAnna said...

LOVE that dress, it looks like one lauren conrad wore.ahhh :)

karisap said...

Dear Karina,

I write you from the second floor of the building I work in. 2 out 4 walls are covered in windows. One side is blinding as I haven't seen the sun in a month until this week, and now the towering mountains are bright white with the sun reflecting off of them. It's perfect, snow on the mountains but not on the ground.
I'm sorry Vancouver has to endure such "cold" ans snowy weather just so we can see some sunshine up here in Terrace...the only downside is that it was minus 34 this morning with the windchill :(
So...thank you for the sunshine, sorry about the snow....hehehe

Vegas Princess said...

The back of that dress is GORGEOUS! I love it!

What is going on with Mother Nature? Seriously. You get the frigid colder than normal temperatures and we get seven inches of snow in Vegas. There is really something wrong here.

You looked like you had a very snuggly time for your birthday . A lot of fun!