Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My first tattoo

A few months ago, my friends and I were talking about tattoos. I never had one and never wanted one but suddenly the idea about having the Star of Lakshimi (used by FNM as their symbol) became very appealing. Then I found out the eight-sided star represents the eight sides of wealth.... and we could all use more wealth in love, happiness, money, etc.

One friend gave me the idea of having it blue and on the back of the neck. Though I knew that location was painful, I liked that I could easily hide it in ten years if I hated it.

Then I said, well I'll get it... but only the next time I see FNM and only if it's in a foreign country. I might have been drunk when I said it.

So... I figured I wouldn't have to think about it. That time would come one day.

OR NOT. I'm in Finland and I'm seeing FNM on Sunday so the time has come, hasn't it?

My cousin and I checked out a tattoo place last week, and satisfied with the service and the price we made an appointment for yesterday.

I was a freakin' train wreck. I get nervous over EVERYTHING so you can imagine how nervous I was over this tattoo. It wasn't about the permanence, it wasn't REALLY about the pain... but that I would have a panic attack and keel over. Or vomit. Or something else really embarassing.

Anyway, I was just about to chicken out when my cousin showed up to see me through.

There was a bit of back and forth with the tattoo artist over the colour and size (I wanted it smaller but then detail and colour would be lost) and then it was GO TIME.

Here I am looking extremely nervous (didn't help that Helsinki has been in an EPIC heatwave... the nighttime "lows" here are 25C (77F!) and the daytime highs are over 80F! And no one has air con, so I was sweating like a pig to begin with....


I thought I would have flinched when the needle (and boy, it's loud when it's near your head)first touched me, but I didn't. It kind of eased it's way in and didn't hurt all that much.... just felt like a hot knife carving into your neck.

That was just the black outline though... when it came to colour it in, especially at the top of the star, it really, really hurt. Like OWWWWW OMG! Kind of pain.


But in the end it only took a half hour (thank God) and the pain was soon forgotten.


Here it is right after... still scabby and bloody.


Few hours later, it's much clearer.


Then my cousins and I met up with their family at a very old bar (1865!) below their flat. Five pints of cider went down beautifully!

Adrenaline still in my veins!



Cousin beating the heat

Their mom had a tattoo as well... finally, I am REALLY Finnish! :P

We all have the same grandma :) Can you tell?


Good times!

I made it back home at midnight, it was still light enough outside to read... a great end to a memorable day :)

by the way, you like the bag and belt? 12Euros at UFF, their famous second-hand shop. The bag is unbelievably gorgeous, hand-tooled leather from North Africa... I can't wait to show you close-up photographs of it, it was a real lucky find!


Tank: F1; Sandals: GoJane; Belt and Bag: UFF thrift store; hat: Target; Skirt: thrifted

The best tattoo machine you'll ever find at


Miss Helen said...

How cute are you guys at the bar?! Looks like good times. And congrats on the new tattoo!

Kelly said...

Oh wow! The blue is so vibrant! Looks great!

Eyeliah said...

Good job Karina!! I love it, maybe that’s a good spot for my next… though you say hide it but what about when you have old lady short hair :p

MizzJ said...

hahaha "like a hot knife carving your neck" yes.. awesome description for something that supposedly didn't hurt a lot!

almost famous kiwi said...

When people ask me what it feels like to get a tattoo I always tell them it's like someone scratching sunburn, not extremely painful but very annoying. It's smart to get one on your back, all mine are on my back. You forget about it and people come up and ask about it and it's always a cool story. But for the most part you never know it's there so you never get bored of it.
I honestly never thought you'd get one. I'm glad you can still surprise me after all these years.

Solo Lisa said...

The new tattoo looks great on you and you picked a good spot for it. I'm too chicken and commitment-phobic to ever get one myself, but I can definitely appreciate the tattoos of others!

Mimi said...

Great choice!

I don't have any tattoos, I'm so picky! But you look amazing


Glitter Scrubs said...

Love the tattoo! Such a great eye-catching blue colour too. I've always wanted one, but I just can never really decide on what. One day, one day. So is it true what they say about them being addicting? Are you already planning your second one? ;)

Kayla said...

Congrats on the tattoo! The back of the neck is a great place for one!


Annie Spandex said...

Great tattoo! I love it.
So... MP licked the back of your neck? LOL, so AWESOME! <3

OnTheGuestList said...

The tattoo is a nice color. Good that you're been able to properly hang out with your family in Finland.

hlehto said...

That bar is a bit newer, it's been operating since 1965. Even the building is not from the 1800's.

The bar logo is a replica of a Finnish coin from 1865.

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Super fun, as usual!


Roshan said...

Nice pics at the bar. Great looking new tattoo.

Candycane said...

You look great - Loving the tattoo!

Sal xXx