Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ice, Ice (blue) Baby

This ice blue dress from ASOS was the perfect antidote to a hot, sweltering day in Portland, Oregon.







People in Oregon are the nicest people ever - in Vancouver, no one gives you the time of day (not all Canadians are nice). I had several different people (guys AND girls) compliment me on my dress and shoes... I never get that at home :)

You know what else is fun in the heat? Kylie Minogue's new album... you can check out my review for Consequence of Sound HERE.


myedit said...

Rightly they complimented you... it looks really good on you!

The Budget Babe said...

lovely dress, the color is divine! i like your new blog layout too.

p.s. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, it really made my day!

Erica said...

In regards to your last post about not so many comments, I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that I look at your blog every day, sometimes twice a day... I hope that isn't creepy, 'cause I love your posts! PLEASE keep them coming!!! <3

P.S. Your earrings are lovely!

MizzJ said...

Cool new layout! I agree, that color is so pretty on you.

Tracy said...

You were in Portland? I LOVE PORTLAND, OR! One of my dreams is to move there.
You are so darn pretty, and that ice blue shade is fab on you. AND I LOVE those sandals--I have really been wanting a pair of the gladiator sandals I'm seeing everywhere!
Ahhhhhh, yeah, I wanta come to Portland. :) Maybe we can hook up there someday, somehow? Thanks for visiting my blog--you are a doll! Pleez share a pic of yourself in the black wig! :D

Annie Spandex said...

Grecian drop-waist, always so flattering. Love it!

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Love this look and your new profile pic ~ fabulous!


Coastal Aussie said...

Such lovely photos. I especially like the last one - it reminds me of classic Hollywood.

J-Diggety said...

Cute and comfy, the best kind of summer outfit! :)

AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

You look gorgeous in that blue! I love that color too because you don't see it too often. I've always wanted to go to Portland to go to Powell's too (reading your post next ;)!

rlutz said...

tat dress and that color look great on you...love the toe nail polish

thisgirlbeck said...

awesome dress. I hope you went dancing later that evening :)



Kayla said...

That dress is really pretty! Maybe people in Vancouver don't compliment but I get compliments here in Alberta a lot of times!

Glitter Scrubs said...

very pretty dress! looks perfectly loose and breezy for hot days. Where do you buy your asos stuff? online? or do we have a store that sells it?

LyddieGal said...

Love the pale blue, especially the nail polish!

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