Saturday, January 09, 2010

Of music and dolphins

Now that I am in full-on writing mode (am working with my editor on the rewrites to the first novel, which I think now has the tentative title of "Darkhouse" and have also started the next one in the series - which, btw, is awesome...being with my characters is like saying hello to old, dear friends ;) I need a constant supply of amazing music to keep the words and story coming.

My iTouch has been at full capacity for awhile (thank God I'm getting the iPhone in a few weeks so I can stick even more music on it) and I am quickly going through albums like it's sour candy (I like sour candy).

At the moment I've got Tomahawk's Anonymous (a song of which, Red Fox, is actually a direct influence on the second novel), Queens of the Stone Age's Songs for the Deaf and Depeche Mode's Violator cycling around my head on repeat. I just can't get sick of these albums, so far anyway.

To be sure I've added Them Crooked Vultures and Depeche Mode's Music For the Masses into the mix, as well as self-titled Fantomas. Yeah, weird mix I know, but my stories are a bit off-kilter.

Anyhoo, it just reminds me about how behind I am in music. Like, always. I think the only band (now, aside from Them Crooked Vultures) I ever liked at the same time they were underground was MUSE and I was still two albums behind with them.

It's hard because I just don't like any of the music that is coming out these days, least not the NEW music. All bands sound like souless unoriginal garbage like Nickleback or FallOut Boy or some pop-based bullshit - I can't even LISTEN to the radio for this exact reason.

The only bands/people that are even remotely doing anything different are Lady Gaga (I like her though I can understand how some people might think she's calculated).

Anyway, though I am actively looking for new bands to get behind, the lack of music that moves me means I find the music I love in old bands. And that's fine...I love what I love.

The only problem of course is that I am constantly missing concerts because either the bands have broken up a long time ago or they are between albums.

In fact, last year I only saw ONE concert and that was begrudgingly, which was The Killers (which, btw, turned out to be an awesome show). The years before were amazing...Mark Knophler (Dire Straights), The Who, The Police, Silverchair, Jack Johnson, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, and some others.

2010 thankfully is shaping up to be THE YEAR OF MUSIC for me. We've got Mike Patton's Mondo Cane coming out, Gorillaz Plastic Beach, a new Silverchair album, Them Crooked Vultures and Depeche Mode still touring, TWO Muse concerts in April (I've got tickets to the April 1 show in Vancouver and will be going to see them at Coachella, maybe), potential Mars Volta or Massive Attack, Elton John and Billy Joel, Mark Knophler again, maybe David Bowie, Soundgarden (wtf!), and I'm not even going to mention Faith No More.

2010 - though you've started out SHITTY (having just lost my job last week and I'm living with my future in laws and I don't have a car and therefore have NO ESCAPE) I think you're still going to be the best year yet...not just for my writing but my GOD think of the MUSIC!!

Sorry for the music rant. This post was actually about dolphins! TEMPO SWITCH !


In New Zealand, Mike and I stayed in a gorgeous studio apartment on Ohope Beach, a short hop from the town of Whakatane on the Bay of Plenty. It was just for one night though we both wished we could have stayed later and along with plenty of beach time and fantastic weather, we also got to go dolphin swimming.

Now, I've done dolphin swimming in NZ before, back in 2000 when I went off the coast of Kaikoura, but I had to make sure Mike got to experience it too.

Well after piloting through the Bay of Plenty for quite some time, our boat finally found a pod...of 150 dolphins on the move! Holy MOly it was insane to watch and even more insane to actually get in the water with them. "Swimming with Dolphins" should really be called "Floundering helplessly while dolphins zip past you" but anyway, still rad.


Stormin said...

Very cool pics. I will admit, I would be far to terrified to get into the water with any dolphins. Sharks one of the two things in the world that scare the hell out of me. Sharks live where Dolphins live. :-)

Wanderlusting said...

Hey Stormin! Well with 150 dolphins I felt safe BUT the first time I did it, there was also "Shark Diving" nearby. Like, where you go in a cage. So yeah...I was a bit freaked out :)

Vegas Princess said...

I would love to swim with dolphins. That has always been a dream of mine. Ever since I saw pictures of the feature at Sea World where you can swim with the dolphins I have made it my goal to do that some day. But this is even cooler. Although I would be scared about the shark factor too.

MizzJ said...

What a cool experience! Swimming with dolphins is definitely on my to-do list (as is swimming with sharks, like why not?!).

I do agree with you on music. Sometimes I don't know though if the new stuff is really just that crappy, or I'm just getting old and uncool! Do people still say cool? I hope it's the former.

Wanderlusting said...

Ha ha, that's a good point MizzJ, maybe we are getting old.

That said, we are also getting cooler...

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Lucky you!
Amazing photos!!


daisychain said...

Ahhh these photos are incredible, love the Dolphins and you look gorgeous.

I'm terribly behind in music, too, but mainly because listening to it triggers manic and depressive thoughts in me, and I've had to give up my favourites for the sake of my sanity :( booo to that, eh?

Eyeliah said...

wow wow wow, so fun!

Maddy said...

You're the best tour guide ever!! That looks amazing! And even more so because they were in their natural element.Not like swimming with the dolphins at Sea World.

New Zealand looks like an amazing vacation spot. Is it relatively expensive once you're there?

OceanDreams said...

Wow, check out all of the dolphins! I would love to see that many. When I went to Maui I was near a dolphin pod, but it was not this close, you got some fantastic photos!

marian said...

gorge photos! thanks for finding me at new page and yes please do update your link for me asap. I will add you to mine too

Anonymous said...

Wow those pictures are amazing. You must have had a fabulous time! I wish I was near some sunshine right now.


Anonymous said...

Ok I am so jealous of you right now!
and you look wonderful in that pretty white piece!

Kristin said...

Have I ever told you how wonderful I think it is the way you're going after your dreams. Inspirational!

issa said...

NZ looks absolutely amazing!!! so jealous!! and welcome back to the blogosphere.. i've been quite lazy myself.. especially at getting around to playing catchup on everyones blog!

hope you're having a great new year!!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome beach pictures!! So good to hear you're having a great time! xoxoxo

M said...

amazing pics the best part is that this dolphins are wild and as for the shark factor...150 dolphins around you that do not like's asuming they'd protect me jajaja

pretty*pink*rat said...

Wow, that first dolphin picture is amazing!! That seems like so much fun, I'd love to swim with dolphins someday! I'm living vicariously through your adventures!

Anthea said...

How much fun! What beautiful pictures! I know it might have a bit too much pop on it but have you listened to the New Moon soundtrack? It's quite good!

Wanderlusting said...

Anthea - Despite hating everything Twilight-related, the only songs I would like on that soundtrack are Muse and I don't even like that song...would rather listen to their old albums like Absolution.

The rest of the songs on the soundtrack are too "indie hipster" for me, well except for Grizzly or Thom Yorke. However, the fact that "anti-comercialism" Yorke on it stinks to high heaven.

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

OMG- these photos look AHmazing!!!! I can't swim, but if I could, the first thing I would do is hop on a plane to NZ and swim with dolphins. You guys take the most awesome trips. Can I ask you a semi-personal question (please feel free not to answer ;)... how do you guys pay for your trips around the world? Any tips? My boyfriend and I love to travel too- so we are currently saving like mad- but any seasoned-traveler tips from you, would be most appreciated! Merci beaucoup!

p.s. Totally feel you on the music front. Lately I've been listening to The Temper Trap. They are mellow- but might be good writing music.

p.p.s. For obvious reasons, this online shop reminded me of you!

Wanderlusting said...

AsianCajun Lauren - Yes, Temper Trap, sometimes when I listen to online radio out of Portland, they come on. Not bad, may have to give them a try...especially if they are good writing music :)

As for our trips, well I can't really speak for my bf but basically we just saved up!

I had some help from my parents too as December is my birthday and Xmas so I got some money for that.

One secret though is that I currently don't pay rent - my apartment is being rented out till May so I have someone else paying my mortgage for me. We live with my bf's parents...which can be hell. I mean, we get fed well and don't pay rent and they are lovely people but...I dunno, imagine living with YOUR bf's parents haha. It's hard cuz they aren't my parents (though that would be worse) so though we live with them and have our own wing of the house, it's still not MY house you know, so I've been uncomfortable for the last 6 months.

But the plus side is: money saved! I doubt I would have been able to go to NZ for so long if I was still paying my mortgage and fees each least it would have taken a lot longer to save up for it.

My bf and I are selling my apartment though and getting a new place over the next few months, so (aside from going to Cali in April) my travels will have to come to an end :(

PS I also cut down on a lot of clothes[' buying and stuff like that and funneled whatever I could into savings or on to my credit card.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Wow this looks like it was a gorgeous trip. Glad to see more Vancouver people blogging!


marian said...

darling i always like your photo posts! love the shots of the dolphins.
honey you are now in my blog link list,could you kindly please update your link for me to the new url?
thank you