Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

For me, anyway, is Halloween. Ever since I was a little girl, this yearly event has captured my heart and imagination like nothing else. There is something deliciously indulgent with scaring the crap out of yourself and pretending to be someone else for an evening.

Or two evenings. Or three. Or four. And maybe prentending to have more than one alter ego.

This year I had two. Both are quite obscure and fall into a cult niche. If you know who I am you are either a very smart, intelligent and witty person or a huge fanboy/nerd. I claim to be both of these things.

On the weekend, my beloved had a party. I have to say that he had the most righteous costume of them all. Of course, I am biased since I helped make the entire thing, from painting his leather jacket just so, to creating an ugly-ass vest out of Value Village clothes. But it was just so perfect. Who can remember the first thing I ever yelled at my boyfriend upon meeting him?

That's right. I yelled, "FERRIS BUELLER!"

So it was only fitting for him to go as Ferris Bueller for Halloween.

Ferris Bueller and Principle Ed Rooney make nice

And whom was his lovely girlfriend? Well, I was Lindsay Funke from Arrested Development (as played by Portia Di Rossi).

Problem with my costume though is that most people don't watch the show (hence why it was cancelled) and therefore they just thought I was a huge slut. This was not the problem at Bueller's Halloween Party where most of his friends enjoy the smart, sarcastic humour of the show. Everyone knew who I was.

But the next day, when I went to this shit-ass local bar back in my hometown, all I got were nasty nasty looks. Why? Well, I think every single girl in there thought I was making fun of them. WHY? Because they were all just slutty versions of whatever (Oooh, I'm a slutty Bee in my underwear, oooh I'm a slutty Girls Guide cookie seller, Oooh I'm a slutty pirate wench). Let's face it, for most girls Halloween is just an excuse to dress like a skank and not get called on it.

Apparently though, I WAS calling them on it. I was outright calling myself a SLUT, with no pretenses. Ironically, my costume wasn't slutty at all which was even better. Naturally, that wasn't the original point of my costume but if these skanky-ass hos are gonna be freakin' twinks about it then sure, let Lindsay Funke stand for making fun of them for one night.

And then there was the third night. The Rockstar/Bueller and I went to my first ever Canuck's hockey game. It was an amazing time and I think I am officially hooked on the game - despite us losing UNFAIRLY in the last possible second (OK so the ref "loses sight" of the puck and therefore the goal doesn't count? Of course it counts! We all saw it go in, why the hell didn't you! LOOK YOU STUPID ASS REF, LOOK UP AT THE DAMN JUMBO SCREEN AND WATCH IN THE INSTANT REPLAY YOU DETROIT RED WINGS ASS WIPING F*CK!).

Sorry. Got a bit carried away there but at least I got into it. Funny thing was that again we had dressed up in our costumes. Only NO ONE else at the game was dressed up. So we just wandered around looking like two idiots who got lost in the 80's or something. Only a perceptive few came up to the bf and said, "Hey, Ferris!" But me? Nope, I was just a big slut again.

Then, finally, last night was actual Halloween. I wasn't planning on going out or doing anything but at the last minute I slipped on this neverworn costume of mine. I had avoided it like the plague because it's....well...Gold and Red Spandex. A one-peice. Foot to fingers. Yup.

But to hell with it. It was actual Halloween night, I live on the gayest, most flamboyent street in Vancouver, if I can't get away with it here, I can't do it anywhere.

And behold....Phoenix (from the X-men) came out to play:

- Most likely, the show will be airing tomorrow night (Friday Nov 2nd) at 730 PST.

I really, really, really do not want to watch myself because I fear it will be overdramatic, over the top, taken out of context and I am going to look like the biggest retard. But my bf says he will force me to because I might regret it one day. I'll tell you who will regret it though... My ex-boyfriend who is mentioned many times on the show (cuz that's who I went to the show with). He has no idea about it, cuz he cut all ties with me because he thinks I keep mentioning him in this blog (well, I am now). Doesn't like the "publicity" you see. Thank God he won't be tuning in tomorrow.

But whether you do or not, that's up to you.


simon said...

nice post. re the "other blog"

Don't shut it down! remember life is ALWAYS under construction! otherwise you ain't living!

Indiana said...

Nice costume...erm...both of them. :-)

Scorpy said...

LOL He is the splitting image of Ferris :) I was going to rent FBDO the other day but someone already had it out...I love Mia Sara <3

Michael said...

I had no idea that the "SLUT" shirt was based on something, I thought you were just being a slutty slut for Halloween.

However, you ROCK Dark Phoenix even better than Famke Janssen.

Apparently I'm not a very smart, intelligent, or witty person, just a huge fanboy/nerd.

Farrell said...

Ferris rocks!

A Novelist said...

Great costumes! And yes, he makes a great Ferris Buller! Great ideas. Hope you had a fun evening! :)

The Stormin Mormon said...

LOL. I was screaming at the TV about that goal. Just yelling at the top of my lungs while the replay was playing over and over.

I'm glad that you had a good time. I fully support anyone becoming addicted to hockey.

M said...

I love AD and also love that for those that had no idea about the show they thought you were calling them out on being sluts. I fucken hate the slutty halloween costumes.

I can't believe you are dating Ferris! He is the spitting image. <3

Steph said...

lol, you're a STAR! I hope someone YouTubes your clip for us international readers ;)

CarrieBradshaw said...

I saw you on TV. Great job!

Vegas Princess said...

Your costumes were so great! And man your guy does look like Ferris, how cool! And I think you showing all those whores how it is done is perfect. I always say Halloween is just an excuse for women to dress like a slut and have it called a costume.

I hope your TV debute was great!

Tawcan said...

Love the Phoenix costume. :)

Kass said...

When are you and Ferris going to come see us in lil old NZ? :)

Memphis Steve said...

You make a perfect Phoenix!