Friday, November 23, 2007

It's official!

My university degree came in the mail yesterday.

Sounds pretty lame but the fact was I never attended the ceremonies to pick it up in person. But there it is...I officially have had my Bachelor of Journalism since July 2007.

Which is great, because I have been telling people I have had it since April 2006. Meh.

Regardless, this USELESS degree, has taken a good seven years to acquire. Sure, I could have had it all done in four, but who knows what other useless degree I would have walked out with (Paleontology, anyone?). I took those seven years to figure out what I really wanted to do (which, ironically, isn't journalism), and DID what I really wanted to do, which was travel to my heart's content.

And so, I did it. A year at college doing general studies, a year working, a year at film school, a year traveling, a year in New Zealand studying Communications, a year of traveling, and then two years of Journalism school, followed by a year of working, traveling and attempting to finish up my four correspondence courses (all of which were actually completed in a week - the rest of the year I had to do them was quite the waste).

And then a few months of meaning to apply for graduation but just procrastinating on it until about a month ago.

But, TA - DA! It has paid off and my useless degree which is propped up on my kitchen table makes me feel pretty darn good. I'm done with school forever!

Of course, that's a lie since I am going to school again in January. Yup, I was accepted and have already paid my deposit down for my VERY intense certificate in Entertainment Administration course. I'm very excited about this because it means I get to combine my journalism and "creative" film background with the business side of Show Business. Maybe look into doing a little film marketing?

Only drawbacks is that the course is supposed to be a year long and it's condensed into 13 weeks...which includes school on WEEKENDS! GAH! But thankfully you are done quicker and you step out with an internship, your certificate and a possible job.

Hopefully, that is, with the way I procrastinate :P


To all of you worried about my apartment and my well-being, once again I must stress that I feel safe in my wee suite and this sort of situation can happen in any building at any time, UNLESS you have a concierge, but hell I can barely pay my mortgage, I'm not made of money.

Of course, there was a sign in the elevator today, stating that last night at 330 AM, a woman awoke to find an intruder inside her apartment. Apparently he climbed up through the balcony (it was unlocked). Luckily, I don't have a balcony. Although I would be screwed if Spiderman decided to visit.


Happy Birthday to my mommy!!! 61 years young and enjoying it all in Palm Springs at the moment. I'll be joining her in December and I can't's getting freakin' cold here.

And for Simon, my travel blog has been updated ;)


lenfercestlesautres said...

For a long long time I thought everybody was supposed to know what to do with their life. Nobody suggested to me that it was actually something you had to find out, and that it might take a long long time to actually find out. I still haven't, but I'm nearly done with a degree I'm not so sure I can use... I should have travelled more. I feel more like I have found myself lately...

lenfercestlesautres said...

Oh, and congrats on your degree of course!

Girl About Town said...

Congratulations graduate!

I did a Communications degree back in '94 - did it help me? Yes and no. Glad I did it anyway. It's the journey that counts.

Steph said...

congrats on the degree! And keep your windows LOCKED too.

Vegas Princess said...

Congrats! Isn't it sad that degrees don't seem to mean much nowadays? I mean you spend so much time and money getting them and now they want Master's degrees and PHds.

But seriously congratulations! I wish I had taken your cue though and traveled more.

Tawcan said...

Congratz on your degree.

Make sure you lock all your windows at night. Certainly wouldn't want spiderman to visit you at night...

The Stormin Mormon said...

Congrats on the degree.

Girl About Town said...

Oh and PS! I tagged you over at if you are up for a bit of fun! cheers!