Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blast from the Past: Part Two - NOW

This is Blair and Meag. We all used to live together on residence in New Zealand...well, actually Blair wasn't my roomate but he was over everyday eating all of our food and Meffin's Power Wheaties or something. But Meag was my roomate for a good few months...figures that I move to another country and I find 2 sisters (Meag and Brie) from Victoria living with me.
It's been 3 years since I saw them all last and while people do change (except for you Blair, you look exactly the same), we all settled back into our roles...Blair smacked me on my head, I refused to sing karaoke and Meag tried to get us into Celebrities by putting on a veil and pretending it was her Stagette party. Not that she's done that before, but in Auckland she wouldn't shy about climbing into a club's 2nd story window to bypass the worked too. Or it got us kicked out. Somethings don't change.
Blair is visiting from NZ for Bries wedding this weekend..she and her fiance, Jay, were also my roomates in NZ, so it's kind of cool that everything is coming full circle. We even met up with Jeremy who also hung out a lot in our Auckland apartment. And the creepiest part? Meag lives exactly one block from my new apartment, on the same street. So it looks like we are neighbours once again. And this time next week, I don't have to pass out on her couch after a Tuesday own couch will be a one minute walk away.

funny faces




The AUT gang ends on a drunk note

SHHHHH! I'm trying to sleep

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Austen "Ten" Powers said...

Celebs is CHAOS n a Tues (2$ beers and the BEST house/tech beats in Vancouver!!!!), u gotta get in line at like 9 for that. But the veil was an awesome idea (glad u didnt have to wear it tho!)Ur a lucky bitch to live nearby!
PS U aint a bitch, I'm just teasin' U - I wouldnt want to piss U off ;)...I'd lose boat priviliges, AHEM