Friday, September 10, 2010

Shorts + Sunsets

A lot of "firsts" happened last Friday.

I coloured my brows in thicker:

I wore shorts for the first time*:






Shorts: F21; Bag: Vintage; Sandals: Union Bay; Top: Topshop; Fab feather earrings: ASOS

And I saw the most amazing sunset ever, from my roof, no less:







I had a lot of firsts that weekend as I covered The Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle all by my lonesome. I'll be recapping all the hi-jinx in my next post, but in the meantime, you can read about the music I saw HERE.

How are you all anyway? Comments have been low here and that's my fault, I don't get around as much and I am not blogging as much but that should change. PLEASE drop me a line and say hello! :) ALSO I might do a MODCLOTH giveaway - who would be down for that?

*I hate shorts. They are not made for my body. I had a pair of cut-off shorts I wore in Mexico in my teen years. I wore a pair of shorts on the beach in New Zealand. But never in public and never out to dinner. But, I did it. And I might do it again before the weather gets colder!


CrazyPrincess said...

You always have to most amazing pictures of sunsets from your roof!! So gorgeous. I wish there was a way to bottle all that up for dreary days. :)

I like the shorts. They look cute.

Sorry I have not been around much either. Life has been crazy lately. But I have enjoyed following your adventures on Facebook and Twitter. :)

Iris said...

I think you look GREAT in those shorts. Easy casual chic. I didn't think they looked odd or weren't made for you at all -- you look perfectly natural in them.

I saw that sunset too, it was incredible! I couldn't stop staring... even while driving... oops.

daisychain said...

these firsts are really working for you...beautiful x

Tami said...

I'm new to your blog, and have enjoyed reading about your travels, and escapades. I'm a "retired" costumer from LA living in Seattle. I guess you can consider me a professional. I think the shorts look great. You look fit enough that you could get away with a higher hem, and that would give your leg more length. Keep trying and looking, there are so many choices in shorts!

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks guys :)

Daisy - so, SO nice to see you again!

Megan said...

These pictures are amazing! It's wonderful to be able to see sunsets like that in your own backyard, so to speak.

And you look nice in shorts! I understand your not wanting to wear them, because I don't wear them either, but the outfit was great. I think they actually looked better than a skirt would have.

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

Don't be scared of shorts, you were totally rocking them! Great blog, btw. ♥

Marta from With Love... said...

You look stunning in shorts :) And the sunset is phenomenal!


A.Co said...

Nice sunset! And good on ya for the 'short shorts' - they look good for dinner. What about when it DOES get colder? You could pair them with tights... would you?? :)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Tales From a Bar Stool said...

Holy amazing sunset batman!

Gina said...

i love this shirt, you are gorgeous :)

AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

What a wonderful day. You look amazing in those shorts - they're laid back but also very elegant. I want a pair!

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

beautiful! I love the color palette!

veronicaa said...

Stunning photos I love your blog!
XO Veronica

Jorge Sánchez said...

Beautiful. You and the sunset.

Glitter Scrubs said...

i can't believe that's one of your first times wearing shorts! you look great in them. i think you should definitely rock that look some more. the sunset and the view are amazing. how was bumbershoot? i'm sort of bitter you got to see edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros live. i hope it was amazing. i've never been to an outdoor huge festival so i've decided that i'm stowing away in your suitcase one day when you least expect. i'll bring copious amounts of booze so my deceitful smuggling can be forgiven.

PS: word verification right now is: forkle. way too inappropriate at 2:30am

Lie said...

wow those pictures are so cool. :)
looks great. I really like your outfit, its kinda simple but still elegant and sporty at the same time.
check my blog, xo

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

oh my gosh, you look so amazing in those shorts and the sunset is UNREAL!!

MizzJ said...

You look very cute in shorts :) I like how sophisticated your outfit looks.

Anonymous said...

Great Pics!!

And the shorts look great - you SHOULD do it more often.

Kate (NZ)