Thursday, July 06, 2006

Here’s to Miss "Not-So Anonymous"

I raise my drink to you. Your childish, inarticulate and immature comments on the blogs have caused quite an exciting stir. I guess you figured in that naïve, uneducated brain of yours that by posting anonymously on people’s blogs, you could hide behind your computer screen, too afraid and insecure to come out and say something. Not that anything you have to say would make any sense at all. You are obviously not only insanely jealous and a compulsive liar, but must be absolutely psycho to attack someone you haven’t even met, let alone know. But we know who you are.

See, when people do as you have done, they aren’t really so “Anonymous” after all. People like you are quite easy to find out. You are probably one of those girls who live in a small, redneck town that has a permanent stink cloud over it. Going nowhere with your life, you waste your days working part-time jobs, probably aiming for a shallow career such as modelling (or porn), not realizing that you have to be beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside too. Which would explain why you’ll most likely go nowhere…a Plain Jane on the outside (airbrushing is your best friend) and an ugly mess on the inside. You also seem like the type who is so desperate that you can’t get a proper man, that you would give your number out left and right to anyone in front of you.

And if that doesn’t work, you would probably go after another woman’s boyfriend, thinking you have a chance. Unfortunately for you, you are also so deluded that you can’t see that you will fail miserably…and will have to admit defeat. Cuz he knows exactly what kind of a person you are. A blow to the ego, perhaps. But it’s an ego that’s way to big for your body anyway.

So cheers to you Miss “Not-So Anonymous.” Thanks for providing some entertainment for me and my friends. With the Internet, you can do some pretty cool things...
P.S., I think you seriously should consider getting some professional help to help you deal with the shitload of issues that you have…and I don’t mean calling in to a radio talk show. Posted by Picasa


The lady in the water said...

Oh Marilyn how I love your wicked ability to laugh off all of lifes nasty little shits. You are a girl who is going places fast cos you never let anyone hold you back! I can't imagine why anyone would or could ever hate you, I've known you for years and you're one of the reasons Im where I want to be in my life, you've been a great encouragement and support to me over the years and I do love you so. I hope little miss insignificant, aka "anonymous" hmmm quite a fitting name for her actually, realises that this is a battle she will never win. But I will be a good Christian and try to use kind words, after all my father taught me that those who attack are usually really hurting. So Miss Anonymous, Im sorry you're sad and lonely and have no friends, I hope that you find something good to fill the void, and I can assure you that spreading nasty comments about someone you dont know is only going to make the hole bigger. Luckily for you Karina is not only beautiful and kind, she's also forgiving!

miss bubbles said...

I can raise my glass to that!! Here!! Here!!


somethinglikebradshaw said...

One good thing about you is that you're never at a loss for the exact words you're looking for. It's sad people have to resort to those sorts of things, but it's awesome that we can all laugh it off and realize that whoever would do something like this obviously has a lot to deal with. Hopefully they get things figured out, but you've got nothing to worry about glamour girl!

Wanderlusting said...

OK, so it aint up and running as of this moment but...check this out anyway:

hehehehehehehehehehehe...yay me!

Karma Police said...

Well said.....glad you could get to the bottom of this FREAK!!

Looks like some people don't handle rejection very well!

Good thing you are so FORGIVING; some people might have not been as nice as you!!! but then you'd have to beware of the.......KARMA POLICE!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you've mistakenly pegged the wrong person for the comments left on your blog...mind you I am from a small town, that doesn't smell oh so bad, I don't know you or anyone associated with you at all. You think you're clever and ever so witty, and I think you just come off sounding like a rich little girl that has everything handed to her on a silver platter. I have enjoyed the comments responding back to my response whoever and I like that you've dedicated a blog just for me that is totally false but meh none-the-less a blog to me. I wouldn't dream of stealing your boyfriend, a)cause i don't know him and b)because anyone that would find you a suitable second half is out of their mind! You can say that I've been defeated but I think that I've won. I've obviously offended you enough that you bothered to comment back and dedicate a blog to me. I think you're the insecure one. Your blog is non-stop gloating, you have body image issues (about your fat arms) and you think that some random person on the internet is after your boyfriend. Rest assured this will be my last comment back, (lucky for you haha) and your welcome for adding a little spice to your blog ;)

Wanderlusting said...

This is getting really tiresome...still afraid to come out of your veil of anonymity? You might as well, with the magic of sitemeters, IP Addresses, perogy comments and a little help from my friends, we've known it's you Ashleigh for about a week now..figures though that you would admit it to my friends but not on the blog. But of course, you aren't going to waste anytime "justifying" what you did, because you aren't even sorry for your inane comments.

Now give it up,leave me alone and concentrate on getting yourself sorted out. You are a prime example of what jealously and envy can do to a person and I truly hope that I am the last person to bear witness to your depravity.

PS though you may find my blog to be "non-stop gloating", from the hours that you have spent checking out my site everyday, you obviously seem to like it. So, of course I'm going to devote a whole blog to my biggest fan.

Drama Queen Extraordinaire said...

I've met some psychos in my life, but this ashleigh takes the cake. Of course, Karina could erase her comments, but it's so much more amusing to keep them up there....cuz it speaks volumes about the kind of girl, more than any of our comments ever could.