Thursday, September 23, 2010

A week of leather/pleather jackets - Day Four

So back to the concept of skirts and dresses riding up when you walk. It happened to me AGAIN the other day. I wore a dress that I normally wear tights with and within minutes I was reminded of WHY. The dress got to obscene leg/crotch-flaunting levels really quickly. And what was worse was that I was on my way to a job fair and couldn't go home and change! So I basically held down one side of my dress with my hand for my 1/2 hour walk. Awkward! Luckily when I stood still, the dress went back down to more modest levels. Maybe I just need to stop being such a prude...

Anyway, Job Fair was a huge waste of time and money ($5 to get in, which I guess isn't much). But there were barely any companies, most were just telling people to apply online anyway so what was the point, and there were a lot of schools trying to suck you in. You know what? I have so much education it's not even funny... I'm not sure more education and more debt is the solution here in the waning job market.

I managed to hand in one resume to a travel agent and that was it. Everything else was just a rouse of sorts. I did want to apply at Labbatt but, go figure, the line-up was 30 people deep haha.

I'm considering other options though, such as going back to the headhunters who got me my last job. I'm also thinking of applying to be a new Canadian Host for MTV. I think that would be pretty sweet... especially with all my work in the music business.

That said, I don't have much on camera experience, aside from a few acting lessons.

I HAVE done on camera interviews with Kirk Shaw of the now-defunct Insight Film Studios...

And of course, WHO can forget what happened with David Copperfield? If you've been a reader of this blog for a long time, then you know very well. Of course, I was on the receiving end of the camera that time but still... (if you don't know, you can read about it here and here. I'm stupidly proud of the ridiculouness :D).

On to the jacket!







Pleather jacket: F21; Dress: F21; Bag: F21; Boots: ASOS


Anonymous said...

It makes so much sense now! I would see you talking about the Copperfield incident but never knew what it was about. Thats pretty awesome in a hilarious way. Inside Edition is da shit!

Glitter Scrubs said...

can i just say that i love how you're posting everyday? that's so much work, but super inspiring. i've never met a job fair i've liked. everyone seems to be there for various reasons other than to hire people lol. the MTV thing would be sweet! You'd be great at it.

Megan said...

My favorite outfit yet! Love the colors, boots, dress - awesome. The jacket is great. I'm a huge fan of buttons.

Re MTV Host - totally go for it! I think that would be an awesome opportunity. Plus, you can sneak in Patton videos during the regular rotation :). Good luck!

daisychain said...

Oh that jacket with that dress = match made in heaven

Brad Fallon said...

That jacket is amazing! Love it!

CrazyPrincess said...

This dress and jacket are by far my favorites of the week. :)