Thursday, July 01, 2010

The World is Yours

And the winner of the Alex and Ani bracelet, presented by

Well... that's after the jump.

I originally wrote this post weeks ago when - at the time - only one truly amazing thing had happened.

That happened to be:

A) I'm going to Finland next week

Yup. Figured now - when I am unemployed and the job-hunting season is slow here - is the best time to go, rather than later when it picks up. Might as well apply for my passport NOW. Of course, the caveat with that is the fact that I don't have any money! But the plane ticket was inexpensive and on points, I'll be staying with my aunts and uncles and grandma, cousins, family friends, etc in Helsinki, so my room and board is taken care of. Thank god, since I'll won't be able to receive my EI while I'm out of the country (luckily it picks up when I get back and my EI claim period is lengthened the same amount).

So I'm going for a few weeks in July, by myself. Super excited to see all of my family, it's tough when every single relative is overseas and you rarely see them! Also super excited to get some of those hot, Finnish summer days where the sun shines for around 20 hours a day :)

Let's just hope the photo in my Finnish passport is better than my Canadian one!

....then I decided while I'm there, I should check out a rock festival

B) Going to the Ilosaasrirock Festival

I coordinated my flights so that I would be in Finland near the dates of the festival. Festival is pretty rad, stretched out over two days, in a remote city Northeast of Helsinki (about 5 hours by car) and near the Russian Border. Yep, nothing like going - by yourself - to a crazy rock festival in a foreign country where you can't speak the language (yet), that's in the middle of nowhere, where the sun never really sets, seeing bands such as Bad Religion (one of my fav bands from my teenage years and they still hold up), U.N.K.L.E, Imogen Heap, Biffy Cyrlo, aaaaand Faith No More.

.... of course, after I bought my festival ticket I thought, I'm gonna be all alone up there wouldn't it be nice if I got a

C) Backstage pass to Faith No More?

Don't mind if I do. This of course was like the biggest news for me for a few days, I was absolutely ecstatic at my luck and the kindness of the band. That's all I'll say for now.

...and then I was listening to my iPod on shuffle and Mondo Cane's Senza Fine came on and I was like, man I should just postpone my flight back a few days and

D) Go to Wroclaw, Poland to see Mondo Cane in concert

So, I did. Completely impulsive and crazy (I'd been drinking) but fellow Tweeps were supported as I jumped the gun and DID IT. Pushed my flight back a few days, bought a ticket to the concert (only $20!) and booked three nights at a hostel. Found a cheap flight too and booked that a few days later.

Now everything seemed set, except I thought well maybe I should try and write about the festivals (had the go from an online travel mag at this point) and I'd feel more secure if I could

E) Obtain a media VIP pass for Ilosaarirock Festival

Which I did! My lucky streak continued! I submitted my info, my education, background, experience, who I would be writing for and VOILA - now I have a two-day all access pass to the festival, photo pass, access to media centre backstage, etc on top of the FNM one. Huzzah!

... but now it was like, I really should be writing shit now. Who would want a Bad Religion interview? So I contacted a few online music publications, as well as some local ones. Never heard back from one, but instead was signed up for a mailing list. Thought I would try again (I've learned that my luck has come from taking a risk or being persistent!) - this time they got back to me, read my past published work and photos, and asked me to be part of their staff and so now

D) I'm a staff writer for Consequence of Sound, one of my favourite music sites.

Sad news: it doesn't pay. But that's fine with me. It's the experience which is what I am really after. I don't mind paying my dues, I have a feeling that this is going to pay off greatly down the road. Starting with the fact my first interview will be with

E)Kid Koala. You can read about it - new LOVAGE! - very soon (I'll link it here) but you can read my concert review here (if you like it, comment on it pretty please - helps them knowing if I am doing a good job).

Also, I'm currently listening to Kylie Minogue's new album... hasn't been released yet but I've got it for the review. I'll link that here too when it's done, pretty fun so far!

I'm also hoping to convince Mr. Patton to do a Mondo Cane interview with me in Finland/Poland... I know he's super busy but, who knows, might as well try. If not, it looks like I might be doing a phone interview with him in August *shrug*

Anyway so that's all the good news for now. I leave in like a week EEK!

But here's the good news for YOU. The winner of the Alex and Ani bracelet, selected by the random number generator at is.....

FASHION KATE! fashionkate77 "at" - I'll be emailing you soon :) Congrats and to everyone else, no worries, I'll have another GREAT giveaway soon!


Lindsay said...

WOW! After some trying times, it sounds like things are happening for you! Congratulations!

Annie Spandex said...

Congrats! I read your show review and you truly are talented!!!

smokeyandbella said...

I am glad you finally got to spill the beans. If people are not excited for you than they are purely jealous. Keep on doing what you doing - have fun and enjoy the opportunities you are given. All your FNM friends are proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

wowww!!!!! ;) Thank U!!!!!!

Glitter Scrubs said...

FINLAND!! Yay! How long are you going for?

And the whole phone interview thing with Patton.. you seem super calm and collected over it. I mean I don't know the guy all that well (aside from your blog lol) but he sounds like your music hero and you're so chill about it. I'd be peeing my pants if I got the chance to talk/see/touch/stalk someone whose music I love. Everything's coming up youuu!