Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Never Ending Story

This is obviously a story that's not going away anytime soon. And what's most interesting about it is the fact that, well, it keeps getting interesting.
Apparently, now Materazzi is being investigated as well, for provoking the attack. It's obvious that there is a lot more to this situation than what meets the eye, as there usually is in these types of things. And from the emails I have gotten from my football mad friends worldwide, I can tell that this touches a nerve. A lot of people are divided on who is the villiain in this sitiuation, as nothing is ever just black and white.
Originally, the world (and I) scratched it's head at what could have set Zidane off to just headbutt Materazzi out of the blue like that. Such a shocking act, that was seemingly unjustified.
Then the rumours started flying. There seemed to be actual reason to his actions, although the specifics are still kept quiet. Fifa officials know what was said, Zidane's lawyer knows what was said, as do the two players, obviously. It was smart of Zidane to keep the specifics of the comments to himself, as he did in a press conference in which he apologized for his actions. He doesn't regret what he did, as he sees that the action will lead him down the path he is supposed to go down. I must say, after seeing such an enraged man slam his head into the Italian, knocking him to the ground, I was quite surprised to see how calm, collected and humble Zidane was in the press conference. Admitting what he did was wrong but acknowledging it was something that needed to be done.
Of course, we still don't know what exactly was said. Everything from dirty terrorists, to calling your mother or sister a whore...all which are designed to get a reaction.
And since Materazzi is now being investigated, it seems obvious that whatever he said was more than uncalled for. I can understand Zidane being villainized as a footballer with a short temper and no disregard for his actions, had Materazzi not said anything, which was my orginal inkling. But since Materazzi went after Zidane, looking for a reaction (which he got in spades), it's more apparent that there are two guilty parties here. Did Materazzi say such things, knowing that it would get a rise out of Zidane? Obviously, with those comments, especially to an Algerian immigrant with a close family, you would expect to get a reaction. So, did Materzzai do it, knowing (or hoping) Zidane would react and thus would get red carded, if not yellow-carded? Is that how Italy won the cup? Since the game was so close, and Italy still didnt dominate until the pentaly shots (in which Zidane is genius at), it's a tough call. It's just a shame that something that should just be about the game, has come down to insults and actions. But I guess it shows we are just humans after all, and somethings matter more than just a football game.

BTW I've been told I should name my car Zizou, as "it would show that your car is prepared to take no crap from anyone who may get in the way."


Karma Chameleon said...

Well everyone knows when you go out of your way to provoke someone you aren't gonna get away with it. What goes around comes around and sooner or later everyone gets what they deserve.

Xavio said...

It would be a good idea to name your car "Zizou". It's better than Matterazzi ! :)