Tuesday, September 09, 2008


What does that mean? It means that the internship/mentorship with the production company that they assured me I would get (I believe I had a 90% chance) is not coming my way.

I just got the rejection letter from the Canadian Government (WHICH I HATE) today. No real reason for the rejection, in the end it’s just a big fat no.

Now I am so disappointed. This was my dream job (though how many times have I said that this year), it “fell” into my lap. Now it is whisked away LIKE SO MANY OTHER DAMN JOBS!

I feel so badly for the production company too because they were SO certain I was going to work for them – they kept sending me emails saying, “so excited for you to join our team.” BUT NO. Though they have been granted an internship worker every year, the year I APPLY, they get rejected.

Bet they really regret taking a chance on me now.

And what do I get to do? Fret for the next two weeks over getting a new job. Not that I haven’t done enough of that this year.

Fuck my life.


Mitch said...

See if the company will hire you anyway! If they want you that badly, they'll find a way!

rednetlog said...

I tell ya...I'm in the US, been working contract for six months at the HQ of a mega-corporation in the Midwest. I've been kicking ass to show what I value I can add in the process and trying to get hired on permanently. I've finished second three times for three positions.

Today we were informed that the company is now engaging in a "cost reduction program" so our contracts will not be extended when they expire on Sept 26.

Anywho, besides realizing (and hoping) that a ton could change there in the next few weeks, I can't plan on it.

Ah, great. Effing great. In short (?) what I am saying is "I feel ya."

Don't get too busy focusing on the cracks in the sidewalk. Keep your chin up. I know something good is coming.

Memphis Steve said...

Oh my God, I am so sorry! This is just wrong.

wee-h said...

i do feel ya, my life has given me a smack in the teeth recently. its hard to imagine, but something good might come out of it...

Vegas Princess said...

Oh no! Can't you just catch a break?