Thursday, September 04, 2008

Shaking up the South

-I know it’s not my country, and maybe that’s why I find this all so amusing, but I really love what Sarah Palin has done to the USA at the moment.

-Before I go any further, I must say that my views contradict most Republican views: I am Christian, yes, but I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage and pro-environment (not very “green” though, but more on the animal side of things). If I were voting in the States, I would be with the Democratic Party. I think. Though last time I voted I did vote Conservative (Canada’s republican) – just cuz I was bored of the Liberals being in power for so long.

-Maybe I would be classified as an independent voter? Who cares really, the thing is I normally DON’T care. Politics bore me to tears. I don’t feel strongly for one side or another. They are all liars in my opinion. I know it’s good to care about politics and I’m sure some of you will stress its importance, but I’m just being honest. I have no business or interest in it.

-But I do have to say that McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin is delighting me. She’s loud, brash, SO Republican, has a messed-up family and a target of the media, press and democrats since Friday. And she's such the love child of Karen from Will and Grace and Tina Fey. Maybe with a tad of Stockard Channing thrown in.

-I especially love how her role is pissing off the democrats. The funny thing is, everything they are attacking her with is the exact same reason why she’ll appeal even more to the Republicans. Her 17-year old child is pregnant! Yes, she probably would have gained from Sex-Ed in high school but the fact is, the kid is having the kid, which totally appeals to the anti-abortionist crowd.

(on that note, I do think the press and media’s coverage – and a certain bloggers – opinion on the daughter is a bit unfair. Like I said, the mom probably didn’t do her job and discuss sex with her daughter – and I only say that because she was against sex-ed – but I don’t think that has much bearing on what happened. I’ve seen so many women get pregnant and all were well-informed about the risks. Women/teenage girls are there own people – if they wanna have sex, they’ll have sex. One would hope they would be responsible enough but as I’m sure some mothers would agree – it’s kinda outta their hands).

-Again, I would probably vote for Obama if I was a US citizen but I can’t help but love how everything is getting shaken up down there. Politics are getting excited and people are actually getting passionate about things, which hopefully means there will be more voters going to the polls. Anything to get the “non-voters” involved.

-A well-spoken black man for President. A hypocritical but ballsy woman for VP. It’s going be a great departure from the norm, no matter who wins. And a departure from the norm is surely what the US needs right now. I think that’s also why I am enjoying all this election hoopla (aside from the fact that it’s not actually my country’s election). Whether it goes to Obama or McCain, in the end it’s still not George W. Bush. And that’s an improvement on it’s own.


Rachel said...

The political race this year is definitely going to make things interesting in the year to come. Colorado was the scene for the Democratic National Convention this year (which completely destroyed my communte to work in the morning) but it was also great to see the first black presidential nominee make his acceptance speech in my home town. Its going to be a year of shaking things up!

Todd said...

And she's such the love child of Karen from Will and Grace and Tina Fey.

HA! You're totally right!

Delicieux said...

ugh. Politics. Gotta love the US.

almost famous kiwi said...

Canadians need to remember that this election has everything to do with Canada. Do you think it was the Canadian peoples choice to join the 'war on terroism'? When were we ever attacked? Canadian politics are the toto to the states dorothy.
The liberals may have been a greedy bunch but the conservatives make them look like nuns.
I would be seriously disappointed in McCain got in. I know that politics is like %50 lies but in his camp it seems that there's trouble finding the truth.
Either way though it will be interesting!

Rae said...

well, clearly the republican party was calculated in picking a woman to snag any Hillary supporters who dislike Obama. I found it quite manipulative. Some might disagree but that's how I see it. Mind you, I too am Canadian but American politics always is so much more entertaining than Canadian ones.

Wanderlusting said...

I agree that as Canadians, American politics do affect us. BUT - as you know - we OBVIOUSLY can't vote in the US election, so really, all we can do is sit back and watch the dramz unfold. We don't have a choice but to just watch from afar.

We can vote in our OWN election though which is apparently coming soon. Oddly enough I don't think I care enough to vote this time around, lol.

And I do agree that the Republicans very shrewdly picked Sarah - they knew exactly what they were doing and though it seems to be playing right into their hands, it also seems to be playing into the Dems hands too!

In the end, it's going to be SO close - but I still stand by MY own opinion that both candidates are for change and that no matter who wins it, it's going to be a lot better than the last eight years for the USA.

Memphis Steve said...

No one is ever going to accuse John McCain and Sarah Palin of being quiet or boring. Whatever happens, they are going to stir things up.

Speaking of boring, Joe Biden? I mean, seriously? What was he thinking?!