Saturday, July 03, 2010

Powell's Book Store - My Mecca

Comments have been SUPER low lately... am I boring y'all with my good news? Normally I wait between posts so that I don't look so pathetic but meh, I'm just gonna plow ahead and keep posting - there's gonna be a lot of them in the near future... my interview with Kid Koala (behind the scenes), my Melvins experience (coming soon) and tons of outfits pics from Oregon. Busy, busy!

Every time I go to Portland, I have to check out Powell's Book Store. Book stores are one of my favourite places to be, and Powell's has the be the finest of them all.

While we escaped from the heat on such a fine, sunny day, I wore my Modcloth dress among the tall rows of books. Yes, this is the dress I attempted to sell because I was too lazy to sew the broken strap back on. Well guess what... though it was held with a safety pin, the OTHER strap decided to snap loose during lunch. ARG! What cheap junk, seriously disappointed with Modcloth. Luckily I figured out a creative way to fasten my strap back on - more on that later.

so many choices!

oh, hai folks!

This row was just for travel writing books! Not even guidebooks (that was behind me) Gah, my head was spinning

Sweet cook book - bet most of the food is blackened and spiky


Here was the photography section...

And of course the writer's section where I could have spent hundreds... the writer's!

Ingenious use of earrings to hold my dress together... shhhh....

Some of my finds....



Annie Spandex said...

Wtf? Aren't ModCloth dresses like $100? I hate rip-offs. You look beautiful, regardless.

That bookstore reminds me of a place here in Nashville called McKay's that I love. It's a used bookstore, but huge like a library, as big as Powell's seems to be. They have a great sellback system for store credits so it sort of functions like a library as well. They also sell used records and CDs. They have a wide section of "Very Scratched" CDs for a $1 each--that are really not very scratched at all and don't even skip. Lots of good stuff there. I've been mowing through a queue of celebrity autobiographies, mostly musicians.

Wanderlusting said...

They can be $100 yeah, but this one was around $40 I think. STILL even my cheap ass Forever 21 ones don't fall apart.

It sucks because they wouldn't give me the free return/exchange because I live in Canada. But they did refund me $13 to get the strap fixed... little did I know THE OTHER one would snap... good lord, and I'm not particularly busty either.

Anyway yeah, McKay's sounds like Powells... many of the books are used too with the sell-back program but would have been rad if they had music too (esp for $1)!

Amber said...

I'm still here! I've been super-busy, so only just getting a chance to catch up with all my favourite blogs :) One thing I noticed on my blog, though, was that people would hardly ever comment on "good news" posts. Only on the ones where I was ranting or complaining or something (and then they'd tell me off for being "too negative", lol!): I could post lots of updates about happy things, and nada. Maybe something like that's going on?

Anyway, really pleased that things seem to be going so well for you, wardrobe malfunctions aside. And you still look fab, even with the strap issues :)

WendyB said...

Well, you sure look cute despite the wardrobe malfunction!

Wanderlusting said...

Yup. I am pretty low-key.

Disturbingly low-key.

Don't worry. In two weeks time you will find a FREAK OUT BLOG POST TO THE MAX!!!

Wanderlusting said...

That last comment was for Glitter Scrubs who apparently didn't leave the comment here. DAMN YOU BLOGGER!!!!

arbyn said...

Hey did you see the Writers Market 2011 out yet or is it still 2010? I couldn't zoom in close enough on your photo to tell.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I miss bookstores like that. Perils of leaving DC. Sigh.

MizzJ said...

I love strolling around bookstores like these with Mr. Artist - we are both nerdy that way. Wish there were more independent places like this instead of just Chapter/Starbucks monsters everywhere.

Tracy said...

Firstly, I passed Powell's on my last (and only) trip to Portland, but didn't get the chance to go in. So, I will live vicariously through your photos until I can get there myself! Secondly, I wish I could pull of spaghetti straps as well as you do!

AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

Ingenious way to fix your dress- I love it! And OMG I wish I could spend days in Powells! I've never been but sooooo want to go!

Mummerina said...