Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Have you ever had an item or a piece of clothing that you absolutely adored? And then one day, someone steals it while it's hanging on your laundry line, or you lend it to someone only to never see it again, or someone accidently knocks it over and it breaks into a million peices? Or you leave them in the overhead compartment on a bus in Italy, only to have the bus take off and despite you trying to track them down during your last days in Rome, you never ever see them again?

No? Maybe that last one is just me.

That's what happened to me in Italy, back in the end of August. I bought the most AMAZING pair of boots from Bata.

Rich, mahogany leather that shined with deep shades of chocolate and amber. A sexy yet sturdy cut with glinty gold hardware. They were the boots of my dreams.

For the whole time I had them, I only wore them once. The rest of the time I would just stroke them, stare at them, try them on with different outfits. I had never been in love with an item of clothing before. And it wasn't just me. When I wore them, everyone else would gawk and coo at them. It was...scrumtrulescent.

And then I went and lost them. Freakin' bus company said they never found them, though that is a complete lie. The bus driver must have and then took them home to his wife or something. Along with chocolate liquor and cannabis chocolate that I picked up in Perugia. And an awesome winter coat I picked up for 35€.

Sadly, I went to go buy the boots again but couldn't find them. I bought another pair, still sexy, but not the same. Then when I got home I scoured Ebay as well as Bata websites in France where I could convince a friend to pick them up for me. But alas, the websites dont have the boot either.

So, I think I have to admit that it's over. Perhaps it was God's way of letting me know that he frowns against worshipping a golden god that is a pair of boots. But I can't let go! I'll never let go! If only there was some personal shopper (Dawg, the Boot Hunter?) that could track them down in Europe for me, believe me I would pay extra for them.

Last known photograph

Anyone else ever lose anything so dear, or gone on a mission to replace something? Better yet, anyone have the number of a boot headhunter?


Noe said...

Hey!!! My friend has a relative in Italy who works for D&G and they work in the fashion industry. May be if you give me more info on the boots I can help you out. I can ask her to ask the relatives, or I can ask some of my friends in Europe... one never knows...

Weehopper said...

there is a Bata in Toronto - try contacting them - email batalim@bata.com with the picture, they may know if they still sell them anywhere.

i know how you feel, i just lost the last of a set of ceramic bowls that were a gift from a now departed friend. i cant replace them!

good luck with your search

Kass said...

Dude, if I had found them on a bus, I wouldn't have been giving them back either!

Those are EXACTLY the boots I've been looking for all my life! lol

Soooo preeeeeeeeetty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Stormin Mormon said...

And here I am complaining that I can't find my PSP before a flight.

Those are some cute boots, I'm sad to hear about the loss.

Todd said...

You're right, those are some nice boots.

Wanderlusting said...

You guys are making me miss them MORE NOW!!!!

Seriously though, Noe, thanks for your offer of help. I have a friend in Vienna and a friend in Paris who are on boot patrol at the moment so we'll see what happens from there....fingers crossed.

Oh and Weehopper, hi! I'll totally email T-dot and see if they can help! Thanks!

Meg said...

they're.... breathtaking. I'm so sorry!

Dan said...

Last known photograph!!! Now that was hilarious!!

Hey, it was Thanksgiving here today. Yeah I know you celebrated last month but what the heck. Happy Thanksgiving again! :)

Vegas Princess said...

Wow, those boots are amazing. I would be heartbroken too. I think the closest I have to your kind of story was the time I realized I left my totally gorgeous soft black leather jacket at class and when I went back it was gone. I cried for two days (it was on a Friday) until Monday came and my teacher held up the coat at the beginning of class and asked if any one left this on Friday. SO I got mine back. Sorry.